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Hello Fediverse! This is my #introduction .
I am an educator of indeterminate age from the high, cold, beautiful #mountains of North Park in Northern #Colorado - fifth gen #ranching family on stolen #Ute and #Arapahoe land.

I am a #gay man, #bibliophile and #proletariat fighter in a dying community that has been consumed by #ultrarich for their #Western fantasies.

I post about #cats , progressive politics, #nature and western US issues like #water.

I love #gaming , #reading, #maps , #anime , and animals.

I lived in #Prague for six years, and Mexico City #cdmx for three.

It is an isolated existence up here, being who I am, and I’m hoping to find a larger #community .

A okay looking man with brown hair, grey eyes and black ear studs in a black hoodie, standing in front of books.

Tall photo.
This is Zwölferkofel, the “12 peak” south of the village of Sexten, in South Tyrol, Italy. (Sexten, get it?) Because the peak is cold at elevation, it can create its own cloud stream, given wind and humidity.

This is another peak my husband has climbed.

🎨 More at #BreitensteinArt

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Photograph of rounded, rocky mountain peak, jutting out from behind the barren slope of another mountain. A blue-gray cloud rises between the mountains. One side of the peak is lit by the late afternoon sun. From the other side streams a dense flow of clouds, tinted a fiery orange.

Save the #Dolomites, save the #mountains, save the #nature in #SouthTyrol, #Italy. 🌄

We have enough infrastructure, enough of #overtourism and cable cars... our precious mountains are no Disney Land...

#SignHere the #petition

#Alpenverein #CAI #WWF #ClimateAction

Screenshot of the petition title and cover showing the Dolomites.

I apologise if my timeline for the next week is filled with landscapes and scenes from the mountains of the Picos de Europa. I have only just been able to get the images off camera (I know, I'm a bit old school that way!).

The mountains here completely blew me away! Anyway, here's a sample from the week to come. Dramatic peaks, cloud inversions, narrow gorges and beautiful alpine meadows.

#mountains #walking #hiking #landscape #landscapephotography #spain

Hikers pass in front of a triangular shaped mountain with a sharp point. A mountain refuge appears out of the cloud. Above the cloud and illuminated by the morning sun rises a high mountain
The village of Sotres sits on a lovely alpine meadow to the right. To the left are forests of tress while behind rises high grey mountains A narrow mountain track cuts across from the left, with lots of green shrubbery. A deep gorge lies to the right in shadow

La atracción gravitacional no es la misma en todo el planeta. Varía ligeramente según la zona. El Huascarán, el punto más alto de Perú con 6757 metros sobre el nivel del mar, es el lugar donde esta es más baja. Así que, si tu plan de ejercicios para adelgazar incluye escalar montañas, esta es una buena opción para pesarse en la cima 😉 . #montañas #mountains #gravity #gravedad #peru
Dos montañas con la mitad superior nevada se alzan sobre una zona con bosques dispersos.

Bec de l'Aigle, La Ciotat (1907)
By Othon Friesz (1879 - 1949)

#art #history #landscape #mountains #nature

Creative colourful painting of a mountain landscape. The mountains on the horizon are coloured in shades of soft yellow, pink, white, purple, and with some orange and green to them as well. They have pink lines around there edges. In the foreground on the right is a large creatively painted tree with an orange trunk and long leaves in shades of green and light brown. There is a lot more very  colourful foliage and trees in the foreground. The sky is light blue, with touches of green, pink and purple in it.

40 years ago today: I had a twenty-minute cushion with which to play. So, naturally, I blew fifteen minutes of that cushion atop Bromley’s 3260-foot summit.

Thread in comments

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #Vermont #mountains #nature #forest #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails #hikingtrails

Standing atop Bromley's lofty summit on a late August early afternoon looking down a wide grassy ski run into a valley far below. Everything except the ski run is heavily wooded, with a few green fields and small buildings visible in the foothills and the valley. Beyond the valley are several other parallel mountain chains, with a few peaks only several hundred feet lower than ours. The sky is a bright clear blue, with one thin line of clouds visible miles away near the horizon. A handful of very small clouds are visible above that line.

Join me on our sunrise hike that we did a couple of weeks ago: 5:30am on top of a mountain, looking down into the valley, some shreds of clouds, softly in the trees. The buildings of the valley with most of the people still asleep. The ethereal mood up there was just ... priceless. Enlarge the photo, lean back, embrace the silence.

#hiking #wandern #sunrise #photography #landscape #landscapephotography #mountains #alps #alpen #mindfulness

The photo captures the ethereal beauty of a mountain landscape bathed in the soft light of 5:30 am. From the vantage point at the mountain's peak, the viewer is treated to a breathtaking panorama of the Alps. Multiple layers of majestic mountain ranges unfold in a gradual progression, each one fading into the distance, creating a sense of depth and scale that's both awe-inspiring and humbling.

Veils of clouds gently weave through the valleys below, like delicate threads connecting the peaks. These shreds of mist lend an air of mystery, accentuating the rugged contours of the terrain. Nestled in the lower left corner, a cluster of small traditional buildings adds a touch of human presence, a testament to the harmonious coexistence between civilization and nature.

The color palette of the photo is dominated by shades of blue and a hint of violet, mirroring the serene hues of the early morning. The tonal quality brings a sense of tranquility, highlighting the quietude that often graces such moments. The sky itself is a canvas of cloud formations, a bed of cotton-like billows that softly diffuse the light, enveloping the scene in a dreamlike ambiance. This captivating image is a reminder of the unspoiled beauty and the profound serenity that dawn bestows upon the world.

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