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Krita en Linux Center de València #eventos #kde #krita #slimbook

Nurse Cheryl giving you your daily dose of thicc thighs 💜
#mastoart #art #krita

Weekly recap is out! Week highlights: new releases of @GIMP and @godotengine, new features in @krita and @inkscape, recent resurrection of IndigoUI for Scribus


Featured #krita artwork by Sad_Tea

:fediverse: Tiny Fediverse Family Sketches

I'm still penciling on the next episode of Pepper&Carrot, and this week, I did my daily warm-up before working on the pages with these sketches. Here is a cleaned compilation of them (credits in alt).

#MastoArt #krita #sketches
Pleroma-chan, a tiny fox girl ( chase happily a squid, Sepia ( This last one is affraid and run.
License: CC-By, Fred, a firefox panda mascot I found for Pixelfed (, inspired by artist Andy Cuccaro) panic on the back of a large whale smiling with headphones ( These two are not official mascot, just approximation with random quick search.
License: ??? (for Fred), my whale with headphones is an invention.
Rȯse a fennec-fox ( make some balance exercice on top of a roll and a plank, she is in full focus, eye closed. A squid, Sepia ( applaud at the scene with heart in their eyes.
License: CC-By
License: CC-By AI, Misskey mascot, a girl with a Japanese student uniform and cat ears pets on the head a tiny mastodon creature, this one is happy.
License: CC-By Misskey by Syuilo ( ) under a MIT license as far as I can tell... ((It's really hard to find license info for Ai on Misskey... Not cool -_-)) The Mastodon is not looking like the official mascot, just a cartoony Mastodon.

Content warning: A silly little comic about home nudism

:krita: Don't miss the first issue of the "Krita Monthly Update", it's super well done and has news about the development, featured artwork, a featured tutorial, and more:

Good job Krita-promo team and @sooz 👍

Aquí mi #viernesdeescritorio con todo lo que necesito para dibujar..
Feliz fin de semana! :artaww:
#krita #mocp #gnulinux #opensuse
Print Screen con ventanas abiertas y caos en general de un sistema openSUSE un poco jodido de tocar cosas que tal vez no debía por tanto este Print Screen puede que sea el último

Concept-art for the future episode of Pepper&Carrot: a group of three adventurers. They are mercenaries only temporarily together to complete a quest, and they have to look a little bit untrustworthy.

#krita #conceptart
A digital painting concept-art of three characters: 
At the center, a archer woman, with green hair that cover half of her face. She looks worn-out by experience but very professional.
On the right, a half-human half-wolf character, standing with a threatening look, with two large knives. He looks unstable.
On the right, a strong warrior with bushy eyebrows and red-orange hair.  sits with a hand on a large sword on the ground. He looks wise, but also like a loner.

Content warning: Nudity

New digital painting:

Bell P-39 Airacobra of the Soviet Union (WW2)

New original artwork for my future book, 'Bella' (wasn't happy with the first effort)

© 2023, Tanweer Dar

#Bella #P39 #Airacobra #WW2 #Aviation #Fighter #Art #Artwork #DigitalArt #Krita #MastoArt
Bell P-39 Airacobra fighter plane

  • Content warning: Boobs, eye contact, Naruto XD
  • Filtered word: nsfw

418: I'm a teapot

ref: , a contribution for

#caturday #MastoArt #krita
A digital painting humoristic illustration of two cut cats: the main one is shaped as a sphere and a teacup's cover on his head. He is happy and his tail mimics the shape of the handle, and his paw mimics the spout. He has a convincing Teapot shape. 
The secondary cat looks at the first with confusion.

Je viens de découvrir le
Creative Freedom Summit

En visitant le site de #FOSDEM2023,

Des conférences en ligne pour promouvoir des outils de conception open source.

Organisé par Fedora Design Team

Le site (En) :

Les outils proposés : #Penpot, #Inkscape, #Blender, #Krita, #GIMP, #Kdenlive.

À part Blender, ce sont des outils que j'utilise fréquemment 😀

La rediffusion : :

Voir si ressources intéressantes 😀

#oisux @mhep
Source Creative Freedom Summit

Site rediffusion 2022 :

Todos los días está igual pero hoy es #viernesdeescritorio. Comparto el mio con #krita y su maravilloso tema "dark high contrast gold" y varias aplicaciones ligeras ultrarrápidas como #mudpdf, #pcmanfm y claro, #pyradio para escuchar música sin apenas consumir memoria 😎 (la memoria es para que rule Krita). Funcionando todo en #openSUSE Tumbleweed 🥰
#EscritorioGNULinux, #SoftwareLibre, #xfce
pantallazo de mi escritorio

A Quick Painting Demo Using Krita - David Revoy - Creative Freedom Summit 2023

I'm sharing my 2023-01 Krita brush bundle under CC-0/Public Domain, I hope you'll like them!
Blog post to download:

#MastoArt #krita
Demonstration picture for the brush pack: it shows the pop up palette of Krita populated with the brushes. It has the title and an invitation to support the brushes. In background, an artwork of a woman warrior done with the brushes. Picture demonstration of the brushes: mulitple artworks in background, painterly and sketchy with icons of brushes that are connected to part of the drawing to show what type of rendering is possible to get with the brushes.
A demonstration picture of the brush pack: it shows how the icon of the presets are organised by families of colors: Erasers, Basics, Sketching, Details, Textured, etc... Demonstration picture of the brush pack: a single artwork (Shichimi and a white dragon), here also brush icon connects to the part where they were used.

🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon 2

Thank you, thank you, *thank you* for being more than 20K to follow my art here. It's fantastic.

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita #HumanArt
A digital painting illustration being a parody of an iconic scene of the movie "My Neighbor Totoro"; but instead of Totoro it's a big Mastodon, and the two girls are replaced by Pepper and Carrot, the OC of my webcomic. The scene is a large view angle under rain at night on a bus stop, the sign has '20K' written on it and a sticker of a red heart symbol on the corner. Pepper has Carrot sleeping on her back, she is under an umbrella, waiting for the bus. She looks on her side, amused, and discover a large cartoony mastodon also waiting for the bus, and covered only with a large leaf on his head. He looks at her as if he was suprised she noticed him and even blushes a bit.

I'll do a 50min commented Krita live painting for the first edition of Creative Freedom Summit, a new virtual conference for creatives using open source tools! ☺️🎨

It will be next Thursday, January 19 at 8:30 am (EST) and it's free. More info:

Question: What should I speedpaint that day? **Wrong answers only** 😺

#CreativeFreedomSummit #krita #ArtWithOpensource #LiveStream #Matrix #Peertube

Me alegro que sólo uses software libre. Un abrazo!!! Tengo ganas de aprender #krita.

Una pasada. También usas #Krita?

@h2o my 2023 wish is to learn #Krita. I saw real nice artists here in the #fediverse

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