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I'm considering not using #Neocities to host my #blog since they have site stats. After my experience with using #WordPress and getting distracted by the analytics I feel like I want to have a site with zero stats so I can focus on the #writing. Not sure where I would host it though since I'm #learning how to #code HTML and CSS and Neocities makes it really simple to upload the files. I looked in the settings on Neocities and it looks like I can't turn off the site stats.

"The Internet #Archive has transformed thousands of references to books in #Wikipedia into live links to digitized books, allowing users to link book references directly into Internet Archive #books. Diving deeper into a subject will be a single click and readers may preview the book and, if they want to read further, they can borrow the digital copy in a way that’s analogous to how they borrow physical books from their local library"

#reading #knowledge #learning
Screenshot of the page showing how Wikipedia is now citing sources digitized by the Internet Archive (read page for content of the image)

I need to rethink how - my open-source hobby project of last couple of years - should evolve.

At its core, it's a curated dataset. A key question is: Who does the curation?

- If I do it myself, it's too expensive.
- If it's crowdsourced, handling spam and abuse is too expensive.
- If an algorithm does it, quality suffers.

But more importantly, is it even useful?

Interesting in hearing what people think.

#education #learning #opensource #community #curation #edtech

Join over 1,000 people who have already picked up Publishing Python Packages to learn how to test, share, and automate their projects! You can learn how to leverage continuous integration, task management, and other automation tools to boost your productivity so that you can spend your time shipping value instead of buried in logistics!

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#python #books #learning

Good news everyone! :farnsworth: We are finally on Mastodon, so here's our #introduction post.

We are a community run #hackspace based in #Nottingham for #making, #learning and #tinkering. We were founded 2010 and have gradually grown to over 650 members.

Please give us a warm welcome 😊
A few people helping to get our new metal working area setup - moving a heavy piece of equipment

If you want to learn Emacs, you go to this channel and you binge watch. He also talks about philosophy, which might be useful to you.

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