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Items tagged with: neoliberal

"The only lasting leverage a nation can offer in today’s world is #trade and #technology transfer. #Europe has more of this to offer than the United States. Yet the only #opposition to renewed #military spending is coming from right-wing parties and the German #Linke party. Europe’s Social Democratic, Socialist and Labour parties share American #neoliberal ideology."

"#Russia and President #Putin cannot be forgiven for having fought back against the Harvard Boys’ “reforms.” That is why U.S. officials planned how to create Russian #economic disruption to (they hope) orchestrate a “color revolution” to recapture Russia for the world’s #neoliberal camp. That is the character of the “democracy” and “free markets” being juxtaposed to the “autocracy” of state-subsidized growth. "

This is a very good exposition of why am I critical of and disappointed by mainstream discourses around mental "health" and "illness" - all too often co-opted by #BigPharma and #Neoliberal ideology

#AntiPsychiatry #AntiTherapy #AntiPsychology

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