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apache2ctl configtest does not include checking SSL certificates

Today I renewed some of my SSL certificates and suddenly Apache2 was no longer starting. A apache2ctl configtest says all was fine. So I checked log files but found that there was a configuration error, which I wonder why the two different messages can happen.

As it turned out, one of the PEM files only contained DH parameters and no real certificate. After I added the cert block from a backup, the apache2 started again. After a renewing of the certificate, I can again access my SSL-secured website again (it is my personal #invidious proxy).

I wanted to share this with you, including !Friendica Admins to save you a lot of time investigating it. So apache2ctl configtest does NOT check validity of SSL certificates but on startup of Apache2 they are being checked.

App to modify Instagram-/Youtube-URLs?

Hello !Friendica Admins ,

do you know a plugin/"app" which modifies not just the newly arriving but also existing URLs from #Instagram to a configurable #Bibliogram instance? Also it should be able to do the same with #Youtube to #invidious .

Then also I look for a similar one for removing #click-tracking from URLs, #UTM and many more.

Any hints are much appreciated!

@Admin charlaMX @Tio As simple as #Invidious has: Sub-themes with different coloring of the elements. That would be very cool. 😀, e.g. frio becomes frio-light and frio-dark is being added (2 different CSS files).

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