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⚪ Ein grünes ... Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 A green... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #Espinas3 in City: #Ikeshima Island #Nagasaki Japan 🇯🇵 - Title: "Rooftop oasis" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Green #Abadonned #Nature #LostPlaces #Photography #Fotografie #Artwork
➡️ #APhotoLove 👋see you...
Photography. Color photo of a skyscraper with a swimming pool on the roof, that was completely overgrown by vegetation. Except for the roof with water, you can see only trees and bushes.
Info: From 1958 to 2001 coal was mined on the island. Several thousand people inhabited the island. There were multi-storey social housing, a hospital, stores, barbershops, a cinema and a market.  In 2001 the mine was closed and the houses have been uninhabited and overgrown by vegetation since then. For this reason, almost all the inhabitants left the island. Nowadays the population is only about 100 people.
The island can be reached by a short boat ride and is also accessible and explorable for tourists.

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