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Fell over this little link with lots of survival themed books as PDF for download. It contain approximately 667 free books, manuals and guides. With covers these topics:

Military, combat and tactical. Wilderness survival books. Food and food storage. Homestead skills. Emergency medicine. Security and defense. General emergency preparedness and survival. Alternative energy. Water storage, treatment and resupply. Survival shelters. Hygiene and sanitation. Knot tying. Urban survival manual. Free survival guides.

Its rather the comfort of knowing you have them just in case, not that you'll ever need them. Beside, the irony is that it comes as PDFs, meaning, you got to have electricity to read them....keep that in mind. If a scaled incident were to happen my guess is that electricity will be among the first to go down. So, perhaps this list of helpful books should be used to browse them and buy a physical version of the ones you really find helpful.

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