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Professor Zhang from Harvard created a "scavenger hunt" based on #lichess in order to explain software architecture! Can you solve it?

#FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #opensource #libre

Algunas soluciones libres u Open source alternativas para software privativo

#softwarelibre #libre #opensource

🛠️ Title: TalkingPC
🦊️ What's: 👄️ A set of libre voice modules (bash scripts) calling other libre utilities (gspeech, weather-go, crow-translate, ...) to make your PC talk (welcome message, talking clock, voice local weather).
🏡️ (also here)

🥁️ Update: 0.6
⚗️ Bugfix 🐞️ & Code improvement 🚀️
📌️ Changes: (in the tar.gz file)
🔖 #TheLinuxGamesBook #Linux #Tool #VoiceModules #Libre
A drawing of C3PO (Star Wars) (Credit:, license: CC0 1.0) 

TalkingPC is a set of bash scripts (6 scripts for now) that I developed to give some voice to my PC. 

These scripts are under libre license (CC-BY), and call other libre utilities (gspeech, weather-go, crow-translate, ...) to read a text (welcome and greetings), tell you the time (talking clock), get the weather forecast and read it aloud, or even tell you jokes.

These scripts can be used independently of each other (except TalkingIntro which launches all the scripts) and work in several languages ("en-GB", "en-US", "de-DE", "it-IT", "fr-FR").

The idea is to launch TalkingIntro at the start of your window manager (which will launch the other scripts), and in parallel to launch TalkingClockHours every hour via kalarm or alarm-clock-applet.
Have fun ;)

La plataforma #libre tambien estrena su propia instancia de mastodon en

Recordemos que en su momento fue la mayor iniciativa desde el movimiento #OpenSoruces de levantar, mantener y ofrecer un espacio #nube ciudadana que no solo disponia de los tradicionales servicios de alojamiento para todo tipo de archivos, sino que prometia generar un respaldo de la mayoria de los sitios web en la #Internet

Lamentablemente perdio relevancia rapidamente debido a lo mismo que afecta a los servicios #centralizados, es decir, que son propensos a las regulaciones locales, faciles de ser intervenidos por autoridades, que pueden aplicar #censura y son una fuente de #espionaje ciudadano

Mas aun cuando practicamente toda la infraestructura de se encuentra fisicamente en el mismo pais de la #NSA, es decir Los Esclavos Unidos

🕹️ Title: NetHack 4
🦊️ What's: A libre fork of NetHack (an old RPG), focused on improving the code & the UI, while preserving the gameplay
🐣️ -
🔖 #LinuxGaming #RPG #Libre #Arch #Deb
📖 Our entry:

New 💥️
Reviewed 🔍️ (4.3-beta2): 🙏️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A modern and libre graphic version of NetHack (NetHack 4, in AUR repository), with a bird's eye view of the discovered subterranean (fog of war). Very small, top left, in one of the rooms, the protagonist (me, a woman in a bikini, at the beginning of the game) accompanied by her lovely dog near a staircase leading to a lower level. Three other rooms were discovered, one with a fountain, another with a stone lizard statue, and another with a book (unread). At the top of the UI, the system messages (history), and at the bottom of the UI, the player's statistics (Name, HP, Pw, ...) and a help on the commands.

NetHack 4 is a libre and multi-platform fork of NetHack, resulting from a mix of AceHack (dead project, editable controls, gameplay & UI modification, based on NetHack 3.4.3, UnNetHack, SLASH'EM, & GruntHack) & NitroHack (dead project, netplay, UI improvement, ...) variants, and aiming to improve the code and interface, while preserving the gameplay. NetHack is a very old libre and multi-platform roguelike and a reference (like Rogue) for Hack and Slash. Its storyline is centered on the quest for the amulet of Yendor in the underground of Gehennom. Unlike many other Hack and Slash games, the emphasis is on exploring its (procedurally generated) underground and not just killing everything that moves. In fact, killing everything that moves is the best way to die quickly. The player is accompanied by a pet that helps him in his progression.

The UI of Godot Engine with Third Person Shooter Demo (a 3D game)

Godot Engine is a high performance, libre (with the very permissive MIT License) and multi-platform 2D / 3D game engine and IDE with a large set of tools, allowing the developer to create a multi-platform game from scratch without requiring external tools other than the usual tools content creation (for graphics and sounds), and to focus on his game without reinventing the wheel.

Dejaros de de $p0tify y demas servicios que chupan tus datos y los venden, en el #fediverso y la internet #libre aparte de otr@s cosas tenemos #funkwhale donde puedes subir tu musica y compartir tus listas con tus amig@s y escuchar en tu PC, Telefono etc totalmente libre y sin chupadatos centralizados aqui va una intro #funkwhale #consola #cli #linux #freesoftware #decentralize #music #streaming

Pss! Godot 4 RC1 is kinda of here ;)

No blog post yet so they might take it down for a hotfix or something yet, but you know...

Doesn't hurt to give it a go ;)

- unfa

#Godot4 #GodotEngine #Godot #GameDev #IndieDev #OpenSource #FOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware

Bonjour <img class=" title=":mastodon:"/>
Je vais faire double don à la fin du mois : @Framasoft et @thunderbird avec les 5% sur les ventes de mascottes du libre sur
Boostez svp! et participez en commandant mes créas 100% fait-main avec passion :blobcheerbounce:
#crochet #soutien #don #amigurumi #libre #eshop #doomyflocrochet

A bird's eye view of a station where several suburban or freight trains are approaching or parked, overlooked by a footbridge and a bridge. Near the station a road network and suburban dwellings. The graphics are a bit pixelated considering the age of the game and the close-up.

Open Transport Tycoon is a libre, multi-platform, SP/MP (up to 255) business simulation game, based and compatible (but autonomous & enhanced) with the Transport Tycoon Deluxe game (1994). The player builds his transport network (trucks, buses, trains, planes & ships) to transport passengers and freight, with the goal of being as profitable as possible. The dividends received by these transports can be reinvested in the extension of the network or the acquisition of vehicles. A mature and actively maintained project.

An FPS view showing an exterior view, under the snow, the protagonist using the dreaded lucifer gun approaches the entrance of a bunker. On the top right of the interface, a dynamic map displays his position, while on the bottom left scrolls help messages followed by the protagonist's status. 

Unvanquished is a libre, multi-platform FPS and RTS, with fast and tactical gameplay, oriented towards team-based multiplayer (single player with bots is nevertheless available), opposing humans and alien arachnids. Players choose one of the 2 camps, with each one having a different experience and field of action. The humans have the advantage of long range shooting, the aliens the advantage of speed and stealth. The objective is to destroy the enemy base, to prevent the opposing team from reappearing (on their pods; these can be moved) before the end of the game time. It uses the NetRadiant map editor. A very high quality libre game.

🕹️ Title: Tanks of Freedom 2
🦊️ What's: A turn-based strategy game where the objective is to conquer the opponent's bunker
🔖 #LinuxGaming #Strategy #RTS #Godot #Libre #Bin
📖 Our entry:

💥️ New & 🔍️ Review (v. 0.3.1): 🙏️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
🐘 From:

A bird's eye view of a match in progress between 4 teams in Skirmich mode, on an island. On the screen - centered on the headquarters of the blue team (mine) we see the tank of the red team already positioned near a crossroads, and the blue team in the process of positioning (the troops are near the crossroads) and the tank is selected, we see yellow squares visualizing its possible positions. On the top left, in a yellow disk, the number of remaining moves allowed. On the right, a contextual help on the keys. Each side has structures (headquarters and factory) to produce combat equipment and infantry. The graphics are cute, voxel-like, finely modeled in 3D.

Tanks of Freedom 2 is a libre, multi-platform, SP (campaign vs. AI) / MP (in hotseat), 3D turn-based tactical strategy game whose objective is to conquer the opponent's bunker. The player leads his forces (infantry, tanks, helicopters), seizes strategic positions, earns more or less money depending on the positions acquired, confronts the opponent and tries to find (fog of war) and defeat his bunker. The game is inspired by the 1st opus, while offering even more fun and depth, many unique heroes, 4 campaigns, a skirmish mode and an editor.

A bird's eye view of a game partially obscured by the fog of war, with a relatively complex player installation consisting of conveyors moving raw materials and production to other machines 

Mindustry is a SP/MP, libre and multi-platform game, mixing tower defense and sandbox factory building, reminiscent of Factorio. Player(s) build elaborate supply chains equipped with conveyor belts to supply their turrets with ammunition, produce materials to be used for building, and protect their structures from waves of enemies. It offers a technology tree, campaigns, a map editor, and large scale, multi-platform, multi-player battles.

Karrot is a free open source platform for sharing real life resources (for example excess food, to prevent it going to waste).

You can follow the project at:

➡️ @karrot

The main instance is at

You can find the source code at

(The emphasis is on food, but the platform can be used to share anything.)

#Karrot #Activism #CoOp #CoOperative #FoodSharing #FoodAndDrink #FoodWaste #Food #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #NGOs #Environment

Karrot is a free open source platform for sharing resources in real life (for example by sharing excess food before it goes to waste).

You can follow the project here:


There's a flagship instance of the project at

It's currently used mainly for food sharing, but it can be used for sharing any resource.

#Community #Activism #CoOperative #CoOp #Sharing #FoodSharing #FoodBanks #FoodWaste #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre
Screenshot of a Karrot instance showing a map of the world with various food sharing groups marked on it fuck youtube fuck online music evil data robbers and unethical places that track you, good old radio to listen to music when just want ramdon music in the background Radio DOES NOT TRACK YOU specially using #GNURadio and a antena or a real radio! also #funkwhale is good #ethical #libre #notracking #SurvillanceCapitalism #TheHackerEthics say no to centralized propietary dictators like spottify

The GUI showing some Windows game covers ready to be launched

🛠️ Title: Audacity
🦊️ What's: A libre, mature & powerful sound recording & editing software
🔖 #LinuxGameDev #Flagship #SFX #Audio #AudioEditing #Libre #Arch #RPM #Deb #Flatpak #AppIm #Snap
📖 Our entry:

🥁️ Update: 3.2.2
⚗️ New features 💎
📌️ Changes:
🐘 From:

The GUI of Audacity showing the spectrogram of a recording and the CALF effect plugin provided with the interface

#HOPE - #Hackers on planet Earth conference Pro open platforms #matrix image in between talks #TheHackerEthics #Free #Decentralize #Open #Libre

🕹️ Title: Naev
🦊️ What's: A libre, 2D real-time space trading & combat game
🔖 #LinuxGaming #Flagship #Strategy #SpaceCombat #SpaceTrading #Libre #Arch #RPM #Deb #Flatpak #AppIm

🐧 Update: 0.10.0 beta 2
⚗️ New features 💎
📌️ Changes:
🐘 From:


🛠️ Title: Vim
🦊️ What's: A libre text editor for programming
🔖 #LinuxGameDev #Flagship #Programming #editor #Libre #Arch #RPM #Deb #Flatpak #AppIm #Snap
📖 Our entry:

🐧 New


Looking for a slighty-vintage but libre-friendly, FSF RYF-certified and cheap laptop that makes you stand out? We recently updated our Thinkpad X200 offer and reduced the price massively: #store #ryf #fsf #trisquel #libre

🛠️ Title: OpenRazer
🦊️ What's: A libre driver & user-space daemon supporting the management of Razer devices
🔖 #Linux #LinuxGaming #Tool #Keyboard #Mouse #Libre #Arch #RPM #Deb
📖 Our entry:

🥁️ Update: 3.5.0
⚗️ New features
📌️ Changes:
🐘 From:

Gui of openrazer

very good article on mastodon that touches a lot of the vibe we love and fight for, make sure you start using more RSS feeds, Gemini, Gopher, Usenet, Fediverse, anything open, old, new and decentralized. Here is the original article: and the part that got me most in a screenshot below: #decentralize #freesofware #libre #hackerCulture

🛠️ Title: OBS Studio
🦊️ What's: A libre tool for live streaming & screen recording
🔖 #Linux #LinuxGaming #Flagship #Tool #VideoRecorder #LiveStreaming #Libre #Arch #RPM #Deb #Flatpak #AppIm #Snap
📖 Our entry:

🥁️ Update: 28.1.2
⚗️ Bugfix 🐞️
📌️ Changes:
🐘 From:

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