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A public wish @datatitian to forward to the W3C Metaverse Group:

Can the group suddenly become very proactive and counter all the mainstream media coverage about “Facebook invented the metaverse and wants to create jobs and build the stuff with political leaders”

[see german massmedia coverage, thanks to ZDF for the balanced coverage] and

NOW is a moment.

#metaverse #open #activitypub #immers #indie

Links to Twitter in this posting were replaced by links to the Nitter instance at

Don't forget: today starting at 14:00 check out our live installation & demonstration of #mastodon and #peertube for the European Data Protection Supervisor & other EC-institutions. Also #immers and #drupal (which is already used for most EU-websites like are ready to be shown off as decentralized & federating tech public services should use. Want to join in? ->
Person working on laptop with two separate screens next to them showing code and text. Source: ThisIsEngineering on

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