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Pregúntale a Alicia


Hay rumores de pasos en el equilibrio de la idea.

Animales extinguidos responden a la pregunta que limita al norte

con el viento del oeste, y al este,

con la sombra de un perro vagabundo por las leyes naturales...

Escucha, la saliva sana,

si es otra y la tuya en la piel que libra

de todas las miserias.

Aunque entierren la llave,

una canción abrirá siempre

el espejo de Alicia.


La Susi.


#Poesía #Arte #Literatura #Poetry #Art #Literature

Les presento la nueva imagen del canal de #Youtube de @raxxie y yo, realizada por la gran #ilustradora mexicana Alejandra Gámez.
#escritores #escritoras #retrato #writers #portraiture #cartoon #cats #caturday #video #DivulgaciónLiteraria #literatura #literature #literaverso #AlbertoYRaquel
Dibujo de la artista mexicana Alejandra Gámez: una mujer blanca de pelo rojo y un hombre mestizo de pelo negro, sonrientes, con dos gatos, uno de ellos con gorro de bruja y el otro con corbata de moño

Hoy se cumplen 43 años del estreno de #ElResplandor: una de esas #películas que todo el mundo conoce aun sin haberla visto, una de las grandes de la historia del #cine (a secas) y una de las favoritas acá en su pobre casa. Si aún no han tenido el susto, véanla hoy.
(Y véannos en el programa de YouTube, hablando de historias de #FolkHorror: )
#movies #TheShining #películasdeterror #horrormovies #películasclásicas #classicmovies #literatura #literature #horror #terror

Content warning: Nazis, Book Burnings

⚫ Artist: #Softtwix / #YumiRiusaki in City: Citadelle #Doullens France 🇫🇷 - Title: "Albertine Sarrazin" - ( for the Exibition: "Transgression, Quand l'art entre au mitard") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural
#AlbertineSarrazin #Literature
Streetartwall. Black and white photograph of a portrait mural of Albertina Sarrazin in a former women's prison. In a dark, narrow, brick corridor, the mural of a white woman's face is painted at the end of the hallway. The wall with three steps on the floor, is designed entirely in black. The face is finely drawn and is interrupted by some dark wall marks. They look like small scars. The face shines in this darkness and exerts a pull on the viewer.
Info: Albertine Sarrazin (1936-1967) was a French writer from Algiers. She was adopted as a baby by a French couple, raped by a stranger when she was 10, and then sent to a reformatory by her adoptive parents. She spent most of her life in reformatories and behind prison walls. She used the day she graduated from high school to escape to Paris. She made a living as a prostitute and by stealing, with her lover from the asylum, she committed an armed robbery and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. At 19, she escaped, jumped over the prison wall and met Julien Sarrazin, another escaped inmate, whom she later married. They spent most of the eight years of their marriage apart in prison, repeatedly arrested for theft and receiving stolen goods. In prison, Albertine began to write down her memories and her everyday life in prison. and became a celebrated novelist....

📚 And... Just for fun...
Artist: #WarAndPeas ( Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz) 🇩🇪 - Title: "Just like in the books" - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Cartoon #Literature #Comic #Books #Apokalypse 🛸 #ApocalypseNow
Comic strip. 4 pics:
First Pic:
A man sits in an green armchair, a orange burning lamp behind him and a bookcase in the background. He is reading a book. Speech bubble:
"I've read so much."
Pic 2: He looks up and says:
"But lived so little."
Pic 3: He stands at a window and reaches for the purple curtains.
"I bet a world of wonders awaits me outside!"
Pic 4: We are now looking through the window. Flames, ufos, lightning, an atomic bomb blast, and people screaming. He looks at us and says nothing.
Info: War and Peas is the webcomic duo Elizabeth Pich & Jonathan Kunz. They release a new comic every Sunday.

Hoy es el Día Mundial de la #Poesía, y además comienza la #primavera, y además les invitamos a platicar de #libros en el programa semanal de @raxxie y yo.
Nos vemos a las 21:30 (centro de México), en vivo:

#libro #lectura #lecturas #poemas #books #bookstodon #libroverso #literature #literatura #LiteraturaLatinoamericana #LiteraturaInfantil

Sharing from elsewhere (no Masto button there yet)

This is an online book club that brings together fans of #Literature in #Translation #Translators and #indie presses.
+ the invitation to contribute to the blog is wide open. Perhaps you'd like to share a short interview? Or write a 'freer' piece like previous articles?
We're keen to share helpful advice on starting out and progressing as a literary translator, but also introduce new translators too!

I finished my 8th book of the year. (

I took my time lol. Help me pick one out of these! I will read the others eventually don't worry.

Other suggestions are appreciated too

#scifi #reading #books #literature #sf

  • Notes From Underground - Dostoevsky (7%, 3 votes)
  • Caves of Steel - Asimov (22%, 9 votes)
  • Neuromancer - W. Gibson (55%, 22 votes)
  • The Stars My Destination - A. Bester (2%, 1 vote)
40 voters. Poll end: 5 months ago

A new #introduction:
I'm Alberto Chimal, a Mexican #writer and #CreativeWriting teacher.
I'm interested in (among other things) #literature, #books, #music, #writing, #art, #movies, #music and #culture. I also love finding and sharing strange, beautiful things on the internet,
I post #WritingPrompts from Monday to Friday @ 9:00 CST (in Spanish, but I could translate them if there's interest).
This is one of my #ShortStories:
More info:


‘kiss me & you will see how important i am.’

sylvia plath (born #otd in 1932) was the first one to teach me that it’s quite okay not to be okay - & i’m not alone under her pedagogy.
since my first prepubescent brush with ‘the bell jar’, i’ve lived by its imparted wisdom - most especially: ‘if you expect nothing from somebody, you are never disappointed' - a credo for life that's much more optimistic than it first appears to be.
#mastoArt #literature #portraiture #sylviaPlath
portrait illustration of author, sylvia plath, by kat himmel.
colours are bright red & blue on a graphic background. portrait illustration of author, sylvia plath, by kat himmel.
colours are bright red & black on a plain yellow background.
portrait illustration of author, sylvia plath, by kat himmel.
colours are bright red & blue on a custard yellow background. portrait illustration of author, sylvia plath, by kat himmel.
colours are bright rust & teal on a graphic background.

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