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Wow! 🤩 asked if she could do a makeup look of my Vampire Moon art and she was NOT joking. She got all the details the colors, everything perfect. How amazing! Definitely check out her profile for more stunning looks.

#Art #Makeup
A collage of four images. One of a woman wearing glow makeup while lit in pink and blue, one a close up of pink lipgloss on lips, one a drawing of a dark pink and blue Sailor Moon, and lastly a close up of a glowing blue eye with pink lashes. A photograph of a woman with red and blue lighting on either side of her. She has glowing blue eyes and her eyebrows and moon symbol on her forehead are glowing. She has lightly glowing fingernails and planetary symbols on her fingers.
A drawing of a dark, punky vampire Sailor Moon. She is blue, purple, and pink with highlights in cyan. She is hunched over in front of a glowing moon causing her to be mostly shadowed. Her eyes are glowing as are her teeth/fangs and the moon symbol on her forehead.

Another Makeup Maiden drawing I did recently, artsy experiments to use up old makeup! This time I was playing with an eyeshadow duo pencil, two lip liners and eyeliner.
Portrait of a girl with long wavy hair, drawn with makeup pencils in purples and pinks
Close up of drawing showing the eyes, drawn with waxy eye pencil on textured paper

A special shoutout to @gloria who has just uploaded LOTS of videos about make-up and beauty on a budget.

You can follow them at:

➡️ @divashop

There are 78 videos so far! If you can't see them from your server yet, they're all visible at

The channel has lots of useful how-tos and tips for different looks, such as:

#Makeup #Beauty #PeerTube

Selfie of me outside with a black jacket, pretty heavy makeup, tho nude shades and red lipstick

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