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@Jakob@Michael Vogel
und verwende diese für den Devel-Branch und eigene Entwicklungen...
Würde ich nicht machen, besser zwei neue aufsetzen.
Ich kann dir empfehlen, wenn du #MariaDB nutzte, Mariabackup zu nutzen für die DB, dann alles per Borgbackup auf irgendein SSH erreichbares Ziel zu schaufeln, dass ist wirklich brauchbar, auch wenn du das 60 GB Daten zu sichern hast (was bei Friendica ja nach paar Jahren der Fall ist).

Alternativ, habe ich aber nicht am laufen, ein Disk Snapshot nach remote machen, aber da bin ich nicht sicher wie das genau geht, aber denke das ist nochmal besser. Snapshots lokal kombiniert mit meinem Setup von oben sind auch eine Möglichkeit, da kann man sicher easy paar Tage aufbewahren.

Ya esta disponible el quinto capitulo del #curso de #mariadb #nodejs para crear un #webservice

Hello #MariaDB people, my #Friendica server is down since I installed the latest MariaDB update and it also switched from #PHP 7 to 8.

All I get in the php error log is this:
4047 InnoDB refuses to write tables with ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED or KEY_BLOCK_SIZE.

Any ideas are welcome! I need your help!

!Friendica Support #help

@Michael Vogel ok, so I need to figure out what changed in the latest #MariaDB version compared to the one before. Any tip which forum to use?

Ya esta disponible el tercer capitulo del curso de #mariadb #nodejs para crear un #webservice

Since a few days sometimes my #mariadb load spikes to 140, anyone else see this, it just takes 1 minute and normalizes again. till now I was to slow to capture the mytop view, just the end of such thing in this capture.

When it is over the load normalizes at 0.8 again.

@Steffen K9 🐰 did you experience anything like that? I saw it twice, once yesterday and just now.
@Michael Vogel any idea what happens?

#friendica !Friendica Support

Hello #Friendica Admins, wants me to set "innodb_buffer_pool_size (>= 20.7G)", which is probably because of the #database size. I assigned 20 GB #RAM to the VM and have 20 GB #SWAP too. So setting it that high is not possible, as this would bring the total max #memory usage way beyond 40 GB.

1. Why is the total max usage higher than this setting? What is the multiplicand parameter?
2. Any idea how I can set this to use 16 GB for #MySQL all the time, allow double in peak and (swapping then) and not more?

I think I will change the setup at some point which will free more RAM for #mariadb, but now I need to cope with it like it is. I see loading time it really bad with low settings for "innodb_buffer_pool_size", like 0.4 seconds over all, more RAM reduces it by 70%... but then I get omm (out of memory) problem.

!Friendica Admins

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