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Thanks to Newswaffle in the Gemini Space, I can now do most of my news reading using Lagrange on Android, and amfora on Linux.

Simply amazing!
No tracking cookies,
No ads attacking my eyeballs.
Cancer free.

Wow. Life changed! #Gemini #Newswaffle #amfora #Lagrange

If you've been having trouble with the AltGr (right Alt) key, check out #Lagrange v1.15.6:

The UI treats both Alt keys as the same modifier. However, some keyboard layouts use the right Alt for additional symbols, so the modifier merging is now disabled during text input.

#Lagrange v1.15.5 is a big translation update! 馃嚝馃嚠馃嚫馃嚜馃嚞馃嚪馃嚚馃嚳馃嚘馃嚳

Thanks to an upgraded LibreTranslate server, you can now translate page contents in 19 new languages. Several bugs were also fixed so the translation is more robust.

A new keybinding was added for translating (Shift+Ctrl+X or 鈬р寴X).

This patch also fixes redirects in subscriptions (e.g., Solderpunk鈥檚 gemlog).

Lagrange home page in split view with Swedish on the left and Esperanto on the right, translated via LibreTranslate.

Time for a new patch:

#Lagrange v1.15.4 fixes a number of issues related to the Preferences window, including several crashes.


#Lagrange v1.15.3 is available:

This is a small bug fix for handling redirects in the inline media player and file downloader.

I had some certificate issues with the macOS build (developer ID renewed, keychain was wiped, 馃槱), but it should be sorted now.


#Lagrange v1.15.1 is available:

This is just a quick patch addressing a few issues in the initial v1.15 release related to the Preferences window and page layout.


A new release of #Lagrange is available!

New features in v1.15: redesigned Preferences window, reordering tabs, Window menu, Gopher styling option, UI enhancements, and various bug fixes.

(Note: the macOS build is back on OpenSSL until a couple of LibreSSL compatibility issues are investigated.)
In Lagrange v1.15, Preferences opens as a separate window and has a revised structure.

A Sm枚rg氓sbord of Problems 鈥

A tasty sampling of this week's efforts getting #Lagrange v1.15 ready for release.


It only took me 2 years and 1 month to implement this #Lagrange feature request. 馃檪 Reordering tabs is nice to have, but it has perpetually been pushed down on the todo list. Better late than never!

Reordering can be done via mouse drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts, and the tab context menu.


#Lagrange v1.14.2 has been released:

鈥 Fixes several potential crashes.
鈥 Inconsistent spacing after level 1 headings.
鈥 Split view issues with page load indicator.
鈥 macOS build uses LibreSSL.


I was on vacation this week and it bore fruit: I managed to take the next step in multi-window support in the #Lagrange UI toolkit.

In v1.15, it will be possible for dialogs to become independent windows. The first and most useful one is Preferences, so you can change settings without obscuring part of the main window.

I also took the opportunity to rethink the organization of Preferences. It should now be a bit more future-proof, and perhaps more intuitive, too.
Screenshot from a work-in-progress version of Lagrange v1.15 with a detached Preferences window.

Beta 11 of #Lagrange for Android is now available in the F-Droid repository:

鈥 Added safeguards to ensure that critical user data (bookmarks and identities) doesn't get truncated or lost accidentally. NOTE: Android still wipes all user data when uninstalling the app, so be sure to export before doing that.

鈥 Fixed a bug where opened files were not being recognized in the app (e.g., user data ZIP archives).

The #Lagrange Android beta builds can be installed conveniently via this custom F-Droid repository:

#Lagrange now has its own fedi presence:

I'll be using this mostly for high-level project news, so should be pretty low traffic. Development commentary continues on this (@jk) account as before.

Pushed out new #Lagrange patches for all the platforms: v1.14.1 for Linux/macOS/Windows, 1.14 (5) for iOS, and 1.14 (Beta 10) for Android.

This is just a couple of quick bug fixes.

In my quest to provide informative release notes, I improved the scripts to include the relevant new/changed features from the latest .0 release:


It was a decent week for #Lagrange development. I managed to fix a number of reported bugs, explore a new way to use identities, and smooth out some rough edges in the mobile port.

I鈥檓 in the process of publishing new builds for iOS and Android.
Release notes for v1.14 (3) of Lagrange for iOS, as listed on 鈥渁bout:version鈥.

Well, then.

I used the weekend to make a proof-of-concept port of #Lagrange to the terminal, using ncursesw instead of SDL.

Yup, that's right. The custom GUI framework I've built for Lagrange is quite happy to run on a text-based canvas instead of a graphical one. 馃榿 Even all the UI animations are working.

There's a lot of polishing and tweaking still required, but it is already perfectly usable. I'm quite excited about this!

Lagrange running inside on macOS.

After a five-month hiatus, work on #Lagrange v1.14 is picking up speed. I've submitted a new iOS beta build to TestFlight.

v1.14 will be a relatively small update, but for mobile there's a significant improvement: navigation swipes can be started anywhere on the page, and sidebars can be shown and hidden with edge swipes.

The other bigger features are per-bookmark identities, and opening a folder of bookmarks in new tabs.

New #Lagrange patch with fixes for text selection weirdness, macOS crash when opening URIs via other apps, and a compatibility improvement for the TUI build script.

The Intel macOS 10.13 build has been created on a new machine, so please report if anything is broken in it. Unfortunately, I cannot test it myself on an actual 10.13 system.


Some #Lagrange news!

As you may know, I'm currently quite busy with family duties (new baby in the house) so progress has been pretty nonexistent. However, as the current builds are getting long in the tooth, I'm working on a few updates.

I've submitted a new TestFlight build and it should be available soon if not already: 1.13 (4) 鉁堬笍

Also, a few desktop fixes are pending release. v1.13.8 will be out once I've renewed the Windows code signing cert.

#lagrange actualizaci贸n autom谩tica, est谩 chulo para ver datos que se vayan actualizando

@barresibits B谩sicamente puedes publicar cualquier contenido que obtengas de la web: el tiempo, la bolsa, incluso un usuario ten铆a en #gemini una webcam, y que se vaya actualizando cada cierto tiempo. Tambi茅n se puede contar con la funci贸n de actualizaci贸n autom谩tica que tiene #Lagrange, con lo que podemos ver valores y que se vayan actualizando sin ninguna acci贸n por nuestra parte. En mi caso simplemente con date, ansiweather, crontab, sed y tr ha sido relativamente f谩cil. Esta noche publicar茅 un peque帽o tutorial por si lo quer茅is copiar o adaptar.

The stars aligned and I found a little bit of productive time. 馃檶

This is only a small fix for #Lagrange on macOS, but it feels so nice to write a couple of lines of code.

Sta iniziando a crescere la lista dei siti (capsule) italiani su #gemini 馃榿

- La capsula Gemini di IOSA:

- L'angolo di yumh:

- BaseLab:

- Vidage:

- Andrea Feletto:

- Documentazione del protocollo gemini in italiano:

Come browser consiglio #Lagrange , ma ce ne sono tantissimi altri!

#simpleweb #privacy #freesoftware

if you are asking yourself .. what the hell is #gemini and how can I access links for it ..
I can also recommand #lagrange as a browser for the desktop

If you were interested in Gemini but the command-line clients were putting you off, have a look at Lagrange. It鈥檚 a graphical Gemini browser that makes Gemini far more approachable.

# #

Navegador #Lagrange para #Gemini ahora disponible para #Android

Subscr铆bete a gemini con Lagrange


recien lo compile y lo empaquete en deb.

para debian 10 amd64

a mi me funciona. bien.

md5sum: fe897f2270a0a6a8d9c0b17366a9612d

#lagrange #debian #gemini




Lo compile y empaquete para Debian 10 amd64

d2711d8bf72eca4748b6975a7e2aca83 lagrange-1.5.0_amd64.deb
#lagrange #gemini #debian

recien hice el deb del navegador lagrange para gemini

d2711d8bf72eca4748b6975a7e2aca83 lagrange-1.5.0_amd64.deb

a mi me funciona. hay que probarlo.

#lagrange #gemini

Escuchando un podcast desde el cliente #lagrange para #gemini. Fascinante.

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