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Siempre es bueno recordar que ante el apartheid de Israel: Boicot, desinversión y sanciones.

#meme #Israel #Palestina #palestinalibre #memes #apartheid #derechoshumanos

Hola querides, estimadis, Hi lovelies! :anartrans_symbol: :knife_lgbt: :acab: :anarchoheart2:

This is me and my presentation toot :abunhdhappyhop:

Postearé en español, english i català, probablement depenent del contingut.

My interests
:antifa_100: #antifa
:acabkitty: #meme
:solidarity: #MutualAid
📚 #literature
:black_sparkling_heart: #WeirdFiction
:heart_cyber: #RPG
🗯️ #PerformingArts

I'm interested mostly in discovering new forms of organization and mutual aid. También en descubrir, discutir y hablar sobre cultura y entretenimiento. I en saber què s'està movent i coent per la meva zona (Barcelona).

See you around! :QueerCat:

No papu, si le das Seguir a la pagina de #instagram, bancatela y mantenelo, no llores al primer #meme de #Rucci #NoBinarie

Content warning: Mastodon v4 upgrade meme (updated)

I made a #meme / #comic about flexibility or conformity depending on your mood:
Fault, or The Enigma of Amigara Fault, without the existential dread:
As Yoshida and Owaki first see the openings on the mountain wall, they're confident their past jobs and expertise will help them promptly secure a location.

Mastodon Meme Cultural Lesson of the Day:

The Dr Doom Toot Comic.

Use whenever anyone tone polices or tells you what to do.


#feditips #meme
Dr Doom lifts a horn to his lips. His enemy shouts, "Do Not Toot It!" to which Dr Doom replies, "Fool! Doctor Doom toots as he pleases!" - A loud TOOT sounds from the horn.

Probably my personal favourite one is this extremely text heavy Simpsons #meme.
I love it because it suddenly questions our assumptions of how normal it is to move about our cities, and it also highlights how wasteful and inefficient #cars are.
Our cities can be very quiet and clean if we move in our feet, or bikes or scooters.
Cars are noisy dangerous and dirty. We should make cities where we need to use them as little as possible.
Simpsons character Principal Seymour stands in front of the broken window wondering:
Is it a problem that I'm trying to move through a crowded city with a sofa, two armchairs, four lighting clusters, four suspension assemblies, four wheels, a large engine, a hi-fi, 80 litres of liquid storage, 500 litres of dry cargo storage, 2 metres of exhaust pipe, three mirrors, eight square metres of carpet, and 1.5 tonnes of glass and steel?

No, it's people on bicycles who are wrong.

Found whilst dredging the ole #meme folder...
Swole anthropomorphic mastodon captioned "do you even toot?"

Se puede expandir y actualizar el sentido del meme sustituyendo las pobres tablas de verdad con formalizaciones de la filosofía analítica del lenguaje, perdon´t