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I'm not telling you to stop learning a JS framework.

I'm telling you to at least learn HTML and CSS before jumping to it.

From my experience, the path 'for enlightnemet

1.- go #html + #css
2.- + vanilla #javascript
3.- go learning a JS framework ...

"whistles an bells " (only) when needed ?

#dev #ramblings

cierto, aunque programar un microcontrolador con #JavaScript es posible

yes , if you want to
you can
do #ruby to #javascript compilation too ...


#JavaScript in #PDF ...bestimmt ne ganz tolle Idee. Ich frage mich nur in welchem Paralleluniversum?

A piece of #JavaScript spyware called "google tag manager". A very large portion of the worlds top 100,000 websites embed this piece of proprietary spyware software in their pages.

#google #spyware

via @LinuxReviews

#KISS programming ?

«[..]However, the communication between servers and browsers are more than just a bunch of random JSON payloads and #JavaScript frameworks. There are hidden ideas behind the Web that are barely spoken, and they are here for more than 10 years.[..]»

#dev #ramblings

Private class fields in JavaScript are a runtime minefield

My post-mortem from yesterday’s Site.js bug that was preventing Let’s Encrypt certificate renewals checks from running.

#ESNext #ECMAScript #JavaScript

El proyecto #GNU ya no quiere que los sitios web envíen a los navegadores #javascript no libre

a ver los desarrolladores se necesita ayuda

New posts not possible since update to latest develop code

!Friendica Admins

I currently cannot write new posts of my instance as this #JavaScript #bug blocks it from happening, it is not theme-related:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).editor_autocomplete is not a function
    jQuery 4

Plus I get a similar 2nd JavaScript error:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).search_autocomplete is not a function

Any quick ideas? Cleaning up browser cache is already numerously done by myself. #Firefox 78 #ESR is in use here.

PS: I know github, maybe someone knows a solution before I open a ticket there?

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