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Association of Internet Researchers just published a intro to Mastodon video and is encouraging academics to get active on Mastodon.

#AoIR #Mastodon #Introduction #TwitterMigration @AoIR@admin1 #Internet #Commodon #AcademicChatter

Bienvenidos. Yo soy una negada para la tecnología. Quiero compartir lo poco que sé de cocina y por supuesto siempre aprender de todos los que estáis en este mundo tecnológico-culinario.
Os invito a cocinar y a disfrutar haciéndolo. Algunas veces no salen las recetas como quisiéramos, pero cuando salen ¡¡¡¡¡que felicidad!!!! #introduction #introduccion

Very belated #introduction… I'm #SiClarke, #IndieAuthor writing #Neurodiverse, culturally diverse, gender-bendy, drunken-arguments-in-the-pub #SciFi. Not bang-bang-pew-pew science fiction.

I'm an #Immunocompromised immigrant – #Canada #UK dual citizen. I twoot a lot about the politics of both countries.

I'm a social liberal, but I'll support any party that will commit to #PR & #UBI.

And I'm obsessed with all things #StarTrek and #DragRace.

Find more about me at

si clarke

redoing my #introduction because twitter has gotten unimaginably Worse beyond my wildest nightmares

hey friends (old and new) 👋 i'm jasmine, a 24-year-old #neurodivergent illustrator and multimedia designer from #indonesia! been on an extended hiatus from drawing, but even when i'm not creating, i like talking about #art and #design in general, as well as my other special interests

check me out everywhere else:

#intro #introduction hi i came here from twitter 😺

not going to abandon the bird app completely, just testing the waters!

im 23 and based in #indonesia. i'm an #art #design student with a strong focus in #illustration. some of my work:

is also #neurodivergent #adhd #autistic #AuDHD #ActuallyAutistic #spoonie

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

Hello Friends & soon-to-be Friends! New instance, new #introduction!

I’m a software engineer and electric airplane manufacturer. And I guess creator now that I’ve started publishing videos about my airplane build.

I post almost entirely about aviation, Apple technologies (swift and the like), and a little bit about ebikes and other topics.

I’m an instrument-rated private pilot, most of my hours so far have been in a Cessna 172


In Drafting Tales you play as a new writer working from your small apartment. Your goal is to become a well-known and successful author!

Available now on Steam:

#draftingtales #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #gaming #godot #steam #wishlistwednesday #writing #introduction


Hello, I'm skeddles and I'm new to Mastadon, I make #pixelart !

Here's a piece I made a few years ago called Crisp Mountain Air

#Introduction Hello! I'm Hennessy Becerra. I'm here to learn about free and open #GIS and share what I know how to do 😀 🗺️

#QGIS :qgis: #PostGIS 😛ostgis: #Geoserver #lidar #linux enthusiast

Bienvenue sur le compte Mastodon/Fedivers du festival radical des luttes écologistes et féministes Réinventer son monde !
Sur Orléans du 22 au 29 septembre 2023 au 108 rue de bourgogne !

Au programme: ateliers, performances, table ronde, expositions, discussions, concerts !
Détails par ici

Live par ici

Nous sommes un festival organisé par un collectif militant, quelques boosts ne seraient pas de refus ❤

#introduction #introductionfr

Hi, everyone! I will try to make here a thread with some #rigTips and rigging bits of advice that make my life a bit easier.

But first, let me do an #introduction

- I'm a professional Spanish rigger. I've worked on TV shows, video games, and feature films.

- I used to be a modeler, too.

- In love with my lovely wife @namidarkdragon

- I'm also a bagpipe player 😀

- Films, video games, and music are my passion.

- I serve 3 feline lords.

- ¿Politics? Yes, please. No fascist allowed.

I'm migrating over from another account, so time for a new #introduction post! I'm Waffle! I like #monsterhunter a lot, but you'll also see me posting about #gunpla, #touhou, or my cat! Oh, and be prepared to see my shitty photoshop monstrocities whenever I decide to make them...
A white cat with black spots sitting on a cat tree. It has one green eye and one blue eye and is wearing a collar with a bell on it.


Hi everyone! My name is Ada, and I'm an asexual trans woman in her 30s from Canada. My main sona is a lynx.

Some of my hobbies include #gaming, #photography, #linux, #webdesign, and #tarot. My favourite game series are #animalcrossing, #pokemon, and #monsterhunter. I also play a fair number of #indiegames.

Finally, I'm fairly new to Mastodon, and don't have any experience with Twitter, so I'm not always sure of the proper etiquette.

An #introduction post to pin to my profile!

I'm a freelance translator/stay-at-home cat lover, living with my husband and our two cats, Licorice and Pudding. I like to read and knit and amass toys of all kinds. I am enthusiastic about many things but not necessarily patient enough to become skilled at any one thing. I watch too much TV.

A few of my interests:

A photo of a plastic three-drawer storage chest with clear drawers. A black cat named Licorice is inside the top drawer, lying down in a sphynx pose and turning her head to look at the camera. There is a brown tabby cat named Pudding sitting on a cardboard box next to the storage chest. He is reaching out towards the drawer that Licorice is in, as if trying to bat at her tail.

Hello, everyone! It's finally time for our #introduction!

🌲 We're Basajaun Games, a very small indie game studio based in Bilbao, Spain. Our team is highly multicultural and spread all over the world, though!

📚 We do a lot of localization work to Spanish and Basque! We specialize in visual novels and narrative games in general. You should definitely hit us up if you want your game(s) translated 👀

🤫 We're currently working on our first game, but we can't announce it just yet. Hopefully soon!


#radioFreeFedi is consent driven, non-commercial, attribution promoting, 24/7 #community supported #radio from the fediverse.

We have 3 channels for you to drop in and discovery amazing fedi artists and their links.

Eclectic, free form, likened by many to good old college radio

Also eclectic but without any harsh or pointy edges

Themed hourly blocks offering listener choice to go a bit deeper

How to listen, contribute, support:

#presentacion #introduction #MastoArt

🌱 Mi nombre es Emma.
🌱 Soy una #artista autodidacta de la terreta.
🌱 Mi tema principal son los animales.
🌱 Me gustan: Cartoon Saloon (trilogía irlandesa en especial), Miyakazi, Brian Froud/Iris Compiet y los Moomin, entre otros.
🌱 Convivo con una gata y una perra mestizas preciosas.
🌱 Neurodivergente: TDA

We are kicking off our #introduction on 🚀

Greetings from the #MDN team who bring you 🧑‍💻

We document web platform technologies, including #HTML, #JavaScript, #CSS, #WebAPIs, and provide resources for people starting their web development journey!

We're thrilled to join a decentralized network at @mozilla to see what everyone is building and sharing on the #OpenWeb

I guess I should do an #introduction as I didn't bother before - I live in Surrey, UK and work in university professional services, so my "things" are higher education, running/ gym, pop music (am a regular #totp and #popmaster viewer/ listener if that's what you're into), food and current affairs 🙂

Hello! This is my first post on Mastodon. So here I am! My name is Paula, I'm a 20 year old girl from Barcelona, Spain. I'm currently studying to become a nursery assistant, and getting my driver's license. I love arts and music with all my soul, I play the ukulele and make illustrations digitally. I love soccer! Reading is my main hobby, romance books or politics ones. I like to be informed about the actuality. My favorite TV Show is The Simpsons. Nice to meet you all! #introduction

My first post in Mastodon!
I'm Nosrat, I'm doing my PhD in computational neuroscience in university of Geneva.
I’m working on understanding underlying dynamics via direct measurement of neural spiking under the supervision of Timothée Proix.
A repost would be amazing as I’m finding my network here in Mastodon.
#neuroscience #computationalneuroscience #Introduction

Docente e investigador, me he dedicado al estudio de la narrativa chilena. Realizo docencia universitaria vinculada a la escritura académica y la comunicación oral y escrita. #Chile

Aquí compartiré algunas experiencias y frustraciones de la docencia, de mis lentos procesos de lectura y escritura, mientras escribo también sobre mis pasatiempos.

#libros #narrativa #lectura #lecturas #literatura #musica #cine #peliculas #dibujo #comics #books #arte #caminar

#introduccion #introduction
#presentación #presentacion

Editora, docente universitaria y gestora de publicaciones científicas. Doy clases de redacción y publicación científica y llevo la editorial de una universidad. Ayudo a autores a encontrar el espacio adecuado para publicar su contenido.

Este espacio es ideal para encontrar mentes inquietas y también para relajarme un rato. jjjj

#libros #redacción #books #journals #papers #articulos #lectura #vino #cine #editoriales

#introduccion #introduction
#presentación #presentacion

#introduction Hola. My name is Marco. I am an Earth Scientist and I work at the Geology Department of the University of Oviedo (Spain). My goal here is to disseminate content related to earth sciences and programming. Mostly in English but also in Spanish. You can find more information about me at

Hi all! I'm here from a new account,I was previously on #fosstodon, but due to recent drama didn't feel like I belonged there anymore.

I'm a #JavaScript developer and a Developer Advocate at #DHIS2, which is an NGO.

Currently working on a new startup as a CTO/backend developer with #express and #supabase.

Also love #neoclassical music, and play indie games on steam.

Here's a recent playlist I made:

Also a curator on steam: #introduction

:laecess: #Introduction #LAECESS

We are a group early-career #EarthSystem scientists from #LatinAmerica and the Caribbean.

Our main goals are

  • Networking in the LAC region.
  • Integrated science and #interdisciplinarity.
  • Empowering early-career Latin American researchers.
  • Organizing workshops and soft-skill courses.

Read more about us here.

Hello! Not new to the fediverse anymore but I created a separate account to post my art so I figured it's a good idea to make an #introduction

I'm Ana and I'm a teacher and translator, but I love drawing even though I don't do it as much as I used to. Expect a lot of fanart - because I periodically obsess with whatever thing I'm watching at the moment. And a lot of sketches cause I'm not good at finishing stuff. Nice to meet y'all!

Leaving this pinned as a #portfolio


Digital painting. Headshot of Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99. He's wearing his brown leather jacket and blue shirt underneath with no tie and is smirking. A page from my sketchbook where I doodled a bunch of cats in different poses. Some of them have a pop of colour. They're all done with the most basic blue pen you can imagine (yeah a BIC one). There are several "meow" written along the page.
Watercolor painting. Fanart of Howl's Moving Castle. Sophie and Howl are walking on air looking at each other with a soft smile while he holds her hands from behind. Their hair and clothings look flowy.

Hello I'm a Pixel artist and 2D animator
I work with @glitchypixel Making some funny games!
(ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚ (* ^ ω ^)

#gamedev #Art #artists #pixelart #animation

A girl in a garden with her cat Looking At Bogotá city
pixelart style Bunny in a Blue planet in space repairing a telescope
mommy teapot with a baby creamer teapot walking

💖La Madriguera💖 es una comunidad digital hispanohablante creada para que las personas LGBT+ del sector de los videojuegos podamos conocernos en un espacio seguro.

🎮 Además de contar con un discord para charlar, hemos organizado fanzines, talleres, eventos, y retos artísticos para visibilizar los trabajos de les participantes.

✅ Si quieren formar parte, pueden pedirnos invitación por DM!
#MastoArt #GameDev #queer #LGBT #introduction #presentacion

Icono de la madriguera. Cinco animales antropomorfos están sentades en el suelo con diferentes herramientas de gamedev. Todes llevan accesorios de banderas de orgullo LGBT.

Hay una paloma con auriculares y una bufanda de la bandera lesbiana, una serpiente con una capucha bisexual y una tableta gráfica, un gato con una bufanda gay y teclado y ratón, un conejo con un pañuelo trans y una consola, y un armadillo con una bufanda bisexual. Encima de elles, se lee "La Madriguera: Comunidad, LGBT, Videojuegos".

Hi, we are BBC News Labs #introduction

We’re charged with driving innovation for BBC News. Our team of technologists and journalists explore how new tools and formats affect how news is found and reported.

You can find out more at and we’ll be posting here about our work

This account is part of an experiment from BBC R&D in establishing a BBC presence in the Fediverse.


My name is Rafael Pérez, I'm a professional software developer working from Brooklyn, NYC.

My personal interests include Artificial Intelligence, and Genetic Algorithms in particular, as applied to certain design tasks based on geometry.

Some of my public code repositories include a minimal adaptive computing framework written in C# using the .NET framework ( and a game of chess I programmed using an HP Prime Graphing Calculator (

Collier en maille dite "européenne", c'est à dire le motif classique qu'on retrouve pour les cottes de mailles. Ce collier est un ras-de-cou, il est entièrement composé d'anneaux noirs mats. A un endroit, il y a deux petites goutes de verre rouge qui pendent, et ces gouttes ne sont pas en centre du collier, plutôt sur le côté, pour un côté un peu vampirique. Bracelet entièrement en acier inoxydable, en maille dite "byzantine Bracelet en maille, d'un modèle que j'appelle "Requiem", parce qu'il évoque de complexes constructions gothiques Collage de quatre photos, toutes montrant des colliers différents représentants des congrégations du jeu World of Warcraft.
Mon bracelet stim toy le moins visible, dans une maille "Vipera Berus", qui semble très compact mais roule merveilleusement sous les doigts. Celui-ci est 100% en acier inoxydable Petite parure en maille, composée de deux boucles d'oreilles et d'un pendentif. L'ensemble forme des sortes de vortex, le pendentif ayant un cristal vert en son centre. Autre bracelet en maille byzantine, mais surtout mon "best seller" : il est aux couleurs antifa, noir et rouge, et absolument classieux.


Hola doy mi #presentación & #introduction bienvenidos a mi perfil: :ablobcatbongokeyboard: <img class=" title=":mastodon:"/>

me acabo de crear esta cuenta de Mastodon!!

Tengo 27 años soy multifandon y vengo de Venezuela ~ por si gustan seguirme estare publicado cosas de series. Anime. Temas geek entre otros y tambien ando para hacer amigos y/o conoce gente nueva!!



Hello I give my #presentation & #introduction welcome to my profile: :ablobcatbongokeyboard: <img class=" title=":mastodon:"/>

I just created this Mastodon account!!

I'm 27 years old, I'm multifandon and I come from Venezuela ~ in case you want to follow me, I'll be posting series stuff. Anime. Geek themes among others and I also go to make friends and/or meet new people!!

:nkoStars: :blobowo: :mastodon_oops:

#mastodon #blog #videogames #videojuegos #geek #friki #GenshinImpact #genshin #series #anime #peliculas #movies #disney #disneyplus #caricaturas #caricatures #netflix #hbomax #max #music #música #rock #kpop #pop

Ya estoy por aquí, en Mastodon arte! 💜
Si no me conocéis de Instagram o Twitter (@begomori), soy ilustradora digital de España, con un marcado estilo anime. Me gusta mucho hacer fan arts pero también arte original. Lucho cada día por poder vivir de esto, aunque fácil no es.

Cuando me dan la oportunidad, pongo stand en eventos como Japan Weekend, salones del manga y tal. ¡Bienvenidxs! 🤗
#spanishartist #illustrator #presentacion #introduction

👋🏻✨ hello everyone, hola!
my name is Laura, i’m from Spain, and i make #amigurumi

i found this art (or it found me) at my deepest moment of a depression, and now it has turned into therapy, and is healing my inner child 🥹

i wanna share that with you 💖 and maybe make a dream come true, cause i’ve found a dream!!!

i’m here in #mastoART to share my art and meet others, nice to meet you! 

#art #fiberarts #kofishop #amigurumis #commisions #introduction
a lot of colourful amigurumi plushies amigurumi of bulbasaur
amigurumi of a whimsy folk turtle amigurumi with different designs

Hi Everyone 👋 We're thrilled to be part of the fediverse and make our #introduction.

We are Terraso, a free and open-source platform for environmental communities and landscapes. Our goal is to empower people doing conservation to gather data, share resources, create maps and communicate their stories.

Ready to join us on this transformative journey? Get started today at and let's make a greener and more sustainable world.

#climateChange #opensource

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