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Troubles of a geek with his own cloud

#mysql #mariadb database corruption. Spent three hours at night to diagnose and recover the daily backup. Which, luckily, I do.
Of course, I have no clue of what caused the corruption (power loss during the previous night?!).

Hello !Friendica Support,
anyone any idea what this messages in journalctl mean? I got lots of these before my server crashed and have no Idea what this is.

Mai 28 03:10:26 friendica mariadbd[553]: 2021-05-28  3:10:26 0 [Warning] InnoDB: A long semaphore wait:
Mai 28 03:10:26 friendica mariadbd[553]: --Thread 139676422764096 has waited at line 179 for 465.00 seconds the semaphore:
Mai 28 03:10:26 friendica mariadbd[553]: S-lock on RW-latch at 0x55a2a8136178 created in file line 1041
Mai 28 03:10:26 friendica mariadbd[553]: a writer (thread id 139674262697536) has reserved it in mode  wait exclusive
Mai 28 03:10:26 friendica mariadbd[553]: number of readers 1, waiters flag 1, lock_word: ffffffff
Mai 28 03:10:26 friendica mariadbd[553]: Last time write locked in file line 2487

I guess something was wrong with either MariaDB or the VM itself that cause long operation times on the database which led to lots of long running locks. But what do I do with this?

#Friendica #MariaDB #Mysql #Linux #Semaphore

Hello #Friendica Admins, wants me to set "innodb_buffer_pool_size (>= 20.7G)", which is probably because of the #database size. I assigned 20 GB #RAM to the VM and have 20 GB #SWAP too. So setting it that high is not possible, as this would bring the total max #memory usage way beyond 40 GB.

1. Why is the total max usage higher than this setting? What is the multiplicand parameter?
2. Any idea how I can set this to use 16 GB for #MySQL all the time, allow double in peak and (swapping then) and not more?

I think I will change the setup at some point which will free more RAM for #mariadb, but now I need to cope with it like it is. I see loading time it really bad with low settings for "innodb_buffer_pool_size", like 0.4 seconds over all, more RAM reduces it by 70%... but then I get omm (out of memory) problem.

!Friendica Admins

los primeros numero de mysql en munin.





poquitos datos recolectados, lo encendi recien. vere mas adelante que dice.

#munin #mysql #reisub

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