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These are the first #mushrooms I will eat this year. Delicious! Where I live they are called "Santieiros", but in #Portugal they have many different names. As a curiosity, it is said that these mushrooms only appear to crazy people.
The scientific name is Macrolepiota procera.

#Nature #Food #SilentSunday

Four mushrooms in a can

Boost please British folk. Woods here are FULL of death caps. Amanita phalloides. In decades of picking I have never seen as many as here on Cambridge today. It not even usually common here. It's brutally poisonous, please share a warning to avoid it #mushtodon #fungi #mushrooms

There's a very diverse range of mushrooms in all colours and shapes in our beautiful world. I love to draw them and have a selection available to collectors hereโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘‡
Original mixed media drawings - Mushrooms via @Etsy
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots
#Mushrooms #Fungi #MushroomArt #FungiFriday #drawing
Original mixed media drawings - Mushrooms
This one is a drawing of Aniseed Funnel, a slightly blue white funnel shaped mushroom.
Materials: Mixed media on acid free buff paper
Width: 5 inches
Height: 7 inches

Good morning. ๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒฟโ˜•

28 July 2023

Another Friday arrives, like every morning, I need to get outside before it gets too hot. I looked at the 10-day weather forecast and it's going to get hotter before it cools down. No rain so my grass is struggling.

Do you know, there was a time not so long ago when I could run 10 miles in the heat of the day. But those days are over. It's something we all go through or will. At the time, it seems like those days will last forever, and nothing will ever slow you down. But there are things that are beyond our control. It's not a bad thing, and it's not a good thing either, it's just the way nature works. On the flip side, one day you wake up and realize things that you thought were important in youth aren't. Vanity for example, is a complete waste of time.

โ€œThen came July like three o'clock in the afternoon, hot and listless and miserable.โ€ - Allie Ray, Holler

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #weather #mushrooms

In this photograph, there are two tall mushrooms surrounded by grass, soil and dried leaves. The mushroom stems are white, and the caps are gray bowls with many narrow flutes radiating out from the center inside the bowls soil that was captured while the mushrooms pushed to the surface. The mushroom in front right is intact, but the other mushroom rear left has a cap that is split in three places perhaps from expanding so quickly.

At this time of the year I can't go outside without finding new (to me) fungi. Today, Jelly Baby fungus - Leotia lubrica have sprung up everywhere.
#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Mushrooms #Fungi #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Yellow
Closeup photo of an evenly coloured bright yellow fungus that looks like it was constructed from an old candle. The stem is covered in specks of what might be sand and is wider towards the top. On the top, instead of a normal cap, it looks like large globs of wax have been dropped.

๐Ÿ„!! NEW ARRIVAL !!๐Ÿ„

Mushroom skull lamp "Bog" sends out its spooky light to guide you safe trough the swamp. But it could also brighten up your home!

CHF 150- (about 167 USD or 155 Euro)

I ship worldwide!

#mushrooms #fungi #skull #mushtodon #mosstodon #MastoArt #nature #taxidermy #vultureculture #fox

This Turkey Tail mushroom, or False Turkey Tail Stereum, not sure which this is, grows on dead hardwood trees throughout the world.This particular dead tree was just loaded with these fungi that seem to grow in layers vertically up the tree and make a lovely nature abstract.
Check it out here
#mushrooms #fungi #fungus #TurkeyTails #abstract #Nature #BuyIntoArt #Mushtodon #FungiFriday #NaturePhotography #AbstractArt #MastoPhoto #GiftIdeas #photography #macro #Stereum
Close up of Turkey Tail mushrooms, fungi, in abstract

These tiny, orange brown umbrella shaped mushrooms were sprouting all over this dead, damp, decayed log on the Speed River Trail in Guelph Ontario Canada. The fall season is a great time for discovering mushrooms of all kinds hiding in the forest.
Check it out here
#mushrooms #fungus #fungi #Mushtodon #nature #NatureMastodon #wild #MastoPhoto #macro #BuyIntoArt #NaturePhotography #photography
Close up of tiny orange/brown mushrooms growing on log in the forest with cedar leaf and moss

As some of you may recall, I started offering mobile wallpaper as a win-win way to get something fun and support what I do in lieu of a Ko-Fi and all that. The first two haven't been runaway hits per se but there's been enough interest to think it's a fair idea to continue to add more options. โค๏ธ

So I hope you might enjoy seeing the latest choice!

Etsy Link:


#MushroomMonday #Mushrooms #fungus #MastoArt #CreativeToots #ArtMatters #MarkOnArt

Digital art painting of a "cosmic mushroom" illuminated in a small clearing at night. Rays of light are shining down on it beneath a night sky and a small path is picked out in the shadows.
Mockup of how my Mushroom digital art would look on an iPhone as the wallpaper  and/or Lock screen image. The phone is seen sitting on a light colored wooden table top.

Fungi season is upon us & I'm enjoying replacing last years' photos with new ones of both the tops and undersides.

I'll never identify them all (150+ species so far) but at least this makes it easier to work out which are the same species and which are different.

#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Fungi #Mushrooms #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Biodiversity #Nature

Two photos of a tiny mushroom with a thin stalk growing on a piece of wood. One photo shows the top of the cap, and the other shows the underside. Most of it is white, but the top of the cap is dark blue in the centre fading to very pale blue around the edges. At the base are small blue balls which are young instances of the same species. Photos of some small brown fan-shaped fungi, taken from above and below, growing from the side of a log. The tops are smooth and toffee-coloured with a tiny patch of white fluff where they join the log. From the underside you can see a tiny stem that connects to the wood. Its gills are a paler colour than the tops.
Two photos of a cluster of mushrooms with thin stems growing out of a mossy log. The caps and stems are brown, with the center of the caps being darker, and the gills are white. Two photos of tiny bright orange fan-shaped fungi with short stems growing from a piece of wood. The first shows the tops of the fungi which look slightly velvety. The second shows the underside which, instead of gills, has a series of teardrop-shapes holes arranged from the stem out to the edges and looking like they were 3D printed.

I just found huge clusters of these awesome mushrooms that change colour and texture as they grow. I suspect they are Psathyrella echinata - have uploaded to iNaturalist for confirmation.

#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Tasmania #Rainforest #Mushrooms #Nature

Photo of a cluster of mushrooms, taken from the side, growing on a log. One in the centre has a slightly convex cap, light brown and covered in cream-coloured spikes. Suppounding it are others of varoius sizes. Smaller ones have rounder caps and as the get larger the caps get darker, flatter and less spikey. The largest are very dark brown with no spikes. Closeup photo, taken from above, of two round toffee-coloured mushrooms that are just touching. Their surfaces are covered in concentric rings of cream-coloured spikes giving them a similar appearance to round cacti.
Photo taken from above of a rotting log covered in round flat mushrooms of various sizes and shades of brown. Smaller ones are pale and spikey and the largest ones are very dark brown and slightly shiny. Photo, taken from the side, of a mushroom that has been broken and folded over so the gills on its underside are visible. The gills and stem are toffee-coloured and fine white spikey-looking growths protrude all around the mushroom's base. Behinds it, a cluster of small spikey mushrooms with round heads are visible.

It's always nice to find coral mushrooms ๐Ÿ™‚

#mushrooms #fungi #tasmania #mushtodon

Coral coloured mass of Coral Fungi sat next to a red leaf with a moss covered stone behind
Peach coloured Coral mushrooms sat partly on mossy log and twigs

Lucky enough to see a pair of native Tasmanian millipedes feasting on this beautiful fungi.

I don't know the species of millipede, but they're definitely from the Amastigogonus family. Likewise, I don't know the fungi as I'm not a mushy specialist, but I'd guess some sort of bolete?

This was on a walk at Hollybank Forest near Launceston, Tasmania.

#tasmania #lutruwita #mushrooms #fungi #insect #millipedes #forest #photography
Red and yellow fungus overturned with two banded millipedes digging into the yellow spongy base.

"Fairy inkcaps" - yeah, I think the name fits pretty well...

(No fairies were harmed in the making of this photograph)

#MushroomMonday #Fungi #Mushrooms #Mushtodon #Nature #NaturePhotography #FairyInkcap
A tight cluster of small grey mushrooms on stalks that bend to try to find a bit of space. They're growing out of the side of a tree maybe 40cm (16") off the ground. The background is out of focus, but consists of fairly open pine forest.

I have been looking at my little mushroom canister prototype trying to figure out how to turn it into an acceptable cat toy that can be filled with catnip or treats and it just occurred to me this morning.
I added a coaster as a liner (because it was what was sitting close by) then made two crochet buttons on the side, made a strap that goes through the lid to hook on the buttons.
#crochet #ideas #cattoy #cat #catnip #searsmushroomcannisters #mushrooms
Side by side photos of two small crocheted canisters decorated with mushrooms in the old style of a sears ceramic mushroom canister. One image shows the lid off so the canister can be filled.

The #FungiFriday version of the "wearing of the green" for #StPatricksDay This tree trunk festively draped in #moss #lichen and #mushrooms From the West Pond Trail in the #Adirondacks near Old Forge NY #Mushtodon
A tree trunk covered in green moss and lichen surrounded by ferns. Clusters of brown mushrooms sprout up and down the trunk

It's my favorite day of the week: #FungiFriday ! Here's a #photo of turkey tail #mushrooms from the Moose River in the #Adirondacks . Co-starring #lichen and #ferns
A log with striped fan shaped turkey tail mushrooms sprouting all along it, surrounded by green lichen. A large green fern is draped at the top.

got another combo deal for ya from a few years ago. i wish i'd had a nice camera at this point since this was one of the most beautiful places i've been to. i was in the mountains of north georgia, usa and this little patch of forest contained more mushrooms than i've ever seen anywhere else. there were chanterelles absolutely everywhere along with so many different types of moss and lichen. i was overwhelmed by all the amazing small things to look at

#Mushtodon #LichenSubscribe #moss #moos #mushrooms #lichen #fungi
a brilliant green scene with various types of moss and lichen all over a fallen log spilling over onto the ground where there are little fluffy mosses and lichen with a bunch of bright yellow chanterelle mushrooms sprouting out from the green

๐Ÿ„ Artist: #GuriArte in City: #Traslasierra #Cordoba Argentina ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ท - Title: "Guardiancito de los Hongos" (Mushroom Guardian/
Pilzwรคchter) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Pilze #Artwork #Mushrooms ๐Ÿ„

Streetartwall. On a white house wall between two windows is sprayed / painted imaginative mural of an indigenous figure with mushrooms in hand. The small orange figure is painted in the style of naive Mexican art. He is carrying some red mushrooms in his hand. His red cap reminds even of these mushrooms. He has a happy face with closed eyes, under it two little green hearts and a small smiling mouth.
The Artist about these Mural:
The kingdom of fungi is one of the most fascinating things that exist on our planet.
Fungi have played a fundamental role in creating the conditions for life on Earth; they created the soil and established a symbiotic relationship with plants and trees. They enabled the formation of large forests and ecosystems.
They play a fundamental role in the balance of life, decompose matter and have healing properties.
This magical world in which we live needs all to survive and keep itself in balance.

RT @UNBiodiversity
Mysterious new species of bioluminescent fungus from the bamboo forests of Meghalaya.
@lifesciexplore @naturenomics
#newspecies #mushrooms #biodiversity #NorthEast

via @MongabayIndia

The Toxin That Helps Oyster #Mushrooms Devour Worms

Carnivorous #mushroom paralyzes, kills #nematodes via a volatile ketone

Itโ€™s not just the #OysterMushroom. Some #fungi craft sticky nets laced with tempting scents to snare their prey. Others create collars that constrict as the worm struggles, immobilizing it as the fungusโ€™s #hyphae penetrate its body. Some release sickle-shape spores that, when swallowed by a nematode, wreak havoc from within.
A scanning electron microscopy image of toxocysts on an oyster mushroom. By Yi-Yun Lee.

When it's too early for flowers, but warmer than freezing, you might find beautiful #mushrooms... Not just on the forest floor, but rising up, between old bark and rotting wood, #fungi breaking down matter, both horizontally and vertically. #snagtree #decomposition #mushtodon
An upshot of fungi growing from a dead snag tree. The fungi form a series of slightly overlapping discs. They have no visible stems. The underside is all beige gills that meet at the point where the fungi grows from the tree.

I love the miniature #landscapes of #nature. This image of a tiny #forest of pixie cups - a type of lichen which is a mutualistic relationship between fungus and algae - was taken less than 200m from my house in the Frontenac Arch... The living world is amazing!!!

#biospherereserve #biodiversity #lichensubscribe #mushrooms #mushtodon #fungi #fungus #mycology #natureconnection #naturephotography #macrophotography #pagan #animism @animism #fungifriday
A miniature forest of pixie cups, a type of lichen. Though they appear like odd branchless trees widening as they rise and with a canopy shaped like a cup or bowl, they are less than 2cm tall.

for #FungiFriday i have probably the coolest fungus iโ€™ve ever seen. thanks to everyone who helped me ID it on here a while back i now know these things to be the incredibly named Crystal Brain Fungus #CrystalBrainFungus #fungi #fungus #mushrooms #mushtodon
a translucent blob of goo stuck to the side of a tree
another translucent blob of goo stuck to a tree but now thereโ€™s some bright orange within it

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