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Abraded Camouflage lichen (Melanelixia subaurifera) on a rock.

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Close-up of the Abraded Camouflage lichen (Melanelixia subaurifera) Abraded Camouflage lichen (Melanelixia subaurifera) on the rock among other lichens.
A macro photo of the Abraded Camouflage lichen (Melanelixia subaurifera) - it's a rosette-forming brown-greenish foliose lichen.
The lichen in the photo is covered with globose isidia (vegetative reproductive structure), denser towards the center.
The isidia evolves into pale yellowish soredia (a powdery to granular reproductive granule that contains algal and fungal components).

I found very tiny Cladonia lichens with red apothecia growing under small Powderhorn lichens (1.5 cm high).
The tiny lichen in the photo is about 5mm overall.
The stem is about 2.5mm and the branches including the apothecia are also about 2.5mm.

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A tiny lichen with a green-beige stem that grows beneath common 1.5cm high Powderhorn lichens.
The stems of the Powderhorn lichen resemble thick tree trunks in this macro photo.
Macro photograph of the branches of the tiny Cladonia lichen with its red apothecia. The apothecia look like raspberries.
The branches and stem are beige with green spots (visible algae cells).
Parts of the Powderhorn lichens are visible. On them are white dots for vegetative reproduction (soredia).

Gray Reindeer lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) among Haircap moss.

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A light Gray Reindeer Lichen with many small branchlets.
The branchlets are white, tinged purple at the end, with brown tips.
The lichen grows in the center of a field of dark green Haircap moss.
There are some rain drops in the moss.

A Hooded Tube lichen (Hypogymnia physodes) on a small branch.

A repost from previous server.

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A dry Hooded Tube lichen (Hypogymnia physodes) on a small branch.
It's a foliose lichen with grey-greenish coloured, deeply indented, and convex lobes.
Some lobes are turning up their tips, covered on the underside with soredia.
The lower lobe surfaces are shiny dark brown.
A macro photo of the Hooded Tube lichen (Hypogymnia physodes).
This macro shows the lichen's upturned lobe tips with white-beige soredia.
Soredia are very small granules for lichen reproduction. They contain algal cells and fungal filaments.

A rarity in our area is the Wooden Soldiers Lichen (Cladonia botrytes).
It's the lichen in the center with an unusual light brown-beige color of its fruiting bodies.

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Rare Wooden Soldiers Lichen (Cladonia botrytes) in a field of lichens, surrounded by many other Cladonia varieties and moss.
It's a lichen with an upright stem-like short structure, bearing single terminal swollen flesh-coloured to pale brown fruiting bodies (apothecia).
Cups are absent in this lichen, the stem is yellowish with green, there are some tiny black dots on the apothecia.

A lichen from today, found it on a rock face.
At first glance it looks like a crustose lichen with many soredia (parts of a lichen containing cyanobacteria or algal cells and fungal filaments). But there are lobes in the bottom right of the photo!
To see more detail, I took some macro photos and found tiny lobes covered with ball-shaped soredia. Foliose lichen!

The original lichen size in the macro is 5.5 mm

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A granulose lichen on a rock face
A macro photo of the granular lichen.
The lichen has tiny lobes covered with soredia on the lobe margins.

#lichen and #moss from this morning walk

lique e musgo no chan enriba dunha lousa ao pé do camiño
lique e musgo enriba dunha lousa a nivel do chan, con follas de eucalipto e poliscas estragando a escena e composición. Tampouco me parei moito, gustoume porque pareceume que "compartían" o lugar.

Mi nuevo fondo de pantalla en LinuxMint, una foto de la semana pasada.

#ViernesDeEscritorio #mosstodon #lichen
Captura de pantalla de una sesión Mate en LinuxMint
Vemos la barra de tareas abajo con varios programas minimizados.
El fondo de pantalla que ocupa casi toda la captura es un primer plano de un liquen colgando de una rama.

Smooth Rock Tripe lichen (Umbilicaria mammulata) and moss on an erratic.

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Fresh moss and the foliose Smooth Rock Tripe lichen on a rock.
The lobes of the lichens are curly and their lower surface is velvety black. Fresh moss grows between the lichens and there is still some snow on this rock.
A Smooth Rock Tripe Lichen on a rock.
The upper surface of the lobes is beige-green.
This color changes to green when the lichen is wet.

The #FungiFriday version of the "wearing of the green" for #StPatricksDay This tree trunk festively draped in #moss #lichen and #mushrooms From the West Pond Trail in the #Adirondacks near Old Forge NY #Mushtodon
A tree trunk covered in green moss and lichen surrounded by ferns. Clusters of brown mushrooms sprout up and down the trunk

It's my favorite day of the week: #FungiFriday ! Here's a #photo of turkey tail #mushrooms from the Moose River in the #Adirondacks . Co-starring #lichen and #ferns
A log with striped fan shaped turkey tail mushrooms sprouting all along it, surrounded by green lichen. A large green fern is draped at the top.

got another combo deal for ya from a few years ago. i wish i'd had a nice camera at this point since this was one of the most beautiful places i've been to. i was in the mountains of north georgia, usa and this little patch of forest contained more mushrooms than i've ever seen anywhere else. there were chanterelles absolutely everywhere along with so many different types of moss and lichen. i was overwhelmed by all the amazing small things to look at

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a brilliant green scene with various types of moss and lichen all over a fallen log spilling over onto the ground where there are little fluffy mosses and lichen with a bunch of bright yellow chanterelle mushrooms sprouting out from the green

Moss and lichen

Moss and lichen growing on the wooden railing of a forest staircase.

Cladonia fimbriata | Trumpet cup lichen | Trompetenflechte
Nikon D500, Sigma 105mm EX DG OS HSM, 105 mm, f13, 1/200, ISO 1250, handheld
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A macro photo of green moss and lichen. Green trumpet-like lichen stand above the green moss. The focus is on the lichen and a few thick moss leafs. The green background is blurry. Many different shades of green make up the image.

A small branch with three different lichens I found this afternoon.

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Boreal Oakmoss (Evernia mesomorpha) lichen, Powdered Sunshine lichen (Vulpicida pinastri) and Hooded Tube lichen (Hypogymnia physodes) on a small branch.
There is some snow on all three lichens.

A small spot of lichens, mosses and a few dry brown leaves.
But look closer, there is also a tiny Maple tree with two leaves and a tiny Pine tree with its long needles!

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A small spot of different lichens, mosses and a few dry brown leaves.
There is also a tiny Maple tree with two leaves and a tiny Pine tree with its big needles.

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some art available here:
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Fotografie, Nahaufnahme
Ein hellgrünes Moosposter auf einer grauen Mauer

Mycena galericulata, commonly known as the common bonnet, the toque mycena, the common mycena or the rosy-gill fairy helmet. Tannish white. Not edible.

Cladonia peziziformis or the turban cup lichen

Laccaria laccata, commonly known as the deceiver, or waxy laccaria. Dark orange. Edible

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A small cluster of tannish white mushrooms with distinct cone shaped tops growing out  from the base of a tree stump A distinct dark orange mushroom growing out of the ground with moss in forground and leaves all around
A macro image of very small lichen plants

The moss bell mushroom growing from the moss is really tiny! Probably less than 12 millimeters.

Galerina, Moss Bells
Cladonia, Pixie Cup Lichen

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A tiny tan mushroom grows from thick green moss A small tan mushroom grows from a rotting log
Small  funnel shaped cups of lichen growing out of thick moss

Found this apparently completely dried piece of lichen on a rock, scattered by black bears when foraging.
I took it home, watered it all over, and put it in a small cup.
The second photo, taken 24 hours after watering, shows how quickly lichens and mosses recover after a rain.

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A small piece of brown dried out lichens and moss on the hand, about 2x2cm in size
A small piece of refreshed lichens and moss in light green, green and brown.

Gemini markup (# is also being used creatively in other ways, such as the # project to build websites.

This clearly llustrates how thoughtful design can result a nice user experience:


There are tiny blobs of mosses and lichen clinging to a concrete bank separating a tiny blob of a forest from a river of cars and an over-the-ground metro.

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