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Austin is covered in acorns right now, as it’s a mast year, and if you open one up you’re more likely than not to find a plump Curculio weevil grub having a meal.

#Curculionidae #Insects #Acorns #Weevils

Cross section of an acorn on a red leaf, the whitish nut with excavated with dark, rough tunnels and a fat white grub with an orange head sticking out of one at the top.

Content warning: Insectos

Escarabajos longicornios Neoclytus acuminatus hembra y macho, de menor tamaño, aunque este espécimen es inmaduro, pues la diferencia de tamaño no es tan grande. Se guarecen en la corteza de árboles muertos o moribundos, pudiendo detener el flujo de savia, debilitándolo. #insectos #insects
Escarabajo con la forma general de un saltamontes. La hembra es mayor que el macho.

Inmediatamente tras su cuarto estadío, la oruga Automeris niepelti muestra temporalmente sus brillantes colores. La intensidad de estos depende de la metamorfosis experimentada en Photoshop.📷Marco Fisher/Bart Coppens #caterpillar #oruga #insects #insectos
Oruga modificada por Photoshop para hacer que sus colores sean más llamativos. Oruga colgada de una rama.
Orugas con prolongaciones ramificadas de color rosa, celeste y naranja.

Lunar surface or antlion paradise? We report, you decide.

#Insects #Antlions #Nature

Bare earth pockmarked by hundreds of round holes of different sizes.

A gallery of parasitoid wasps:

#Insects #Photography

A primera vista, parece que una mitad del escarabajo Colliuris pensylvanica es una mariquita y la otra una hormiga. Lo que tiene es un pronoto, una de las partes del protórax, estrechado y prolongado, junto con el cuello. 📷 Margarethe Brummermann #escarabajo #beetle #insects #insectos
Escarabajo con la mitad anterior estrecha, similar a una hormiga, y la posterior ancha, con manchas como una mariquita, aunque más oscura.

If "Jurassic Park" inspired so many children to become paleontologists perhaps it's about time to have a good thriller movie on insects to inspire the rise of the next generation of entomologists.

(Without insects the world as we know it can't exist. See e.g., for wasps alone "Ecosystem services provided by aculeate wasps" by Brock et al. 2021 )

#insects #entomology #wasps

Caught this little bee working hard. ☺️ (Could anyone tell me what type of bee this is?) 🐝

#Florespondence #Bloomscrolling #Insect #Insects #Bee #Bees #Flower

[Marked sensitive for a picture of an insect/bee.]

A close-up photo of a bee gathering nectar from a purple/pink flower. Bits of pollen are stuck to the bee, and scattered on the petals.

Possibly a European wool carder bee, emerging from a flower. (Not sure what sort of flower it is - bees and things disappear inside for the best part of a minute before re-emerging! Must be fun in there.)

#insects #bees #flowers #naturePhotography #macrophotography #Seattle

White flower with a vague clamshell-like section with - what's that - some sort of insect emerging from inside? White flower with bee more fully emerged. Don't know what fantastic enjoyment the bee was up to in there. Probably best not to ask.
White flower with the head of a perky little bee emerging from within - antennae alert, face covered in pollen. Clearer view of bee on flower, now completely emerged. A rather chunky thing, all black with clearly marked yellow stripes on body and yellow legs - looks rather more reminiscent of a yellowjacket wasp than a typical bee.

Another stinging caterpillar, a saddleback caterpillar (Acharia stimulea), showing off its fine green livery while waiting for a fairy knight (in spine-proof armor) to ride it into battle.

#moth #moths #mothstodon #lepidoptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A caterpillar crawls along a branch. The edges of the caterpillar's are brown, but most of the body is guacamole green, in a pattern that makes the caterpillar look like it's wearing green livery.  The body is edged with spikes of spines, like bottle brushes.  Similar spikes sprout from head and tail, like bunny ears. The spines look like porcupine quills.

Content warning: They also had a little exhibit of native stingless bees! Bees are very cute when they can't sting~ 💖

So, this caterpillar decided to make a cocoon on the floor right next to my entrance door.
I'm not sure what it's logic is... And now I have to spend the next 10 days or so making sure I don't step on it.

#caterpillar #cocoon #insects

A green caterpillar that has started the process of making its cocoon, but it's doing it on the floor.

Tiniest praying mantis I’ve ever found! a good friend to have in a garden. #insects
A small green insect is perched on a finger. It has a triangular head and big eyes, and a long neck that allows it to turn its head like a human can. It has large front legs with spikes for grabbing its prey. But they are called praying (with an a) mantis because they hold their front legs like they are saying a prayer.

My find of the day is this all blue Slaty Skimmer (Libellula incesta) dragonfly, rare in our area.

#insects #dragonfly #odonata

A dark blue dragonfly sits on a green leaf in the reeds.
Its face is dark blue, thorax and abdomen are also dark blue.
The eyes are very dark reddish brown.
The background of the photo is blurred green.

Random q: would you eat a product that contained insect flour?
I think I'd give it a try as long as you couldn't taste the #insects.

I also do translation and proofreading, you see, and 1 recent article was about cricket flour.

Also, here are my kids' books in case you're interested! No insects eaten here but Inca-tastic Tales mentions how some Colombians in the empire was so poor they were allowed to pay taxes in the form of headlice.

#kidsbooks #indieauthor #booksinSpanish #booksforkids

Books by Helen Pugh. Jungle-tastic Tales is available as an audiobook

Chen Zha has some of the best ant-themed prints you'll find anywhere.

There's even one featuring the myrmecophilous guests of the ants. #ants #art #antart #insects #invertebrates #drawing

buy them here:

A drawing featuring the wide diversity of "ant heads" of many shapes and sizes. A circle of honeypot ants.
A drawing of an acorn ants showing the colony within. The guests of ants.

I caught this fly in my window. I didn't recognize it, so I looked it up.

It's a window fly.

#FlyFriday #FlydayFriday #Diptera #Insects #Scenopinidae

A nondescript gray fly with dull yellow feet on a pure white background.

A small metallic sweat bee (Lasioglossum) peeks out from the petals of a dandelion.

#Invertefest #insects #bees #MacroPhotography

Vertical photo of a small bee hiding between the many petals of a dandelion that fills up the whole frame. The bee is a metallic green-gold color, with soft yellow hairs covering its body and grains of pollen dusting its wings, legs, and antennae.

A Black and Golden Cicada (Huechys fusca) spotted at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, on 16 April 2023. This one was displaying its red abdomen. Seeing them is always a highlight of visiting that park. 🙂

This cicada is not often seen, but it usually appears at the park at that particular spot.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #TrueBugs #Hemiptera
A cicada with black wings, a black body with a red abdoment. Two large patches on yellow are on its body, with another yellow patch on the front of the head. Same description as first image.
Same description as first image. Same description as first image.

Found this unforgettable little dude this morning at Hornsby Bend. A hackberry emperor caterpillar.

#Asterocampa #Insects #Caterpillars #Lepidoptera #Nature
Against a powder blue sky, a bright green caterpillar on a leaf rears its head with two knobby, fuzzy horns on top.

Jumping plant lice caught in the sticky globs of an orb weaver spider's web. Warrnambool, Australia.

#Insects #Silk #Spiders #Spiderweb
Three small, bedraggled, buggy-eyed insects are suspended between ropes of spider silk, each rope with evenly-spaced bead-like droplets along their length.

European insect populations tumble.

Recent studies point out declines in insect numbers of 70-80% over the past several decades in areas hogged by human activities and intensive agriculture.

#Europe #Insects #Environment #Nature

Australia has the shiniest ants.

This is a worker of Rhytidoponera aspersa carrying eggs among her colony's nest sites.

#Rhytidoponera #bling #insects #ants #Australia #photography
A closeup view of an ant whose body is as wrinkled as a raisin, but metallic blue/green/purple iridescent, and with lightly hairy red legs and antennae, walking on brown soil and carrying several whitish oblong eggs.

Content warning: Moths, with images. #MothingMonday #8

A dance fly from Lorne, Australia.

The "vignetting" is actually just the shape of a small green leaf behind the subject, and I had to place the camera just right to make that work.

#FridayFlyday #Empididae #Diptera #Insects #Photography
 A mostly black insect with a small head mostly made of compound eyes, upright dagger-like antennae, and a stout straight proboscis, in side view against a plain green background.

Brunch anyone? There’s plenty of grasshopper for 2!

#insects #birds
A flycatcher brings a bright green grasshopper to another flycatcher! I believe they are both either alder or willow flycatchers, if you can tell me for sure what they are, you get to name each of them! Wow!! Good luck! The one who has received the hopper looks like they’re about to gulp the whole thing down
The same pair exchanges the grasshopper. Kind of looks like they’re kissing though Ah but now the original flycatcher has the grasshopper again. They’re so good at sharing!!

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