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Bueno, creo que acabo de encontrar un bug o una incongruencia para Mastodon o Tusky (no sé bien bien que es lo que ha fallado). He creado un toot con una encuesta y le he puesto un gif. El caso es que no se ha publicado. Lo he vuelto a repetir a modo de prueba y voilà, el mismo error, no se publican, ni en la instancia, ni en ningún sitio. ¿qué cosa más rara? 🤔
#bugs #mastodon #tusky

Lunes 6 de febrero de 2023, Argentina.

Queridos seguidores y lectores:

Buenas tardes. Buenas noches. Buenos días. Los invito a escuchar y compartir el #PodcastRecomendado de hoy: «CUENTOS DEL BOSQUE OSCURO», de @cuentosbo. Audiorelatos, cuentos, historias, fantasía, terror, ciencia ficción..


Quedo a la distancia de un saludo.
Abrazos desde el sur del sur.
Atte.: Gabriel Martín.
Escuchar es salud - #Cuentosdelbosqueoscuro.
#podcastrecomendado #podcastrecomendados #podcast #ivoox #escucharessalud #escuchar #ficción #mastodon #fediverso #fediverse #audios #historias #historia #narrativa #letras #literatura #arte #art #mastoart #mastodoart #miedo #horror #terror #cienciaficción #fantasía #cuentos #audiorelatos
P.D.: 'Evitar el peligro no es más seguro a largo plazo que exponerse a él. La vida es una aventura atrevida o no es nada', (Helen Keller).

Gente, no se qué le pasa a #Mastodon no me deja publicar Fotos, osea cuando trato de subirla no me deja y pues no sé qué pasó, no se si solo es a mí o también ustedes tiene ese problema, tengo un iPhone 11 pro max no es un teléfono que tenga muchos problemas en este sentido pero bueno vamos a esperar que pasa, si quieren ver las noticias actualizadas por el momento estás en mi twitter : u de paso ahí pueden seguirme, no es obligatorio pero si quiere no hay problema, de antemano muchas gracias por el apoyo que eh recibido aquí y pues nada veremos si mañana ya me deja subir fotos 😂 saludos y bendiciones a todos 👋

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Anybody got some good #twtxt feeds to follow?

Or possibly a way to shoehorn my hot twtxt takes into #mastodon ..


****** ¿Quien verifica a quien en #mastodon? *******

Me lo explica alguien por favor?

Gracias de antemano.

#ask #pls

Looking for a list that has all the essential Mastodon tools? I've built one that attempts to be just that.

Check out The (opinionated) Mastodon list


- Other Mastodon lists
- Great articles for getting started
- Find followers
- Moving to Mastodon from Twitter
- Tools to follow users on other instances
- News aggregators
- Embed tools
- Timeline and profile tools
- Backup tools

The list:
The source code:

#OpenSource #Mastodon

I've created a set of Science Tusky emoticons for the #ScienceMastodon community that can be used for free by instances!

Had a lot of fun making these - if you want to use them, please send me an email via my website and I'll send you the transparent versions.

Set includes:
- Chemist x2
- Physicist
- Computer Scientist
- Geneticist
- and starry eyed scientist

#science #scicomm #art #illustration #mastoart #mastodon #chemistry #scientist #researcher #physics #biology #computercience
Science tusky icons! Chemists, Physicist, Geneticist, computer scientist and more

Hola!!! #presentacion
Mi primer #toot ! Un poco tarde pero aquí estamos!
Soy un usuario que le gustan el mundo de las carreras principalmente el WRC tengo un canal de YouTube y es por ello que cree WRC Pictures y para ampliarme un poco he decido probar aquí en #mastodon y hasta ahora muy bien! Saludos !!
Gracias por recibirme @rober

Si, yo sinceramente, despues de 6 años por estos lares, antes en gnusocial, veo que el #fediverse, en concreto #mastodon que s la red que mas rapido crece del fediverse creo que estamos despegando y nadie nos va a poder parar, eso junto con que la gente esta despertando un poco.


Si queréis importar a #Mastodon las personas que seguís desde Twitter, hay varias webs que permiten hacerlo de manera muy sencilla.
Voy dejando algunas en forma de hilo 👇🏻

Sorry, but talk about missing the point. You are responding to @gruber stating iOS has better apps due to panache, fit and finish — explicitly making a point that a feature checklist is not what he’s comparing against by saying that this other app is better because it has more features.

Also, while #Mastodon is not the #Fediverse, the idea that one app should cover 100% of bases seems nuts. Isn’t a first class PeerTube experience necessarily different than a PixelFed one?

Quisiera saber
#Mastodon ofrece en la configuración de #Preferencias recibir #Notificaciones por #correoelectronico

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7 voters. Poll end: 2 days ago

#DOStodon updates:

Changed some colors for a better color scheme

Improved thread view with colors, reduced indentation

Select entries in thread-view & get the thread details for the selected entry

Thread view now stacks: ENTER selects, DEL returns to previous view

you can now change settings in the config dialog

CTRL-L/W to manually/automatic load/save of timeline position is work in progress!

#RetroComputing #MSDOS #Mastodon #JavaScript #DOjS

Up for grabs here:
DOStodon option/config dialog colored thread view with indentation
colored thread view with indentation and magenta highlighted entry to expand free access to its API in Byron Millers’s latest Open APIs and Open Protocols push.


More rate limits for registered users! Use whatever you need to build more cool stuff! You have permission to point your new app, service, or tool at our systems. If you need more capacity or more requests just ask!

We’re way over provisioned and have plenty of capacity, go forth, create and use it!!

#api #mastodon #TwitterMigration #developers #fediverse

Pensando en retirar de nuestras etiquetas en bio #español, que está visto que se lee como #espanol de todos modos y repite los mismos resultados en búsquedas de #Mastodon.
Qué pensáis?

🦣 January was a slow month for Mastodon migration.

🦤 But earlier today more key senior engineers left Twitter.
🦤 And all employees now have to write Musk a list of everything they did last month.

📈 Looks like that has triggered a very slight surge in Mastodon registrations in the last twelve hours. Let's see if it grows.

✅ Welcome all new users to Mastodon.

#Mastodon #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #Twitter #NewUsers #Welcome
Mastodon user registrations per day. Surge.
Mastodon user registrations per day. Surge.

Did someone say decentralized? The Free Software Foundation and Defective by Design are on Mastodon, a decentralized social media platform licensed under #GNUAgplv3! Visit us at and #Mastodon #Decentralized #Fediverse

Es de chiste: el zumbado da un plazo xo la API deja de funcionar ya xa la app de migración a #Mastodon (fuerte migración quizá?)... Verguencita da quien siga en esa "red social": xa mi pasan a ser cómplices ideologicos y/o "followers whores".

Since I am seeing new folks coming in from the birdsite, a few thoughts for you:

1. Take a moment to read

2. Hashtags are your friend. Follow them. Use them. Capitalize each word in them

3. You will miss things, and that is the point.

4. For accounts you don't want to miss, click the bell in the profile or make a list

5. Boost!

6. Be here to make connections

7. There is no algorithm to game

8. Add descriptions to your images

#Twitter #Mastodon #TwitterMigration

Don't forget to put your mastodon handle in your Twitter bio (or pinned tweet), so #Movetodon #Debirdify & #fedifinder can help other people find YOU! 😎

(Linktree won't do that! 😉 )

I would have found you sooner if you had! 🖖

BTW, same advice goes to everyone else who is moving here, too! 😀

#TwitterMigration #Mastodon #MastodonTips


Wow, happy that buffer added support for #mastodon - since buffer was my favorite for adding posts to twitter. So hopefully some more posts from here…

TOP 7 trends from the last 1 hour

#ukraine - (news/politics)
#news - (news/politics)

Seen 7433 toots!

View TOP 20 1H, 12H, and 24H trends at

The best way to post an image on Mastodon:

1. Write your post and attach the image by clicking on the paperclip 📎

2. Don't press Toot yet! Instead, click on "Edit" in the corner of the image.

3. Move the circle so that the 16:9 preview looks nice. This is especially important on images that are portrait or square orientations.

4. Add a text description in the box, so that people browsing in audio will know what is in the image. (A lot of blind people browse the internet in audio through screen readers. Image text also gives you a chance to add details beyond your character limit.)

5. When you've done all that, click "Apply" and then "Toot!"

6. You can read image descriptions by hovering the mouse over the image after posting.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Posting #Accessibility #A11y

Sadly, I don't think #Mastodon will catch on unless corporations make and maintain profiles. So much of my use of #birdsite was complaining at... er... feedback for companies. It's one of the only reasons my profile there is still active.

A while ago I tried making my own fork of #Mastodon glitch-soc v3.5.3 because I didn't like the changes made in Mastodon v4. It was based on @splitshockvirus's fork of Mastodon glitch-soc, and the fork is available below:

A couple weeks ago, @dcc used my fork on his own instance, so I created an account there to try it out. The server eventually shut down due to not working, and I wasn't able to grab an archive of my data, but I made a screenshot of the Advanced Web Interface on Mastodon glitch-soc.

It turns out that it looks just like seen below on Starnix running Mastodon v4. However, Mastodon v3.5 still had static pages for viewing posts, instead of having to use the web interface. I liked this because I didn't want to have to load the full web interface every time I opened a post. I made a screenshot of that interface below on #Starnix.
The multi-column Advanced Web Interface in Mastodon glitch-soc

Welcome @present_arms to the instance, #Mastodon, and the #Fediverse
Ali is a great friend of mine, despite what some may say!
He respins #PCLinuxOS to #TDE (Trinity Big Daddy), which I run on a laptop, and also #Openbox

Content warning: Twitter

Content warning: Twitter

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Thanks to @mikarv for reminding me (see, I just added the following license to my bio on my Mastodon site.

Please feel free to copy/adapt/use if you like:

My posts are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (

#fediverse #mastodon #content #copyright #licensing #scraping #consent #commons #creativeCommons #attribution #nonCommercial #shareAlike

Exprimiendo Mastodon n
#Mastodon es una alternativa a #Twitter con un gran potencial. Te cuento algunas ideas para sacarle mas partido y exprimirla al máximo.


I'm still muting #newsbots. One of the most-toxic things about social-media sites like #Twitter or #Facebook is how they use #AI to filter #news and show people only what they want to see.

If you want to share news on #Mastodon, include a link to the original story and add your own thoughts. That way, the post is about you and how the story affected you. The #fediverse is people.¹

¹ The fediverse is not affiliated with Soylent Green.

Welcome to the #fediverse, new #Mastodon users.

If you're missing getting your #news headlines on Twitter, please don't look for (or worse, create) #newsBots here. That was a big-tech land grab, not what social media was designed for. You were being manipulated.

Instead, get an #RSS reader for your phone and subscribe directly to news feeds from your favourite sources. You're the #algorithm.

Encontré un bot que te saluda en el día de aniversario de tú cuenta
Un mega exito

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