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Ein lachsroter Schleimpilz zum #dingstag 😅

Möglicherweise Tubifera ferruginosa. Aber da leg ich mich mal nicht fest.

#kazispilze #kazisfotos #pilze #fungi #fotografie #macro
Auf einem kleinen Stück Holz wächst ein kugelförmiger, lachsroter Schleimpilz. Die Struktur des Pilzes ist stachelig. Hintergrund braun verschwommen. Am Holz ist noch ein wenig Moos zu sehen.

Moss and lichen

Moss and lichen growing on the wooden railing of a forest staircase.

Cladonia fimbriata | Trumpet cup lichen | Trompetenflechte
Nikon D500, Sigma 105mm EX DG OS HSM, 105 mm, f13, 1/200, ISO 1250, handheld
#nature #moss #lichen #macro #photography #germany #mosstodon #lichensubscribe #darktable #digikam
A macro photo of green moss and lichen. Green trumpet-like lichen stand above the green moss. The focus is on the lichen and a few thick moss leafs. The green background is blurry. Many different shades of green make up the image.

If you love Morel mushrooms, May is the month to search for these delicacies of nature especially in deciduous woods, around Trilliums or other spring flowers. You know it's a real Morel if you slice it and it has a hollow interior, beware the false ones as they can make you sick! This one was found at edge of my pond.
Check it out here
#Morel #mushroom #fungus #YellowMorel #FungusFriday #FungiFriday #nature #NatureLover #Morchella #fungi #shrooms #macro #MorelMushrooms
Morel Mushroom in close up with darkish background.

There are lots of hot colours in the garden right now. So, forgive me if I indulge myself with a bit of macro fun!

* Canna 'Tropicanna Black'
* Dahlia 'Bishop of Auckland'
* Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty'...I think...
* Leucospermum 'Crown Orange'

Some vertical photos, and more details in the #AltText - and in the reply down below...

#Macro #MacroPhotography #plants #gardening #flowers @plants
A bright red Canna flower against a bright blue morning sky, almost shocking in the contrast between the colours Close up of a helenium flower, with yellow petals speckled red, and rings of stamens around the centre of the flower.
Extreme close up on the "feathery bits" (that's the technical term) around the centre of a Dahlia flower. They look like pairs of feathers (or maybe jaws open wide?) coming from stems that appear from between the petals and flower's centre. Close up of a leucospermum flower, which looks like a collection of orange cotton buds that curve out, then back in to meet others toward the middle, overall roughly resembling a crown shape

Una más. Como muchos, yo también tuve mi época "macro". Un objetivo específico (un 105mm f/2.8 macro), tubos de extensión, flash anular,... todo el pack.

La araña de la foto es probablemente mi foto macro más conseguida (la original era de apenas unos milímetros, ojalá haber encontrado una más grande!)

Por un lado, me divertía mucho con estas fotos. Por otro, me agotaba llevar tanto material (y no tengo mucha paciencia...)

#flickr #fotografía #macro #photography
Foto de una araña muy aumentada, en la que se ven bien los pelos que le recubren el cuerpo y los 4 ojos en los que se refleja el flash anular.

A Giant Dark Horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus, the largest fly in Europe
This was sat on a car in the rain, fortunately this one is a male, only the females bite and only when they need the extra protein to create eggs, the rest of the year like the male pictured the female feeds mainly on nectar.
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#fly #wing #animal #macro #nature #insect #isolated #close #small #blood #creepy #horse #wildlife #hairy #legs #bug #wild #diptera #dark #giant #horsefly #sudeticus #tabanus
A Giant Dark Horsefly aka Sudeticus tabanus
A macro close up of it's head which is mainly it's two massive eyes, all covered in rain droplets.

Leading up to spooky season ... here are some intricate networks. The architect is featured in a comment below, safely CWed for any arachnophobics out there. (as it is custom on mastoart) #macro #photogeaphy #stacking
Highly detailed spider nets with threads made up out of tiniest water drops.

A cloth made out of water. Dull weather can be truly beautiful.
#macrophotography #macro
Four photos of ittle drops forming on an nearly invisible spiderweb over a blade of grass like a waterwall

Bon, pour se prendre une cuite au vin de prunelles, il va falloir encore attendre un peu. Pour l'instant on se contente de photographier les fleurs et et puis on s'occupe des résidentes du moment, Caroline et Adélaïde qui travaillent sur un super projet "Un corps en papier".
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