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I'm usually too shy to talk about myself but I'll try an #introduction

I'm Ray and I write and draw when the motivation/inspiration strikes, which is really fickle and comes and goes as it pleases.
I'm currently very into BNHA, but I still love seeing things from many anime/manga and games.
I also have some original characters I love them dearly despite all their quirks. These arts are pretty old, but I still like them some.

#originalcharacter #oc #mastoart #digitalart
A profile view of my OC Matías who is deaf and is sporting some scars near his ears, the background is white noise.
A bust of my OC Ren in an alternative universe where he's a seadweller and his design is inspired by whales.
My OC Katrina, surrounded by black veins and with a black heart at the center of the picture, symbolizing her rotten soul.
A study of expressions I did featuring my (usually) stoic OC Mizuno, sporting a very angry face.

Alrighty then! I’m going to try and do this as a thread.

This is the first stage of the painting. I just chose a few colors that were calling to me, and added them onto the canvas.

No agenda, other than laying down some color and making a few marks.

When the husband saw it as this stage, he said it looked like a painting of a rat’s ass! 🙄 {I’ve helpfully labelled said rat’s ass on the painting 😏}

#mastodon #art #artistsonmastodon #artists #india #mastoart

Ok #mastodon. Who wants to see the evolution of one of my Intuitive paintings from start to finish? In pictures?

I’ve just finished a 24x24 canvas, and this one, I documented each layer/stage of the painting.

Since these are intuitive, I start with absolutely NO IDEA of what’s going to happen. I’m simply following my instincts and what I see appearing on the canvas.

Interested in seeing how it all works?

#art #artists # artistsonmastodon #india #mastoart

Content warning: Just released my first zine!!!! i made it all in ms paint lol :3 its free to download!!

hey i just released the second issue of my msPaint zine! you can download it here:
#art #mastoart #zine #digitalart
karl marx blingee. "sorry ladies and twinks this man is taken!! (by me)"
red and black vampire girl sketches

Hey! Help me share my last music video: Garden of Secrets. Boosts are more than welcome 😀
#MastoArt #mastomusic #music #symphonicmetal #MastodonMusic #mastodonart #musicvideo

Any writers out there needing cover illustrations? 😀

Closeup of the fictional book cover I did. The whole thing here:

#MastoArt #moa #bookcover #illustration
traditional looking but digital monochromatic drawing of a longhair dude in a big big hat, holding a stick in his hands and looking up

I did a small series on borked fantasy tropes at one point. Here is the first one.

"The reverse mermaid tries to warn sailors away from dangerous rocky shores, but alas, the sailors are compelled to sail closer by the reverse mermaid's supple legs"

#mastoart #art #digital #painting #creative #mermaid #wtf

It's here: My new portfolio website! Check out my YA/MG graphic novel pitches, one-shot comics, tips, illustrations, free coloring pages, and more.

Content updates every two weeks. I can't wait!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #art #comics #makingcomics
Digital artwork of H. pointing a tablet stylus at something. Behind them is Northwest Coast wilderness: Trees and Mt. Rainier. Flowers from New Mexico surround H. in the foreground.

Hi all!

I'm Squid (they/them), a Canadian artist specializing in watercolour and india ink. I paint mostly pet portraits and wildlife art in a rainbow style. I run a sticker and print shop on Etsy and love noodling new, cartoony designs. Cats and reptiles are my jam!

#introduction #mastoart #spoonie #lupus #mecfs #rainbowart #cat #bordercollie #crestedgecko #seagull


Afronomenon is currently made up of 3 Artists, 2 outta the 3 writers, 2 outta the 3 animators. All on to work on our first project - Judegement Day by Jonathan Martin

#artist #MastoArt #independent #BlackCreator #studio #comics #animation #music #writing

I do personal commissions!

£90 🕸️ pieces like below, with backgrounds
£65 🕸️ full figure w/o backgrounds
£45 🕸️ busts w/o backgrounds
🐍 info/terms & conditions here:
🐍 I've also added a patreon tier if you'd rather split the payment over a few months!

(will comment below with more CW'd examples)

#commissionMe #commissionsOpen #commissions #mastoArt
a couple holding their cat, surrounded by a rbcage frame.
a figure sat on grass, basking in the sun that comes through the forest canopy. a flaming box next to them. The word "Commissions"
a portrait of dennis rodman, with green hair, smashing the floorboards of a basketball court, a blue trail coming from the ball in his hand. Devil horns hover above his head, as does a loomping basketball hoop.
a tabla (drum) player seated, ready to tap the symbols on their drum. They also have bell sticks and others drums, flowers and behind them is a window revealing a sweeping and oddly coloured landscape.

One more set of my mini-scenery illustrations! I have too much fun with these. #mastoart #landscape #letstravel

I still have more of these poster sets in stock.

Originally designed for my daughter, they are a large "Portrait of the Solar System" in a "world-focused" presentation.

The set of 5 19x27in (46x69cm) posters compose a 8ft (2m) wide mosaic, or can be framed separately.

$60/set or $15/single from:

#SolarSystem #Astronomy #PlanetaryScience #Educational #MastoArt #Space

Boosts appreciated. It'd be nice to sell these.

[1/2 and more in caption]
This is a set of five 19x27" (48x69cm) posters, presenting the solar system as a collection of worlds, including Sun, planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, and moons, with an emphasis on the solid body objects you could visit (theoretically and radiation allowing).

It wasn't practical to keep all the objects to the same scale, but I made effort to minimize the different scales shown and make the differences clear.

As a mosaic, they take up about 8-ft (2.4m) of wall space. Or you can frame them separately and spread them around a room (as for a classroom).

I still have quite a few on the shelf, available for sale in our Anansi Spaceworks "bookstore". 

Designed by Terry Hancock (me), using free NASA imagery and data.

#LunaticsProject #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Yay! I actually got started on production work again, today! I was having a lot of trouble getting back into it.

This shot was basically rendered before, but had animation problems, which I fixed, but I broke it, then I had to unbreak it, etc.

Anyway, I'm making a little headway again. This bodes well!

These are from one of the staging shots from the Soyuz flight sequence.

Lunatics Project |
:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: 4.0
Upperstage burn to orbit exterior mech shot, from the Soyuz flight sequence in "Lunatics!" ep1 "No Children in Space".

This is near the beginning of the shot, while the burn is still going.

I have some doubts about the realism of this long stream of flame, but it's supposed to be good anime, not absolute realism!

Art by...

Chris Kuhn - Soyuz launch vehicle model

Terry Hancock - Pretty much everything else here: the flame FX, the Earth model, direction, animation, etc. I also drew the decals and created the materials on the model.

Lunatics Project |
CC By-SA 4.0
This is the separation, where the orbiter is kicked off from the upper stage, as they are already in orbit.

In this iteration, I fixed the movement and orientation of the vehicle during the shot to better fit the storyboarded plan for the shot.

I'm really happy with the way this "High Over Baikonur" set worked out. It does pretty well for most of the staging sequence, which ostensibly starts at about 30 km altitude, and ends in Low Earth Orbit.

Art by...

Chris Kuhn - Soyuz launch vehicle model

Terry Hancock - Pretty much everything else here: the flame FX, the Earth model, direction, animation, etc. I also drew the decals and created the materials on the model.

Lunatics Project |
CC By-SA 4.0

#inktober Day 3 🎊 This portrait is of Che Guevara, who (as most folks probably already know) was a guerilla organizer and fighter in Cuba and in revolutions around the world.
#CheGuevara #MastoArt #Revolutionary
A pen drawing of Che Guevara's head, wearing a revolutionary beanie with a 5-pointed star. Behind him are wavy bands of shapes, also in a 5-pointed star, with Che's name written to his right.

Day 2 of #inktober :artaww: Today it's Frantz Fanon, a psychiatrist & political philosopher, and author of "The Wretched of the Earth".
#FrantzFanon #MastoArt #AntiColonial
A pen drawing of Frantz Fanon's head, with his name written in curvy letters to his left, surrounded by radiating squiggles and shapes.

Yay, it's #inktober! Let's start off with this drawing of Salaria Kea, a nurse and desegregation activist who volunteered to fight in both the Spanish Civil War and WWII.
#SalariaKea #anarchism #MastoArt
A pen drawing of Salaria Kea's head, with her name written in curvy letters below her chin, surrounded by radiating curves of geometric shapes.

i'm starting a birding club that defies stereotypes & isn't just for old white people (like me) &, of course, the logo is the first step, right?' v.3 (aka this might be happening for real)
#birds #club #mastoArt #corvidae #logo #graphicDesign #birding
logo by kat himmel for the radical bird club
logo by kat himmel for the radical bird club
logo by kat himmel for the radical bird club

#art/#history: there's always a great woman behind a great man & this proves true for betty davis (born #otd in 1945). she introduced miles davis to psychedelia (& hendrix!), but she also wrote & recorded 3 of the ballsiest funk fusion LPs you'll ever hear - if you can find 'em.
life with miles wasn't easy (he accused betty of having an affair with jimi hendrix, which really pissed her off. it was a lie & betty found it astoundingly disrespectful to both her & to jimi); so their union, though creative, didn't last.
enigmatic to the end (ms davis laid low between 1975 & 2009), betty was the subject of a documentary ('they say i'm different', 2017). she died a bit of a human puzzle just this past february.
#mastoArt #funk #musique #bettyDavis #illustration
portrait illustration of funk musician, betty davis, by kat himmel

decca mitford (born #otd in 1917) would've been ROFLcopter if she'd been alive to see the absurdity of england today. as the fifth-born of six sisters, she was surrounded by that particular brand of wealthy english eccentricity - that breed that thinks it's in perpetual penury.
it's no surprise that jessica (or, as her sisters anointed her, decca) was left largely to her own devices. the room she shared with her older sister, unity (who would later have an intimate relationship with adolf hitler), was designated in a typically adolescent way. your sister may have had bon jovi posters on her walls whereas you had bauhaus. decca had the communist hammer & sickle to mark her territory. unity drew swastikas (bon jovi, clearly the fascists in this scenario). another mitford sis, diana, married oswald mosley.
#mastoArt #deccaMitford #mitfordSisters #portrait #radical
portrait illustration of author & activist, decca mitford, by kat himmel

'he drove me a bit crazy.'
#art/#history: don't call her godard's muse. don't. call. her. godard's. muse. do not.
i don't need to defend anna karina (born #otd in 1940). she professed to feel honoured & touched when people referred to her as the m-word - & she remained grateful
to JLG for trusting her with the roles he wrote with her in mind, even if they ceased speaking once their relationship ended. one thing's sure: they did forge pure magic - TOGETHER. without the danish dynamo's contribution, their cinematic alchemy wouldn't have left such an enduring legacy.
#mastoArt #annaKarina #nouvelleVague #godard #cinema #france
portrait illustration of anna karina (leading actor in many films of jean luc godard's) by kat himmel (rose tartan background)
portrait illustration of anna karina (leading actor in many films of jean luc godard's) by kat himmel (fuchsia & black spiral background)

I tried to explore botanical knowledge and cartography with this map. It's an attempt to represent my reading notes about the ecosystems of the soil. This thinking is inspired by the awesome #Cartanatomy serie by @Colpizen

#mastoArt #drawing #illustration #ink #cartography #mapMaking #botanicalArt #observarium #芹芹dessine
Fictional map mixing botanical data and cartography iconography. There is a big root in the center with a mushroom, an earthworm and some bacteria around. Interactions between them are depicted with some roads. The title of the map is "Terres de vie".

That's why I drew this map. An hommage to Moncef and the place he built to give joy to people in the hard world we live in.

This cartography is inspired by that awesome #Cartanatomy serie by @colpizen ❤

#mastoArt #drawing #cartography #imaginaryMaps #botanicalArt #芹芹dessine
A imaginary map drawn with dark ink. We can see some coffee beans and leaves, a cookie and some vegetables. The style looks like what you can see on a cartography. The title of the map is "Contrée de bru.jc" (the last word is "Brouillon" in French phonetics)
A focus on the imaginary map: we can see a big cookie that looks like a coast. The coast is called "la baie des cookies", some places are indicated in the cookie "thym", "tahini", "chocolat".
A focus on the imaginary map: we can see some radish leaves, some tea leaves and a tomato along side some text "canal des soupes et du gaspacho". There is also a path drawn with some points called "le chemin aux cakes".
A focus on the imaginary map: we can see the title of the map "La contrée de bru.jc" (it's "Brouillon" on French phonetics). We can see some arabesques above the title that reminds of latte art.

C'est le fête de la mi-automne ! 🥮🎊

Pourquoi c'est la mi-automne alors que dans notre calendrier grégorien occidental, l'automne n'a même pas commencé ? Les saisons du calendrier agricole chinois, divisés en 24 saisons, ne commencent pas au même moment. les solstices et les équinoxes ne marquent pas le début d'une saison mais plutôt leur milieu, moment où l'énergie commence à décroître.

#mastoArt #drawing #中秋节 #芹芹dessine
Illustration à l'aquarelle sur des nuances de bleus. Deux petits fantômes sur un rocher au milieu de la houle. L'un dit : "Bonne fête de la mi-automne !". L'autre pense intérieurement : "Où sommes-nous ? Où est mon gâteau de lune ?"

2019 Commissions Pricelist! Yay!

2019 Commissions Pricelist: sketch/linework & colors/lineless & colors with options like portrait/half body/full body, details and infos.

Je prends les commandes!

pour les dessins de personnages :
40€ le perso noir et blanc (au trait)
80€ en couleurs,
pour 1 perso

et +50% du prix de base par perso supplémentaire

ca inclut un fond simple.
pour un fond complexe, on voit selon ce que tu cherches.
si le perso est ultra complexe, on voit aussi
si c'est pas du perso, dis-moi et on voit combien

pour les avatars en pixel art, c'est 25€ pour une image en 64x64 ,entre 5 et 7 couleurs. 35€ si c'est un portrait d'humain

#mastoart #art

@rf кто помнит историю браузерных войн со времён древнего Mosaic'а? ;) #MastoArt

Content warning: selfie, eye contact

Some more #midjourney Kangar Horde posters I made for my Mars Traveler RPG campaign.

What do you think?

#art #mastoart
Some more #midjourney Kangar Horde posters I made for my Mars Traveler RPG campaign.

Mongol ponies, amber-like hologram bas relief.

Copyright (C) 2022 Henry Edward Hardy
Some more #midjourney Kangar Horde posters I made for my Mars Traveler RPG campaign.

Mongol encampment on Mars, museum diorama.

Copyright (C) 2022 Henry Edward Hardy
Some more #midjourney Kangar Horde posters I made for my Mars Traveler RPG campaign.

Mongol ponies, rider, red inlaid armor, on Mars, asemic script, as though displayed in a yurt.

Copyright (C) 2022 Henry Edward Hardy
Some more #midjourney Kangar Horde posters I made for my Mars Traveler RPG campaign.

Mongol ponies, riders, center of poster with graphic large characters.

Copyright (C) 2022 Henry Edward Hardy

Oh Yeah I forgot to add to my #introduction that I do some minor texture faffing with #DetroitBecomeHuman, too, sometimes. #MastoArt.

Currently enjoying giving all the guys makeup because why the fuck not, eh?
Markus from Detroit: Become Human, with Vibrant purple makeup and dramatically wingtipped dark purple eyeliner.
Hank from Detroit: Become Human, with loud pink makeup and quite fierce and sharply upturned wingtipped dark mauve eyeliner.
The Bellini Paints Android from Detroit: Become Human, with quite a natural pinkish makeup and thin-wingtipped black eyeliner.
Connor from Detroit: Become Human, with subtle but bright pink makeup and wingtipped black eyeliner.

Ola! Chámome Román e son un ilustrador de Narón, Galiza. Aínda que fago un pouco de todo, a maioría do meu tempo adícoo ao deseño de personaxes.

Hi! I'm Román, an illustrator from Narón, Galiza. While I'm kind of a jack of all trades, I spend most of my time designing characters.

#MastoArt #Illustration #CharacterDesign #Landscape #Galiza
Illustration of a landscape with a big rock formation and a lady in a white dress on top of it admiring the clear night sky.
Illustration of a white haired old man holding a hammer and a nail. His arms are as big as his legs are thin.
Illustration of an anthropomorphic opossum with a yellow backpack and a phone in his hand looking at you sideways wile strolling through a forest path. In the background you can see homes and a yellow morning sky.

Content warning: Eye contact, Cyberpunk, PG-13

🍬🌸 halfbody commissions for confettiparfait & bambeiis! I had so much fun drawing these cuties 😭💖💕✨
#Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots
Digital art of a boy with cow horns and ears. He’s smiling happily and making a peace sign.
Digital art of a woman wearing a large fuzzy coat with a pink checker pattern. She’s holding her sunglasses up in one hand.

#mastoart #commission

hello! im opening art commissions again. if you're interested you can message me here or on discord at morgan#1846

using kofi for payment currently:

here's the info you need, plus some examples of my art:
Waist up
Flat colors: $30
Shaded: $35
Full body
Flat Colors: $35
Shaded: $45
Flat Colors: $20
Shaded: $25

All options include a simple geometric background

1- Pick an option from the list, or message me about  something not on the list
2- Send me references or descriptions of the  character, pose and anything else relevant
3- As I'm working on it, I'll give regular updates and ask for feedback
4- You get the final render, the CSP file and PSD file

🍂 My Autumn Exchange piece for miq @ TH! I had so much fun with this!!! 😭💖💕
#Art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FediArt #Procreate
Artwork of a woman sitting on a picnic blanket, surrounded by fall leaves. She’s holding a drink in her lap and smiling at the audience.

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