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The #FungiFriday version of the "wearing of the green" for #StPatricksDay This tree trunk festively draped in #moss #lichen and #mushrooms From the West Pond Trail in the #Adirondacks near Old Forge NY #Mushtodon
A tree trunk covered in green moss and lichen surrounded by ferns. Clusters of brown mushrooms sprout up and down the trunk

It's my favorite day of the week: #FungiFriday ! Here's a #photo of turkey tail #mushrooms from the Moose River in the #Adirondacks . Co-starring #lichen and #ferns
A log with striped fan shaped turkey tail mushrooms sprouting all along it, surrounded by green lichen. A large green fern is draped at the top.

got another combo deal for ya from a few years ago. i wish i'd had a nice camera at this point since this was one of the most beautiful places i've been to. i was in the mountains of north georgia, usa and this little patch of forest contained more mushrooms than i've ever seen anywhere else. there were chanterelles absolutely everywhere along with so many different types of moss and lichen. i was overwhelmed by all the amazing small things to look at

#Mushtodon #LichenSubscribe #moss #moos #mushrooms #lichen #fungi
a brilliant green scene with various types of moss and lichen all over a fallen log spilling over onto the ground where there are little fluffy mosses and lichen with a bunch of bright yellow chanterelle mushrooms sprouting out from the green

Do you have a favourite mushroom photo that you would like to see turned into a drawing in this style?
Send me a DM or contact me on Etsy with your photos.
Prices from £35!
#FediGiftShop #Scotland #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FungiFriday #Fungi #mushrooms #drawing #commissionsopen
A photo collage image of some of my recent mushroom drawings.  All of these ones are A5 on buff coloured paper, other sizes available. 
prices for commissioned drawings will be:
£35 for 5 x 5 inches
£42 for 6 x 6 inches
£50 for A5
(postage not included for international, free postage to UK locations)

🍄 Artist: #GuriArte in City: #Traslasierra #Cordoba Argentina 🇦🇷 - Title: "Guardiancito de los Hongos" (Mushroom Guardian/
Pilzwächter) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Pilze #Artwork #Mushrooms 🍄

Streetartwall. On a white house wall between two windows is sprayed / painted imaginative mural of an indigenous figure with mushrooms in hand. The small orange figure is painted in the style of naive Mexican art. He is carrying some red mushrooms in his hand. His red cap reminds even of these mushrooms. He has a happy face with closed eyes, under it two little green hearts and a small smiling mouth.
The Artist about these Mural:
The kingdom of fungi is one of the most fascinating things that exist on our planet.
Fungi have played a fundamental role in creating the conditions for life on Earth; they created the soil and established a symbiotic relationship with plants and trees. They enabled the formation of large forests and ecosystems.
They play a fundamental role in the balance of life, decompose matter and have healing properties.
This magical world in which we live needs all to survive and keep itself in balance.

RT @UNBiodiversity
Mysterious new species of bioluminescent fungus from the bamboo forests of Meghalaya.
@lifesciexplore @naturenomics
#newspecies #mushrooms #biodiversity #NorthEast

via @MongabayIndia

The Toxin That Helps Oyster #Mushrooms Devour Worms

Carnivorous #mushroom paralyzes, kills #nematodes via a volatile ketone

It’s not just the #OysterMushroom. Some #fungi craft sticky nets laced with tempting scents to snare their prey. Others create collars that constrict as the worm struggles, immobilizing it as the fungus’s #hyphae penetrate its body. Some release sickle-shape spores that, when swallowed by a nematode, wreak havoc from within.
A scanning electron microscopy image of toxocysts on an oyster mushroom. By Yi-Yun Lee.

When it's too early for flowers, but warmer than freezing, you might find beautiful #mushrooms... Not just on the forest floor, but rising up, between old bark and rotting wood, #fungi breaking down matter, both horizontally and vertically. #snagtree #decomposition #mushtodon
An upshot of fungi growing from a dead snag tree. The fungi form a series of slightly overlapping discs. They have no visible stems. The underside is all beige gills that meet at the point where the fungi grows from the tree.

I love the miniature #landscapes of #nature. This image of a tiny #forest of pixie cups - a type of lichen which is a mutualistic relationship between fungus and algae - was taken less than 200m from my house in the Frontenac Arch... The living world is amazing!!!

#biospherereserve #biodiversity #lichensubscribe #mushrooms #mushtodon #fungi #fungus #mycology #natureconnection #naturephotography #macrophotography #pagan #animism @animism #fungifriday
A miniature forest of pixie cups, a type of lichen. Though they appear like odd branchless trees widening as they rise and with a canopy shaped like a cup or bowl, they are less than 2cm tall.

for #FungiFriday i have probably the coolest fungus i’ve ever seen. thanks to everyone who helped me ID it on here a while back i now know these things to be the incredibly named Crystal Brain Fungus #CrystalBrainFungus #fungi #fungus #mushrooms #mushtodon
a translucent blob of goo stuck to the side of a tree
another translucent blob of goo stuck to a tree but now there’s some bright orange within it

Carnivorous oyster mushrooms can kill roundworms with “nerve gas in a lollipop” - Enlarge / Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) serenely growing on a ... - #molecularbiology #chemistry #mushrooms #nematodes #science #biology #ecology #toxins #fungi

Flammulina velutipes or velvet shank, a frost resistant winter mushroom spotted on this afternoons constitutional with the hound #FungiFriday #fungi #mushrooms #uk #Mosstodon

Some #mushrooms from my friend’s farm earlier today. Perhaps someone can help me identify them. #MushroomsOfMastodon #fungi
Large light brown mushrooms on a stump overlapping each other. They resemble elephant ears or seashells. Cluster of small brown ridged toadstools in grass
One tiny brown ridged toadstool with an almost glowing white stem perched in some bright green wet grass. Large yellow mushroom with gills underneath growing on the side of a walnut tree.

This little shroom is my current avatar, which makes this a #SelfPortrait 😜

At first glance it looks like an Amanita, but it's actually a bolete, possibly a Buchwaldoboletus species.
My best guess is B. lignicola, based on older specimens found in the area.

Any #MushroomId experts in this joint?

#mushrooms #mushtodon #sporespondence #nature #naturephotography
A small scaly yellow mushroom growing in pine needles


¡Hola hermosa comunidad de Mastodon y especial a mi querido TL de lile!

Aún cuando no soy muy fan del verano, este ha sido uno muy interesante y estoy aprovechando al máximo este par de semanitas de desconexión y relajo, por eso he andado algo perdida :blobsweats:

Los tengo a tod@s muy presentes, y con gusto les traeré más cositas #callampa 🍄

¡Nos veremos pronto!

Les dejo #CallampArte de regalo

"Fungal Fantasia"

Artista: Brokoola

#Fungi #Mushrooms

Ik zag net een prachtig voorbeeld van geotropie, het verschijnsel dat de groei van o.a. paddenstoelen beïnvloed wordt door de zwaartekracht. Deze boom stond eerst rechtop, vanuit de horizontale positie veranderde de groeirichting.
Het gaat altijd richting aarde.

#mushrooms #sporespondence


Se me ha hecho eterna esta primera tarde laboral del año, tengo jetlag de año nuevo o algo por el estilo :AAAAAA: :AAAAAA:

Encontré esta ilustración de Pepe, no entiendo tanto la connotación negativa en torno a Pepe, pero de igual forma me gusta por la cara de #callampa psicótica de esas amanitas jaja :ablobpats: :welp:

EL #CallampArte de hoy tiene por título

"Medicinal Mushrooms"

Artista: catursmokingarea

Que su tarde sea más corta que la mía :underheart:

#fungi #mushrooms

Hoooli :blobnom:

A vísperas de las fiestas, que otras cosa podría regalarles aparte de un poquito de #CallampArte navideño 🍄

"High Times"

Artista: Thomas LaPadula

Además, les quiero compartir este enlace muy interesante sobre la posible conexión entre el mundo fungi y la navidad 🎄

¿Jesús era un hongo?¿Los renos se drogaban con amanita muscaria?¿El viejito pascuero era una #callampa? 😛ika:

Descubre aquí los detalles:

#Callampaverso #fungi #mushrooms #navidad

Hola bella comunidad :underheart:

La semana avanza y un nuevo viernes de #fungifriday, si ven alguna fotografía, ilustración, manual, infografía, relato, o lo que sea relacionado al increíble mundo de las callampas, no olviden compartir.

Cuando compartimos, somos más

Sinergía #Callampa para tod@s 😛erfect:

En el #Callamparte de hoy les vengoa mostrar un cuadro que tengo en mi casa, de la talentosa Pola Heredia

"A Crown for a Kingdom"

Los quiero 🍄

#fungi #mushrooms #callampaverso

La capacidad del reino #fungi de transformar hasta el estiércol en algo maravilloso.

🍄 😛erfect:

Hoy, en el 13/12 recordemos que A.C.A.B. puede ser:

"All #Callampa Are Beautiful"

#callampaverso #fungiverse #mushrooms

New and probably last mushroom lamp for this year!

Two light grey mushrooms sitting on a nice driftwood. Both caps are casts of real mushrooms, so it looks extra naturally.

When switched on, the unimposing grey hats start to lighten up in all colors, because both of them have a color changing LED inside!

For Sale! CHF 100.-, shipping not included.

#MastoArt #fungi #mushrooms #mushroom #mushroomlamp #pilze #handmade #nature #FungiFriday #mushtodon #mosstodon #pride #prideforest #natureart

Deze zat nog verstopt in mijn phone en te mooi om niet te delen, kopergroenbekerzwammen en een pseudoschorpioen. Wat een mazzel was het om dat aan te treffen. Ik wist niet eens dat dit beestje bestond.

#paddenstoelen #mushrooms #sporespondence

Last summer, I encountered these UFO-esque mushrooms growing on a lawn outside of a housing project in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. Does anyone know what is growing here? Mysterious stuff.

(If anyone knows, I will addend my article and credit the tipster therein.)

Article with more mushroom photos - which will find their way onto Pixelfed in higher resolution in the near future:

#nyc #brooklyn #vinegarhill #mushroom #mushrooms #vinegarhill #housingproject #opencameraapp #motorolae6 #motoe6 #thenewleafjournal #newleafjournal #summer
A circle of large mushrooms growing on a lawn outside a housing project in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn.

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