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Amnesty International: "We are calling for a ban on surveillance advertising—because we shouldn't have to choose between accessing the internet & enjoying our human rights ✊

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The #LinuxFoundation is Exploiting #COVID19 to Take Away #HumanRights and Profit Even More From #Surveillance #linux

FIDH: **FIDH in Action for Afghanistan**

"With the Taliban retaking control of Afghanistan with astonishing speed, many Afghans fear for their lives and their liberties. Particularly at risk are human rights defenders, women activists and professionals, journalists, civil servants, and those who worked with international entities. FIDH, a …"

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#CoronaAusschus Session 64: "Media critique is a thing of the past".

Aug. 06 from approx. 11:00 a.m. CEST!

(English 12:00-1:00pm)

▫️The #Propaganda #Matrix.
▫️#Media today and in the GDR
▫️#HumanRights and #Informed Decisions
▫️#Vaccination cards and the principle of #liberaldemocracy
▫️Economic consequences of the measures taken so far
▫️#Comirnaty annulment suit against licensing for children 12 and older
▫️The coup d'état 20/21
▫️#Police #violence at #demonstrations

Report reveals 'harrowing violations' of detained migrants returned to Libya with the complicity of European states.

Families of victims have until August 13 to submit to The Hague more documents detailing alleged rights abuses.

The invitations are meant to set a example globally as US reckons with racial justice at home, State Department says.

Rare demonstrations spurred by a deepening economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic have rocked Cuba in recent days.

Penelakut Tribe in British Columbia says it found more than 160 unmarked graves in latest such discovery since May.

Death sentences in the small Gulf nation have risen more than 600 percent in the past decade, new report finds.

Protesters across Cuba shouted 'freedom' and 'we are not afraid' at rare protests on Sunday. Here's why.

Civil society activists say holding vote amid deep political instability is not the way out of Haiti's current crisis.

US imposes restrictions on 100 Nicaraguan officials it says are involved in government crackdown and rights abuses.

Activists Sera Farista and Keitumetse Fatimata Moutloatse on their fight for climate justice and human rights.

Rights group says shooting of Ernesto Llaitul, son of a Mapuche leader, would exacerbate region's complex situation.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights urges Colombia to make structural changes to its militarised police force.

Special Rapporteur Anais Marin warns Human Rights Council that Minsk is moving to 'purge' Belarus of all dissent.

The full video that captured the powerful image of a Red Cross volunteer hugging a #migrant in #Ceuta

After the images went viral, the volunteer was inundated with xenophobic and sexist messages on social media, which forced her to restrict access to her profiles.
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While we are discussing whether Corona is a hoax and vaccination makes sense, the next #generation is drowning at the #EU's external #border.
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