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🎉 ¡Buenas noticias para nuestra comunidad! 📣

Hemos renovado con éxito los dominios de nuestro nodo de Mastodon y Bookwyrm 🚀

:bookwyrm: Dominio (Bookwyrm): Renovado por 1 año - 17,48€
<img class=" title=":mastodon:"/> Dominio (Mastodon): Renovado por 1 año - 21,72€

Queremos agradecer de corazón 💖 a todes les que han contribuido con sus donaciones. ¡Vuestro apoyo es fundamental para mantener vivos nuestros espacios digitales!

#Comunidad #Mastodon #Bookwyrm #Renovación #Gracias

Just updated my article on setting up Mastodon inside a FreeBSD jail!

Installing Mastodon inside a FreeBSD jail

#Mastodon #FreeBSD #BastilleBSD #Fediverse #WalkThrough #Tutorial #SysAdmin #ITNotes #IT

Así que has llegado a #Mastodon. Pues te dejo un par de consejos:

1. Usa hashtags o etiquetas, nos ayuda a encontrar contenido o filtrar temas.

2. Añade descripciones a las imágenes. Esto ayuda a las personas invidentes.

4. Aquí también hay gente tóxica. Pero en menor medida y en general son más fáciles de bloquear.

5. Mastodon no es más difícil que Twitter. Y tiene la ventaja añadida de no estar gobernada por un Nepo baby del apartheid

I am wondering what an algorithmic feed on Mastodon would look like. I see some comments that wish something like the twitter feed but we know that this was moderated and tweaked and far from unbiased. On the other hand it is dangerous to not consider the content of the posts because it would easily lead to hate, spam and bubbles. Is this a solvable problem?

#Mastodon #fediverse #algorithm #feed

No em puc creure que acabi de migrar aquesta instància #Mastodon a una nova #RaspberryPi 5 sota #Docker i que tot hagi funcionat a la primera.
Raspberry Pi 5 conectada de forma provisional a la xarxa, amb tot de cables conectats, i veient les altres Raspberry Pi en clúster funcionant al darrera

It's very strange to me, seeing Mammoth get so popular somehow over the past few days. Given that a lot of their features, IceCubes did first, it's just kinda weird. Just saying.

Not to mention, IceCubes is free, although it's always good to tip the developer; had better icons to choose from, for free; and generates Alt Text for your images on demand.

What are you waiting for? Go download @IceCubesApp today!

#iOS17 only, due to the new performance features.

#iOS #iPhone #IceCubesApp #mastodon #fediverse #mammoth

A smartphone screen displaying a selection of themed graphical icons for customization, including neon-lit cubes, drinks with ice, Halloween pumpkins, and a holiday scene with a gift.
⛔️🇺🇦The Price Ukraine is paying for withstanding Russian aggression while US Republicans stall aid. Are you ready to send your country’s children, husbands, wives, and parents to stop Putin’s aggression against the West? Stop the politics and fund the Ukrainian defense now! (The Kyiv Independent News VIDEO Short) #Ukraine #USA #Mastodon #Press #News #russia #russiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #BoycottMusk #AxisOfEvil

Me gustaría escribir todos los días,
a la mañana bien temprano, a la noche bien tarde;
hacer de la escritura lo que abre y cierra mi día
escribir, corregir y reunir, tener paciencia y confianza,
arrojo para mostrar,
escribir con la impunidad de un hombre
que cruza la noche a toda velocidad
con las luces apagadas.

#mastoart #mastodon #poetry


Bonan Nokton! Criaturas cósmicas. Soy Kosmira, (La que va al cosmos) Soy una amante de la vida, una mujer anarquista, vegana y aprendiz en la lengua de la paz y el amor fraternal, #esperanto. Le tengo un gran cariño a la ciencia, la filosofía, las letras y el arte. Desde mis criticas sociales, siempre salen alternativas para llevar la existencia de una manera más consiente y responsable, por eso mismo me decidí a explorar una red descentralizada. #Mastodon

En vísperas de otro año más
🙄 ...o quizá de menos por vivir,
si hay una insatisfacción,
si algún problema;
el hecho de terminar el presente año y comenzar uno nuevo con #Mastodon me devuelve las ganas de seguir pa'lante.


Summing up tests "activating" and "deactivating" @[Mentioned people only] on #mastodon. Apparently there have been some changes.
(from v3 to v4?)

You can't add more people into already existing posts. They won't be able to display it nore get notifications.
(if that ever existed)

You can deactivate/delete mentions, the profile won't get notifications of updates but still can see or search those toots.
still awaiting confirmation of behaviour on #friendica


Para celebrar mi primer cumple aqui, os comparto los tres capítulos de nuestro podcast solarpunk, ahora en open audio del fediverso!!!

#mastodon #solarpunk

Última venta económica solidaria oficial de pegotines de / para financiar gastos del servidor. Reservá tu kit de pegotines, motivo a elección con un costo de $U20 chico 5cm y $U40 grande 9cm (máximo 6 pegotines). Van por correo postal simple nacional e internacional. Los pegotines son cuadrados/rectangulares con los motivos de las fotos. Se reciben pedidos hasta el 15 de diciembre por mensaje privado o al correo Indicar cantidad de cada motivo, tamaño y dirección postal o casilla de correo #mastodon #uruguay #undernet #support #financiacion #autogestion
motivos de pegotines
motivos de pegotines

This should bring a lot more advertisers to the platform. Wonder if ‘CEO’ #Yaccarino approved this move?

“Elon #Musk said he would consider letting #AlexJones back onto #X, nearly a year after he said he wouldn’t reverse a ban on the conspiracy theorist”

Maybe another mass migration to #Mastodon?

Text Shot: Elon Musk said Thursday that he’d consider letting Alex Jones back onto X, nearly a year after vowing he wouldn’t reverse a ban on the conspiracy theorist best known for claiming that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax.

“Will consider,” Musk said in a Thursday post on X, in response to a user who mentioned the idea of Jones coming back. “In general, since this platform aspires to be the global town square, permanent bans should be extremely rare.”
Elon Musk

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

Old medieval door

THREAD: Ethiopia's #Twitter to #Mastodon road bumps.

The Ethiopian press corps is a collective of local and foreigners who cover Ethiopia for local and international media. Previously (prior to 2020) most of us would have been based in the country. Now, very few of us actually are. Fear of arrest (or worse), death threats, slander, and for foreigners, deportation and revocation of press permit...have the press largely relocated to neighbouring Nairobi.

birch trees

Wit vetkruid - Sedum album

Buttercup flowes in a meadow

Do you still refer to posts on Mastodon as "toots"?

#mastodon #poll #toots #SocialMedia

  • Yes! (39%, 634 votes)
  • Sometimes (17%, 279 votes)
  • Not really (16%, 263 votes)
  • Never did (26%, 432 votes)
1608 voters. Poll end: 7 months ago

We added #Mastodon to Embedly. So now Mastodon links embed more naturally on #Medium and every other service that uses Embedly to handle embeds.

@algorithms can now recommend #mastodon posts based on your personal post history. The #recommendations are generated in real-time and the system is designed to be privacy-respecting.

It's still in beta and is required for now, but let me know if you would like to help me test it.

#algorithms #nlp now can generate recommended posts.

ivy-leaved toadflax on an old brick wall
screenshot of fediversereport as a verified journalist

Hey everyone, I have an exciting announcement to share:

We just released an integration with News Detective—a new project to reduce misinformation on social media and teach media literacy with built-in transparency. They're part of MIT's Sandbox Innovation Fund Program, and are working with journalism students and the public to promote media literacy.

Read on to learn more. 👀👇

#Journalism #Misinformation #MediaLiteracy #Mastodon #FederatedPress #NewsDetective

bark of a tree

Flying back from #SxSW where I evangelized #ActivtyPub, #Mastodon and the #Fediverse. It’s crazy how few people have even heard of this movement and all anyone could talk about was #GenerativeAI. I felt like an eccentric prophet holding a sign with scrawled writing “The end of the walled gardens is nigh”

But as many of you on Mastodon already know, the dawn of the open social web is here now and next SXSW is likely to be very different.

So, obivously - which earn tousands of € donations every month - provides a home for fake porn accounts that are created for exactly one particular follower and lead to Russian porn sites.


That is one of the disadvantages of their strategy to massively accumulate as many user as they can and not having the resources to monitor their server activity any more - while keeping smaller, passionately moderated instances, out of the official Mastodon directory.


A screenshot showing a Mastodon profile from a Russian porn fake account.

In exciting news I appear to be part of one of the first data breaches of the fediverse era!

I got this email 20 minutes ago letting me know my data migration from was dumped in a breach.

I'm going to be honest, I've got some opinions on the fact that a public bucket is used to store archives, with just obfuscation to stop people from downloading them.

#mastodon #infosec #fediverse

Hello tedivm, 

Early morning Feb 24 we were indirectly made aware of a misconfiguration on our object storage domain ( that allowed anyone to see the list of all uploaded files. Within 30 minutes this mistake was corrected. However, we have reasons to believe that the issue has existed since Feb 2, when we began upgrading our infrastructure. Normally Mastodon relies on long, randomly generated file names with high entropy to ensure that certain files are accessed only by those who know the link. However, that misconfiguration allowed that measure to be bypassed. Most files in our object storage are public in nature—profile pictures, custom emojis, images and videos attached to public posts. But there is a type of file that should never be accessed by anyone but its owner, and it’s the user’s archive takeout. Unfortunately, your archive takeout was among those in the system when the incident occurred. We have immediately deleted all archive takeouts to prevent anyone from downloading them, but we have reasons to believe that at least some of them were downloaded by unauthorized parties. Archive takeouts contain the following information:

* Your public profile

* Your favorites

* Your bookmarks

* Your posts and media attachments (including followers-only and mention-only posts)
They DO NOT contain your e-mail address or any other Personal Identifiable Information from your account, excepting anything you've manually put in your public profile or shared in posts. No action is required on your part. We apologize sincerely for this mistake. We are changing the Mastodon software to not rely on high entropy links for access control to archive takeouts any longer, as well as adding an automated check into the admin dashboard to detect similar misconfigurations and notify other server operators about them. Security is important to us and we are continuously improving our processes as we scale our organization from one employee to multiple to ensure that mistakes like this do not happen in the future.

Eugen Rochko | CEO

Mastodon gGmbH | e:

Old rusted plates

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