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#KillarneyProvincialPark #Ontario Canada is fantastic at any time of the year for stunning scenery but in the fall it is spectacular. Red and gold foliage of the deciduous trees, green Pine trees, gold grasses and royal blue water with light blue sky combined with stunning reflections on the calm water of the bog was mesmerizing to say the least.
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Bright red, gold and blue of fall with reflections, lily pads, golden grasses and blue pond and sky

Thinking about my recent beach hiking adventure as I enjoy this unseasonably warm weather. The British ship Peter Iredale washed ashore in 1906 en route from Mexico to Portland. The 27 crew, including 2 stowaways(!), were not seriously injured. Check out the link for more information and a photo of the ship 19 days after it ran aground.

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Photo of the shipwreck Peter Iredale at sunset. The ship rests abandoned in the waves with the the sun setting just to its right. An orange glow is in the horizon above the waves.

Aurora 20230423

One of the biggest and best aurora displays I've seen.

Sunset turned to twilight and the clouds dispersed on cue right as the display exploded, more than filling the field of view even at 8mm (12mm-e) on my ultrawide lens - pillars and rays stretching up past Polaris even to the zenith.

Mesmerising just to stand in front of it.

Prints etc:

#aurora #perthshire #scotland #night #nightsky #sky #photography #longexposure #landscapephotography
Bright aurora from Sherrifmuir, Perthshire Moon, venus and bright aurora from Sherrifmuir, Perthshire
Bright aurora from Sherrifmuir, Perthshire

An evening in the Atacama desert.

We just got back from four weeks in South America! And here’s how the trip started: with a rainy stay in the driest place on Earth… These photos are from a sunset spent looking out over the Valle de la Luna, watching distant thundery downpours.

#photography #travelphotography #landscapephotography #atacama #chile
Sunset light rakes across complex desert rock formations in the foreground, with a foreboding rainy background, including a faint rainbow and distant lightning strike. Similar to the first view but in different light: less contrasty but far richer detail in the foreground rocks, the faint rainbow persists, and a different distant lightning strike this time!
Looking in the other direction, the sinking sun illuminates clouds over a rugged desert landscape. Distant desert lightning in the darkness…

Sunday sunset at the dog park with Bubbles. Friday’s and Saturday’s rains left a flooded area that made a nice reflecting pool, complete with a couple of ducks.

April 2, 2023. Lyon Oaks Park, Wixom, Michigan.

#dog #dogs #dogsofmastodon #sunset #sunsets #michigan #puremichigan #photography #landscapephotography

I drove all day from Death Valley to Monument Valley chasing storms in fall of 2021. Got completely skunked, lightning-wise, but at the very last minute the sun broke through the clouds for about 5 minutes before setting and threw the towers into this stunning alpenglow, with a little rainbow on the far left.

#StormChasing #MonumentValley #LandscapePhotography #Photography
A dramatic scene looking out over a broad desert plain with three massive, bright orange stone towers. The sky is dark and stormy and the foreground is in shadow. There is a small glimpse of rainbow to the left of one of the towers. The towers themselves are bathed in deep red-orange sunset glow.

Sunrise over pack ice - vertical shot so you may need to click it to see the entire image depending on your settings.

#Photography #LandscapePhotography #Minnesota #LakeSuperior
The sun rises over a tree-covered point and pack ice

Llangynidr Bridge over the River Usk. Powys,South Wales. #landscapephotography #WALES
Shot through trees on the banks of the River Usk in Powys, South Wales the photograph shows Coed-yr-Ynys Bridge or Llangynidr Bridge. An early eighteenth century six arch packhorse bridge on which are v shaped notches to allow pedestrians to shelter to avoid passing horse and carts.

A bit of golden winter sugar icing. 🌳 ❄️

I made this image in Northaw Great Wood - a fairly large ancient woodland near home. It's an area I had previously written off after a couple of visits, but it is fast becoming a favourite destination.

After a fresh perspective, I've realised there are SO MANY opportunities to make interesting images there. There's arguably an entire series just on gnarly, mossy branches.

#woodland #trees #winter #forest #landscapephotography #nature #art #mastoart
A mature oak tree covered in hoar frost with the early morning light catching the delicate branch structures covered in ice.

4 February 2023. Ståloppet, Mölndal, Sweden.

Camera: @omsystem.cameras OM-1
Lens: Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm 4.0 PRO
Settings: ISO 200, 12 mm, f/8, 1.6 sec. High res Shot

#mölndal #OM1 #omsystem #olympus #nature #landscape #naturephotography #landscapephotography #photo #photography #sweden

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