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To #introduce myself, I'm software for productive parallel programming in Python.

Use me to create parallel programs composed of Python functions and external components. Execute Parsl programs on any compute resource from laptops to #HPC supercomputers & #Cloud.

I'm open source (Apache-2.0), and currently funded by NSF & CZI.

Read more on, try me via binder at, and find my source code at

I've just realized I did not #introduce myself yet.

I'm a 23yo #SoftwareDeveloper with my own #foss app on the playstore. Daily Driver on PC and #Steamdeck currently #Arch / #steamos.

Favourite games are #csgo #rocketleague #osu #timerborn #forza5 #msfs and #trainsimworld2.

Love tinkering with stuff, running my own #server @ home with #gitlab #homeassistant #nextcloud and more.

Feel free to just ask stuff 😀 #introduction

Time to #introduce myself here at h-town.

I'm a #sysadmin with more decades in service than I care to think about. I'm a Unix guy who deals with Linux when I have to.

I am heavily into musical theatre ( #musicaltheater ) but don't act/perform. I mostly do lighting - most recently as Master SpotOp for Seattle Musical Theatre.

I love to cook, mostly baked goods and meat proteins.

I'm gay, single, and live in Seattle.

I generally won't accept follow requests from blank profiles.

Any other questions? Just ask.

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