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If you're looking for more followers here:

- Write how incredibly fucking awesome you are!

- Write a private post with the tag #introduction. Don't show it to anyone. It's supposed to be a secret.

- If you're a journalist, complain about the lack of moderation as much as possible. Don't interact with those who reply to you. Instead, block them on sight.

- Remember, Mastodon is basically Twitter but more stupid. Block everyone you see. Demand that your admin blocks their instance too.


This is my #Introduction post. I'm an Australian who's lived in the UK now since 1978, married to a British woman. We have one daughter and live in the East Midlands. Since retiring from a career in IT, I've done a lot of #Printmaking and, for the last couple of years, #Painting, which I'm still trying to figure out.

Other tags: #Printmaker #Printmakers #LeicesterPrint #LeicesterPrintWorkshop #LPW #OilPainting #Artist #Painting

Best quick overview of my recent work:
Rough sketch of haloed, bearded man, looking strangely similar to me, riding a wombat in the Australian red desert under a yellow sun and blue sky.

Hello everyone! @pietervdvn here.
Time for an #introduction of this #bot!

This bot will post a daily overview of changes made with mapcomplete and will add some images to every post. Top contributors and top themes are reported. If you have a verified link to your Mastodon-profile on your OSM-profile, you will be mentioned instead of simply showing your OSM-username.

If you don't want to be listed in this bot, let me know and I'll mute it for you.

It’s occurring to me now that I never did a proper #intro

Hi, I’m Dan. I like to play games and play music. I started in the IT industry about 3 years ago, at which point I had never even opened up a computer before. In the wake of a recent economic awakening, I started my newfound love and appreciation for all things foss. At the recommendation of a friend, I dual booted manjaro gnome and never looked back


Ello Ellooo, so apparently here you're supposed to do introduction posts so I figured I'd take a crack at it.

So here we go, I'm Eroax/Eroaxe/Eroaxee, a Godot Game developer, Blender 3D Modeller/Animator, Anime Fan and Twitch Streamer.

I tend to overscope my projects, as exemplified by spending over a year on my most recent, "NoDeck" a node based streamdeck, and I'm working with @yagich on it since rewriting it from scratch in Nov.

#Godot #Blender #introduction #ScreenshotSaturday #anime

#Introduction 👋 Hello, everyone! This is the account for Commit Conf: a community-driven IT conference based in Madrid, Spain, that explores all aspects of IT.

Our next edition will be on April 21-22, and we would love to see you there ➡️

We will be posting the latest news about the event and topics of interest for the tech community.

#techevent #techcommunity #it #commitconf

Jan 31: #Mastodon How-To For Activists, Organizations & Movements

With hate speech taking over Twitter, many of us are tired of our vulnerability to the whims of corporate-owned social media. Join this free 2-part training run in collaboration with the @openrightsgroup. Basics to advanced topics including setting up a movement server. #HumanRights #RacialJustice #Politics #SocialJustice #ClimateChange #BLM #TwitterMigration #Introduction #IranRevolution #StandWithUkraine
Activists hold Twitter and other tech companies accountable for online hate. Credit: Change the Terms Coalition, B. Anderson

#Introduction Hello everyone! This is the Mastodon account for Zoom Earth: A real-time storm tracker, weather visualization tool, and #earthobservation platform available at ⛈️

We will be posting news on the latest tropical developments (hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, and storms), severe weather events, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and other interesting observations from around the globe.

#weather #wx #satelliteimagery #mapstodon #weathermaps

So, this is Mastadon, eh?

Not too shabby. I'd heard about it, moreso since the blue bird went bad, but having heard more about it from friends, I felt inclined to finally sign up.

Hi. I'm Sasha. I'm a #transwoman I work in IT - But *of course* I work in IT. That's the stereotype, isn't it?

I also make music and very rarely, write short stories and more frequently, haikus for fun.

Looking for friends and interesting content. Let's see how this goes!


welcome to mastodon! May wanna use that edit button to add #introduction :blobcatderpy:

New to Mastodon. Twitter was my window to the world but an over-ambitious billionaire spoiled the view.

#Introduction A tiny bit about me. Now retired after 4 widely-ranging careers in 4 different countries. Currently a busy renovater, housekeeper, gardener, dad of a teenager and two older kidults, and #bass player recently seen in the company of a #doublebass.

Known for endlessly inventing, modifying, upcycling and fixing stuff.

Proudly #southaustralia

🥰 Hug your loved-ones whenever you can 🥰

#music #jazz #space #science #bushwalking #gardening #sustainable living

Hello, all! I’m a #writer, #audiodrama #podcaster, #scifi enthusiast, #filmmaker, and #photographer. Let me start by saying that yes, I’m one of *those* people exploring Twitter alternatives. And I know that I know nothing about this community, its culture, or its norms. But I hope to learn. So, apologies for barging in univited — I’ll just be here, listening and learning from you all. 👋


Hi everyone, I'd like to announce I just spun up this brand new Mastodon instance for Persians, Iranians and the like;

My intentions are to foster a supportive, inclusive free online community for us to share our culture and ethnicity with one another and the digital world.

Would love to have you join!

#introduction #iranrevolution #iran #mahsaamini

#TwitterMigration #introduction

My #Technology passions are all here

Started #programming early: #ASM, #Fortran, #APL, #C #perl #java now #golang

Kernel hacking in SUNOS, BSD++ #Realtime

#foss since UUNET days

Worked start of NSFNet era #networking CDN #Internet (ONET, CA*NET) then CDN #ISP

Now #cloud #infrastructure especially #k8s #linux

Heavy automated #Infosec & #compliance

Love #8bit & #16bit #retrocomputing

Continue #electronics #hobbyist with #SBC & #raspberrypi projects

Ah, sorry, thought you were talking about #introduction/pinned posts. My bad.

Pro-Tip: Migrating servers doesn't *have* to mean losing ALL your history ✨ it's not complex✨

- Set up a new account on your new server
- Follow your old account
- BOOKMARK your best old account posts (say 20-30)
- Perform the standard migration process, which links old and new accounts
- BOOST your OWN old bookmarked posts from old-to-new, giving you a starting timeline, then your #Introduction

Sharing as I did this back in early November when I moved 💫 and found it useful #TwitterMigration


Hello world. I just joined Mastadon and am looking forward to posts that are technical, funny, or both, on topics related to #Cybersecurity #Cyber #InfoSec #DFIR #CTF #ComputerNetworking #Tech #SocialJustice

Nous sommes maintenant sur Mastodon !

JabberFR est une association pour l'entraide et le partage d'informations sur #Jabber (#XMPP), sur

Nous fournissons un service de messagerie instantanée, une passerelle IRC, un serveur de salons de discussion, un wiki (à la recherche de plus de contributeurs) sur l’écosystème XMPP, et un agrégateur de blogs francophones sur XMPP. Nous faisons également partie des CHATONS (


It seems that #introduction posts are proper etiquette on #Mastodon, so here’s mine!

My name is Brittany and I’m the chief of staff at #Medium.

I’ve been an #editor, #writer, #programmanager, and more. I started out in the #nonprofit field, then #tech, #academia, and full-time #freelancing.

I’m stoked to be at #Medium, supporting the mission to build a #creative home for readers and writers on the internet. I’ll probably mostly use this account to share writing on Medium that I love. (1/2)
Image of woman with glasses and pink hair.

I never made an #introduction post so here we go!

Hey everyone! I'm Calvin, a queer Asian American digital artist! I love designing characters, drawing cute stuff, and the occasional fan art! You can check me out on other platforms in my linktree on my profile!

#art #mastoart

#introduction I'm a helplessly addicted #birdsite refugee that is interested in #raspberrypi #linux #blockchain #technology and #gaming. Also into #politics and #economics. Was booted from my previous instance for talking about a different social media site, which is weird. Advocate for a resource based economy #rbe. Longtime member of the #ZeitgeistMovement. We can house feed and care for everyone on the planet but the monetary system prevents us from doing so. Money is over, if you want it.

Hola, soy Baltimore, la estrella de todo esto.

Cuento el mundo que veo exagerando partes de mí, cómicas y dramatizadas, dando espacio a asuntos y personajes despreciados por mayorías o queridos por ellas en silencio. Performance en vena.

Publico con el coño, sin placeres culpables. Y entre risas y aparentes nimiedades te voy colando ideas hasta que te adoctrino. ¿Qué no es política? Pues esta es mi manera de divulgar, o luchar.

No creo en dios (minúscula), solo en Concha Velasco. No me pidas salir si no te sabes Mamá, quiero ser artista.

Si me da un infarto llamen al 11888.

#presentación #introduction #intro #pop #cultura #politics #política #uno

Just realised that I haven’t done an #introduction post!

So hello! I’m Tamzin, a self taught #artist and #illustrator currently living in #derbyshire #england

I love #nature #symbolism #folklore and #history and these can often find their way into my #artwork

I’m at my happiest being somewhere #cosy with a #sketchbook and a cup of #tea (apple and cinnamon is my current favourite in case you were interested) or out #wandering, watching the #seasons change the world around me.
Collage of 9 photos, 1 of me and 8 of various ink and watercolour illustrations of flowers, a snake, a blackbird.

New #introduction :artpeek:

Hi there! My name's Gema and I’m a digital artist from Spain. I love drawing colourful, whimsical illustrations, often with surreal themes✨

I love sci-fi and fantasy and they deeply inspire my work 😁

✨ Art prints:

#mastoart #illustration #AshenwaveArt
The spirit of a woman made floating around some orange colored mushrooms. The being's hair is made of fungus too, incorporating what looks like the head of a wolf in the shadows. Portrait of a woman in purple tones and some yellow. Half here head is gone with the wind, as is it where liquid. Where that half of her head is gone, there is a lit match, whose flames dances in the wind. The woman is not quite smiling.
An astronaut floating in space, with a very colourful palette, from purples to radioactive green and yellow. The helmet doesn't show a human face but a kind of being made of very vibrant colours, leaking from the astronaut's suit. The colours float in space illuminating the scene. A skeletal figure shrouded in a blue robe, riding a bright blue llama. It's holding a scythe with a golden blade in one hand and a golden bell in the other. Surrounding both of them there's a cloud made of souls, ready to be reaped.

An #introduction...

I used to be a full time #academic climate scientist.

I "quit the priesthood" in Nov 2022 and now work as a climate scientist in industry, focussing on #ClimateChange & nat hazard risk.

Mostly interested in #climateScience and #atmosphericScience, and their intersection with #dataScience, #socialScience, and #environmentalJustice.

Happy to also chat about #leavingAcademia, particularly a mid-career perspective.

And here's a blog on that:

It's a good time for an #introduction post, since I seem to be settling in here.

Howdy, Mastodon. Another Twitter refugee here, but I like the new joint. You'll see a lot of photos. I like sunsets and nature and often take my camera along then share what I saw. I'm also prone to posting about politics, sports, or whatever else strikes my fancy. I'll retoot/boost a few posts, too, but will try to be selective, so as not to swamp followers.

Here, have a pretty picture. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.
Autumn sunset on a lake with a few trees in dark silhouette in front of a background of trees in fall color lit by a setting sun.

Good news everyone! :farnsworth: We are finally on Mastodon, so here's our #introduction post.

We are a community run #hackspace based in #Nottingham for #making, #learning and #tinkering. We were founded 2010 and have gradually grown to over 650 members.

Please give us a warm welcome 😊
A few people helping to get our new metal working area setup - moving a heavy piece of equipment


🧑 Spécialiste des (autres) numériques, j'accompagne les organisations culturelles (particulièrement les musées) pour stimuler et prolonger leurs rencontres avec leurs publics.

📰 Deux fois par mois, je publie #Muzeodrome, une infolettre qui plonge dans la créativité des musées et des espaces d'exposition en établissant des ponts entre le passé, le présent et les futurs.

🌐 Mon site:

#autresnumériques #futurs #musées #créativité #simplicité

Well, I suppose an #introduction is called for! I am Mark Stoll, professor at #TexasTech University. I've been interested in #envhist for 35 years.

I have written 2 books on the influence of #religion on #ideas about #environment and #nature.

My most recent book, #Profit: An #Environmental #History, is an environmental history of #capitalism with a strong #cultural angle. You can find it at, from #PolityBooks.

#histodon #histodons #histenv


Hello, chooms! I'm Yuki and I'm writing a neo noir webnovel set in a cyberpunk world of my own creation: Androids, AIs, cyborgs, and more!

It's in webnovel format since I haven't finished writing it yet.

I'll be publishing one chapter per week and post it here.

Feel free to ask questions about my world, how technology work, and anything you can ask about my characters!

Thanks for letting me in!

#Cyberpunk #amWriting #amWritingSFF #PandoraDownloaded

#Introduction Hello! I’m James Temple, the climate & energy editor at MIT Tech Review. I write about #climatechange, #climate solutions, #cleanenergy and probably too much about #carbonremoval and offsets programs.

More importantly, this is Moxie:
My doggo, Moxie.

#astrodon #introduction time! I’m Laura! I’m an #exoplanet scientist studying the atmospheres and surfaces of planets both inside of our Solar System and beyond.

I started with #Cassini observations of the #Jupiter system and have since done #observations and #modeling of all sorts of planets big and small. Like these #FloofyObjects: I like big planets and cannot lie.

Follow me for my cat, my random #LaTeX and #python advice, and for my #fortran complaints.

Hello! This seems to be the place where all the cool kids are going and I'm excited to be here. My name is Rebecca Dart and my day job is an animation art director here in Vancouver, British Columbia, but my side hustle is paleoart. I also have a passion for plants, particularly plants of prey.


Mastodon has grown so, time for a new #introduction!

I read, watch, talk about, think about and write about #Yuri #anime and #manga. I am the #author of By Your Side: The First 100 Years of Yuri Anime & Manga from Journey Press!

Writer, Speaker, Editor, Librarian, 百合人

Hello folks of and the wider fediverse, we've been lurking over the past few days getting a sense of how things work here, perhaps it's time for an #introduction? Read that hashtags can be helpful for finding each other so here goes!

wares is a project for collective autonomy and shared life in common, centring around a small #infoshop, #community #library and #autonomous space in so-called #Singapore on the #MalayPeninsula.

Our library collects #zines, #books, and other #printedmatter around #radical #emancipatory thought and practice, #art, and more, sharing them for communal use as a reading room, while also offering a physical space for intentional gathering and collective activity.
A photograph of the wares infoshop library room. It is framed at a slight angle, facing a wall with windows. The room is lit in warm yellow lighting. Wooden shelves with multiple tiers of books occupy the left half of the image, with boxes of zines visible as well, alongside other zines on display. At the top of a shelf in the middle of the frame is a black and white antifascist flag hanging from the top, with a classical guitar resting flat above it. On the right half of the image, flanking the windows are more shelves and potted plants, including a large leafy bird's nest fern and monstera. There is a fridge and and sofa as well. In the foreground, a floral patterned fabric banner pinned on a display shelf reads "wares".

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