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Bien sympathique et drôle - malgré une fin très consensuelle.

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« Darmanin contre l’extrême droite c’est comme les dragibus contre le diabète »
— Guillaume Meurice, 3 septembre 2023

#humour #GuillaumeMeurice #LeGrandDimancheSoir

Tom Gauld's latest #cartoon features a Reply Guyᵀᴹ

(I can already hear the reply guys here typing "well, actually...")

#humour #comic

A cartoon showing several concentric circles drawn on the ground, with different colours and labels. From the center to the outside, the circles are labeled:

Area of expertise
Realm of general understanding
Province of vague knowledge
Field of nebulous awareness
Domain of dubious speculation
Region of pure imagination
Zone of utter ignorance (outside of the last circle)

There's a stick figure walking towards the outermost region and talking nonsense.

And the evasive dark matter blobs are only glue spots...

#astronomy #humour #quote

Quote on black background "Our entire universe is probably in a tiny glass jar somewhere, placed on a shelf in an alien child's room as a science fair project that got a C-"

TV anchor: "Then, what's the point of funding research altogether one might ask... Just asking questions!"

#science #humour #media #research @humour@memes

A picture of a person in a lab coat with the text :
Scientist: My discoveries are useless if taken out of context.
Media: Scientist claim their discoveries are useless.

Jingle Bullrich

"Jingle" para la candidato Patricia Bullrich a elecciones presidenciales en Argentina.

Audio Sacado del canal de Youtube "Gelatina" con Pedro Rosemblat, Ivana Szerman y Marcos Aramburu.
Imágenes de spots publicitarios de Patricia Bullrich.

Presentar este video no significa que yo apoye a esta candidata.

Si tu aimes ta mère, reprends-en…

#Famille #Humour

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