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Hi, I'm a computer engineering student that loves reading 📖 , tabletop games 🎲, nature 🌳, and architecture 🕍. I moved to Friendica from Mastodon and am enjoying my new freedom of long posts, rich text, and better privacy controls.

#introduction #computerengineering #reading #tabletop #games #nature #architecture #Friendica #mastodon

Wola, soy Lucas, me pueden llamar Kortz también (23 años - Elle). Soy sudamericane/latine, ñoñe, y sol en Aries. Mis intereses a la rápida son música, ciencia, anime/series, teoría social, no c, pregunte no más. Llegue acá dado que tengo las esperanzas de que IG termine de caer como red social.
Hi! Lucas here, u can call me Kortz too (23y/o - They/Them). I'm Latine and I like music, shows, theory and sciences, video games idk
#Introduction #introducción

a few other hot tips for new folks:

-give yourself a bio, profile pic, and write a #introduction before hopping into people’s mentions and follow requests, we want to have context!

-don’t be a reply guy: if you reply to every one of someone’s posts w/o them reciprocating, folks are gonna feel smothered. take it easy.

-try to interact with good faith, assuming good faith.

-blocking/muting folks is not something you should feel guilty for! this is your space, protect your energy!

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