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Hubzilla 5.6 Released!

#Digitalcourage hat den Artikel über das #Fediverse überarbeitet. Finde, dass es wirklich ein gelungener Artikel geworden ist, der nicht nur #Mastodon als "das Fediverse" benennt sondern andere Dienste auch noch vorstellt. Es lebe die Fediverse mit ihren vielen Möglichkeiten. 😉

Vielen Dank @Digitalcourage e.V.

#Friendica #Pleroma #Hubzilla #Diaspora #Pixelfeed #Peertube #Lemmy

Hier geht es zu dem Artikel:

Hubzilla calendar

Hi! 😀

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the #Hubzilla #calendar as a shared private calendar, editable by anyone it’s shared with (persons not on fediverse), and if so, how?

I’d rather not give my password and give access to this account, I’d be happy to create another channel just for the purpose of sharing events and photos privately with who I give access to, but as far as I can tell, I’d still be giving them the same password / account access (correct me if I’m wrong on any point).

I’m thinking I may create a new private account (called family, or something similar) primarily for the purpose of accessing and being able to edit the calendar. I still have a #Friendica account that may suit this purpose.

Any thoughts much appreciated 🤓

#help #tech

We are starting the process of @Zotum hub updating to a new #FreeBSD 13 release.
During this process, access to the site can be briefly interrupted for server reboots and services to restart. Also pages displaying may be a little slower than usually.
So please keep calm and still use #Hubzilla !

#support #zotum

You probably know @Zotum is an experimental hub and as part of #Hubzilla development we're involved into new features testing.
Now one of these new posibilities - new web interface for "Files" is available for you on @Zotum.
Thanks to Mario Vavti!


#zotum #support #development

Do you think @Zotum is fast enough?
Now we're getting even faster with the latest experimental #Hubzilla update! 🚀:
Most hubs will get this feature soon with the upcoming Hubzilla release but now you are the first ones who can feel it on the Zot universum experimental hub.
Happy flight! :ok_hand:

#zotum #support

Upgrade to PHP 8

You probably know the full name of our hub is "Zot universe experimental hub".
That's why we are trying to support the bleeding edge of #Hubzilla development including system environments where @Zotum runs.
As part of this we are starting to migrate to the latest PHP 8. During this process hub may be unavailable for about a quarter of hour.
Keep calm and we will definitely be back!

#zotum #support #development

Zotum donation campaign report Q1 '21

Dear @Zotum users!
Not so long ago we began to accept donations to support the functioning of our server. Today we present to your attention our first report on the collected aid and expenses for the 1st quarter of 2021.
We would like to thank all our donors. Your help is very valuable not only for all hub users, but also contributes to the development of the entire #Hubzilla project.
If you want to support us and donate funds, please use one of the methods indicated on the donation collection page.
Thanks in advance!


#zotum #donate

#FreeHub обновлен до версии #Hubzilla 5.4.2.
#FreeHub software is updated to version 5.4.2.

Список изменений / Changelog

Fuck, I'm tired of splitting toots, writing "1/2", "2/2" and other "niceties" of the 500 character limit.

As soon as I finish moving to another country, I need to start my own (single-user) instance. I also need to think about what kind of instance...

#Mastodon #Pleroma #Friendica #Hubzilla #Fediverse

Hubzilla 5.4 Released!

Zotum is back!

Dear friends, welcome back to @Zotum!
After couple of days of being offline we are returned to network network on new server which should help us to going faster and serve more users with #Hubzilla bleeding edge technologies.
As usual you'll be able to use every new and experimental feature from the first hand of Hubzilla developers.
But nothing is free in our world. Power hardware cost much more than we payed before so we are seeking your financial assistance to keep runing our hub.

Our target for this year is 600 EUR or 50 EUR per month. This is a price for server facilities and domain only without techincal support which is provided (and will) by the @Zotum hubmin @Max Kostikov.
Currently we have 2 EUR per month donations (thanks to @Roman Šmakal) and we got about 16 EUR as one time donation (thanks to @Manuel).
If you use Zotum and want (and can) to help us and all our users so please don't hesitate to donate.
Thanks in advance!

#zotum #support #donate

Does anyone know how to stop #Hubzilla from resending me the exact same request an ungodly amount of times? I'm not going to accept that request. It contains some weird JSON-LD context, and even if that was okay, it's not signed by a valid actor. So, obviously, I'm returning a 400 Bad Request. Is this not what I'm supposed to do in such a case?


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