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I feel like this has been my BEST #Batman pickup lately

Got the Batman Returns Playset with 13 figures off ebay and it was totally worth it.

I love the old Kenner Action Figures and these are some great figures.

#actionfigures #toys #collecting #hobby #collector #toycollecting

This was a great pickup for $80 total.

I love the look and feel of the old Kenner Figures, sure they don't have the articulation like modern figures do but this is what I'm used too with Action Figures.

Collecting to me is a lot more fun and enjoyable plus easier to manage once one gets away from the really expensive stuff and keeps an eye out on the good deals.

I'm not Bruce Wayne but damn it feels like you need to be Rich like him if you want to collect certain things.

#Batman #collecting #hobby #actionfigures
This bit from the Justice League Movie always makes me chuckle.

With how expensive collecting has gotten recently I'm very happy to stick to the inexpensive items and it's fun to hunt for deals on older figures and fun to go comic book hunting at Antique Stores.

I honestly can't bring myself to spend a lot on things in 2023 after having a expensive 2022 so going to be fun to see what I can find with a set budget for collectibles each month and see what I can pick up locally since I never know what I may find locally I just wish there were more antique/collectible shops here.

I have decided to do an average of 50 solves, thankfully, it looks like I am still sub20!

Some stats for the nerds 😛

Generated By csTimer on 2022-08-25
solves/total: 50/50

best: 13.77
worst: 30.29

mean of 3
best: 15.64 (σ = 1.87)

avg of 5
best: 15.86 (σ = 0.98)

avg of 12
best: 17.37 (σ = 1.52)

Average: 18.12 (σ = 2.44)
Mean: 18.40
#cubing #speedcubing #hobby
A screenshot of CSTimer, a tool to track speed solves, my latest solve was of 16.87 seconds.

Picked up a new # this year. I've had my dad's old # for years, and never really learned to play it. Last year, I learned that when he was young, he had played # with his brother and father. I also learned his old mandolin was still around, in my uncle's hands. He happily gave it to me this past December, and I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't picked it up since.

IL ne va pas être content-content…

Une majorité de Français affirme ne pas croire en Dieu

Heureusement, certaines de nos valeurs essentielles (travail, famille, patrie, propriété, argent, sécurité, etc) nous permettent de garder le cap…

#religion #dieu #hobby #BetiseHumaine

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