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Four shots from Kōenji (高円寺) in western Tokyo. A very interesting area to walk around and discover novel shops and unique eateries.

All photos shot with Mamiya 6 and 50mm f/4 lens on Kodak Portra 400 medium-format film.

#photography #mamiya #mediumformat #filmphotography #tokyo #japan #koenji

Colorful exterior of a small Italian Restaurant, Kōenji, Tokyo, Japan. Street life reflected in a shop window, Kōenji, Tokyo, Japan.
A woman passing an old building with faded painted advertisements in Kōenji, Tokyo, Japan. Exterior of a café in Kōenji, Tokyo, Japan.

Today in 1983, MSX-DOS was announced. The operating system was also heavily used in Pachinko #gambling machines.
With 5 million #MSX machines sold, plus over 4 million Pachinko machines per year, MSX- #DOS actually had the largest OS #market share in #Japan in 1992!

Standby for some video game history from Sharkanet:


Snapped during a trip to Japan in January 1999 - the Sega Dreamcast! Launched just over a month prior on November 27th.

A wall of orange swirl wonder.


#Dreamcast #Sega #Retrogaming #videogames #gaming #90s #Japan

A photo taken in January 1999 of a wall of Sega Dreamcasts in white display kiosks with the orange logo swirl prominent on all of them and large kiosk mounted CRT TVs. 

Photo Credit: Dennis Amith.

You don’t love because: you love despite; not for the virtues, but despite the faults.
**William Faulkner 💙🤍💙🙏

Mt Fuji #Japan ©️ takashi_photography
#photooftheday #photo #photography #landscapephotography #naturephotography #mastoart

Delicate blue and white of Mt Fuji Japan

Bonne soirée à tous

🇫🇷 avec ce très joli cliché de @ohtani_tani25 🙏 - un beau coucher de soleil en toile de fond au Saikai Bridge (si je ne fais pas erreur)

🇬🇧 with this very nice shot by @ohtani_tani25 - a beautiful sunset in the background at Saikai Bridge (if I'm not mistaken)

#sunset #bridge #japan #TokyoCameraClub

Un coucher de soleil en toile de fond du Saikai Bridge . Le pont est un pont suspendu qui enjambe le détroit de Kanmon, reliant les îles japonaises de Kyushu et Honshu. C'est l'un des plus longs ponts suspendus du Japon et une destination touristique prisée.

EN : a beautiful sunset in the backround of the Saikai Bridge. The bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Kanmon Strait, connecting the Japanese islands of Kyushu and Honshu. It is one of the longest suspension bridges in Japan, and it is a popular tourist destination.

Help by bard and chatgpt and google lens

Hey fedi I need some boosts here: after weeks of trying, I'm coming up empty handed finding a Japanese host institution for a research grant I want to submit, due next week.

Could be a university or a newspaper, or another press outlet in Japan. This is a legit project and it would be incredible to get this grant.

Can anyone help connect me? Please boost. #japan #research #grant

In temples and shrines wash areas, some roofed to protect them from the elements, are known as Chōzuya or Temizuya (手水舎).

The custom of purification emerged with the first shrines. Worshippers would purify their bodies and mouths in streams or rivers before praying.

#Japan #purification #手水舎 #temizuya #chozuya #Kyoto #京都

A ladle if provided at water basins in shrines and temples in Japan so that worshipers can purify their hands (and mouth). A dragon dribbles into a water basin at Hachidai-jinja.
Originally worshipers would purify themselves at nearby streams and rivers before setting foot in the more sacred areas of shrines. At important religious sites worshipers would often wash much of their bodies before proceeding to pray.


As the pandemic deepened, many temples and shrines worried about the safety of worshippers using the same ladles and water basins to purify their hands and mouths.
Their solution was simple...turn the basins into flower displays🙌

In Japan 'purification', whether religious🙏, practical🧼, or symbolic🍵, is woven into many aspects of daily life.

the nightingale
splashes too...
purification font
-Kobayashi Issa (小林一茶).
Trans. David G. Lanoue.

#Japan #Kyoto #京都 #花手水

Winter flower basin at Reikan-ji, a temple famed for its camellia. Flower basin, with a small army of rubber ducks, at Awata-jinja.
Early summer flower basin at Yokoku-ji. The temple is well known for its hydrangea. Shorin-ji's flower basin, one of the city's most famous.

#China called on the international community to jointly urge #Japan to halt its discharging of #nuclear-contaminated water from the crippled #Fukushima Daiichi #nuclearpower plant into the ocean.

Since I move to my town 2 months ago I really miss Bcn but one of the reasons it's the japanese food restaurants near home...

So I decided to make a takoyaki 3d model xD

#japan #3d #blender #food

A 3d takoyaki model made with blender.

Random #Japan street view taken in June 2023, near Sammu in Chiba prefecture.,140.4551869

Japanese animator Noboru Ishiguro, born OTD in 1938, is best known for directing the #anime series Space Battleship Yamato II, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and Humanoid Monster Bem #travel #Japan

Explainer: The Fukushima water release plan #FUKUSHIMA/WATER(EXPLAINER,PIX) #JAPAN

Eleven Samurai 1967 ‘十一人の侍’
Directed by Eiichi Kudo

The lord of the Oshi is killed by his trespassing neighbour, the cruel and despotic Nariatsu, son of the former Shogun. After an investigation, the Oshi clan is blamed for what happened and sentenced to be disbanded. Eleven of the best samurai of the clan refuse the sentence and are willing to give their life for justice.#Japanese #Cinema #Japanesefilm #Japan #Toei #Asiancinema #Cinemastodon #Jidaigeki #Samurai

A favourite film a day for 365 days: The Yakuza

Robert Mitchum travels to Japan to rescue the daughter of an old friend kidnapped by a yakuza syndicate. Questions of honour, loyalty and sacrifice abound in a film that's also filled with dazzling action sequences. (For fans, the final fight against a dozen or more yakuza has Takakura Ken at his sword-wielding best.)

#movies #movie #film #cinema #films #hollywood #actionmovies #cultmovies #vintagemovies #70smovies
#samurai #katana #japan

Here's your periodic reminder about how cursed Japanese wiring is.

This is an official, standard Apple power cable that shipped with a MacBook.

#Japan #ElectricalSafety #mb

A mains power cord with a two-pronged US-style plug on the end, except there's also a yellow green ground cable sticking out the side of it with a screw-in "pitchfork" on the end

Random #Japan street view taken in August 2022, near Shimotsuga District in Tochigi prefecture.,139.7762906

Group C Deciders | 🇨🇷 Costa Rica vs 🇿🇲 Zambia | 🇯🇵 Japan vs 🇪🇸 Spain


🇨🇷 #CostaRica 0 - 🇿🇲 #Zambia 2 (Images 1 and 2)
Lushomo Mweemba 2'
Barbra Banda 31' Penalty

🇯🇵 #Japan 3 - 🇪🇸 #Spain 0 (Images 3 and 4)
Hinata Miyazawa 12' and 40'
Riko Ueki 29'

Image Credits: ORF Sport+ (Costa Rica vs Zambia) / ORF1 (Japan vs Spain)

Group C Deciders | 🇨🇷 Costa Rica vs 🇿🇲 Zambia | 🇯🇵 Japan vs 🇪🇸 Spain

🇯🇵 #Japan = Samurai Blue
🇪🇸 #Spain = Red

Image Credits: ORF Sport+ (Costa Rica vs Zambia) / ORF1 (Japan vs Spain)

¡Nuevo vídeo sobre mis compras mangas del mes de julio (con recomendaciones y opiniones)!

Es más un podcast que un simple vídeo, pero bueno, otro podcasthaul de los que me gustan :dragon_coolmlem:

Espero que os guste :ablobcatbongotwitter:

#YouTube #Manga #Anime #Otaku #Jigokuraku #TokyoRevengers #Japan

Director Christopher Nolan's latest movie Oppenheimer – about the scientist who created the atomic bomb – has become a global box office success.But the Worl...

空夜coo:ya [Sorayoru coo:ya] - 静焔 [Jou En] (2005)

Buenas tardes! Hora de merienda, hora de disquitos. Este lo encontré de casualidad por soulseek y fue una linda sorpresa. Por #dreampop uno capaz se imagina algo más oscuro y etéreo, pero esto tiene un sonido tan #shibuyakei del 2000 que lo hacen super pegadizo. Justamente temas como hungry girl también me hacen acordar al Cerati de esa época. Es un disco super entretenido, como un Cocteau Twins bailable kjjj
#Music #Japan

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