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Ordered copies of my book from Waterstones in December. They arrived today! 😛 Some crazy glitch in the system. It's been a huge faff with lots of emails but the staff I spoke to tried hard to get the order in!

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...Moreover, there were cults dedicated to goddesses that were fully operated by women. These were women-only hierarchies of power. And each queen consort in turn was seen as the leader of all women. In some ways, the emperor and his wife were co-rulers, with her leading worship of the moon goddess and acting as regent whenever he went off to conquer more land etc. Therefore, a lot of the machismo we now see in these Andean countries began with the Spanish Conquest.

Another q: What is one thing that you think modern women could learn from the women in your book?
I think people will be surprised at how much respect women were given during Inca times. Women and men were seen as equal but different with distinct tasks assigned to each of them that were equally valued...

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This is the month in which a Spanish chronicler and husband of Cuxirimay died. She was an #Inca princess who had been Atahualpa's fiancé (or principal wife according to some accounts). It's believed Cuxirimay helped Juan write some of his book.

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For more:

Is there a particular period from your area of study that draws you the most?
The Conquest is fascinating & since there are more records from that time, it can be the most enlightening. Women who were young when the Spanish arrived. This "Class of '32" (the Conquest began in 1532) graduated from the university of hard knocks. Many had to marry Spaniards and become Catholic. Many lost custody of their children as they were deemed culturally inferior, thus unfit to raise their mixed kids

This is a great resource for fellow #researchers!

The #Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society has made over 170 years of its annual journal freely available online.

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Here in #Somerset, we have some amazing place names! Here are just 3.

I wanna know...
What place names have you come across in books or real life recently?

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Map showing Monkton Heathfield, Creech St Michael and Thornfalcon

Painted on a thin plate of ivory just 2.6 x 3.1 inches, this "self-portrait" of the painter Sarah Goodridge's breasts was given (as a kind of "proto-sext"?) to the recently widowed US senator Daniel Webster in 1828. More on the story here: #painting #art #valentinesday #sext #history #histodon
Painting of a woman's exposed breasts, surrounded by a swathe of fabric. All set with in a red frame.

Tejano star Selena, left, watches as fan club president Yolanda Saldivar speaks to a crowd at a 1994 Tejano Music Awards party in San Antonio, Texas. She would kill Selena in 1995.

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Tejano star Selena, left, watches as fan club president Yolanda Saldivar speaks to a crowd at a 1994 Tejano Music Awards party in San Antonio, Texas.

La piedra de Nokaki, o Nokika, fue encontrada en el interior del santuario de la Puerta del Sol en el oppidum de Puente Tablas, en Jaén. Representa a la divinidad patrona de la ciudad como si fuera un astro celeste, tal vez el propio Sol, emergiendo de las montañas frente al valle dominado por este poblado fortificado. Es un ejemplo único de nombre de una divinidad ibérica encontrada en su espacio de culto original. #histodon #IberiaVieja

This year, try #indie authors ;)

I loved researching for these books and discovering incredible people from history- the first woman to go down the Amazon River, Inca princesses forced to marry conquistadors, survivors of the rubber boom...

Links are also in my bio.

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On désinvisibilise les femmes.

Aujourd'hui, on célèbre la mort de Louise Michel, le 9 janvier 1905 à Marseille. L'égérie de la Commune de Paris fut portée en triomphe lors de son enterrement le 22 janvier. Des milliers de personnes rendirent ainsi hommage à celle qui incarna par son courage et son infatigable engagement. Elle est aujourd'hui la figure la plus célèbre de l'engagement des femmes durant cet événement.

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Enterrement de Louise Michel le 22 janvier 1905. Des milliers de personnes lui rendirent hommage.

Recordamos los Clubs de Lectura 2023 en Mastodon.
- A partir de Enero, Los Espirituados de Carmen de Burgos.
- En primavera, El Amanecer de Todo de David Graeber y
David Wengrow.
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ep07 of hack.history is out now, this video covers the Inner Circle, the Phalsers and various other #hackers and their exploits on the Telenet network in 1983.

I discuss #hacking techniques, other hacker incidents from around the same time, hacker requirements and WarGames just keeps cropping up because 1983.

This video is part one, covering up until the FBI raids. #hacker #histodon #history #histodons

"It is well known that ancient cultures in what is today #Peru deformed their babies' skulls to form elongated shapes. A new study reveals that, a millennium ago, people 'finger painted' the skulls of their dead #ancestors with red pigments."

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Full article:
The pre-Columbian Chincha culture existed during the Late Intermediate Period (900 CE–1450 CE) in what is today the southwest of Peru, near the Pacific Ocean. Around 1480 AD, the Chincha culture became part of the Inca Empire, and their lineages disappeared a few decades after the Spanish conquest of Peru began in 1532 AD.

Now, a new study looking at hundreds of fragmented red painted Chincha skulls and artifacts shows not only that this act bound the living with the dead, but it also “spiritually protected” looted graves.

Today I learnt...
"Alan Emtage, a native of Barbados, created the world’s first search engine that he called Archie."

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Well, I suppose an #introduction is called for! I am Mark Stoll, professor at #TexasTech University. I've been interested in #envhist for 35 years.

I have written 2 books on the influence of #religion on #ideas about #environment and #nature.

My most recent book, #Profit: An #Environmental #History, is an environmental history of #capitalism with a strong #cultural angle. You can find it at, from #PolityBooks.

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Mum just recommended Around the World in 80 Treasures by the #BBC.

Episode 1: In #Peru, Dan visits Machu Picchu, the Inca salt pans, the Nazca Lines, the Spider necklace of Sipán and Chan Chan. He also visits Easter Island in #Chile, and #Brazil.

#80Treasures #history #histodon #documentary
Historian and Machu Picchu


Si eres historiadora, arqueóloga o historiadora del arte o estás estudiando para ello: ¡Te estamos buscando!

@historiamorada y yo queremos dar visibilidad a la Hª de las Mujeres y a las investigadoras creando un dossier amplio y accesible.

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Toda la info ⬇️
Fondo morado con 2 rectángulos blancos con texto. El 1, pequeño y horizontal, en negrita y cursiva: Con tinta morada. Debajo, el 2. En mayúsculas: EL PROYECTO. Debajo: “Con tinta morada busca ser un dossier de artículos sobre las mujeres en la Historia realizados por mujeres. No tienen que ser necesariamente artículos estrictos, pueden ser biografías, curiosidades, etc. Queremos salirnos de lo académico. Tendrá 5 secciones: Prehistoria, Antigua, Medieval, Moderna y Contemporánea”. A continuación, BASES: “Ser mujer o persona no binaria. Estar cursando o haber cursado Historia, Arqueología o Historia del Arte. Artículos max. 2000 palabras (sin contar la bibliografía). Obligatorio uso y referencia correcta fe bibliografía. Formato Oxford. Debe realizarse con perspectiva feminista e interseccional. Debe estar corregido. Times New Roman, 12, 1'5. Aclaramos: No aceptaremos textos que incluyan cualquier tipo de discriminación. Los artículos que no cumplan con las bases serán descartados.”
Fondo morado con rectángulo blanco y texto. ENVÍO DE PROPUESTAS. Plazo: 30.09.22 - 5.03.23. Se puede enviar máx 1 propuesta por sección y presentar textos a máx 2 secciones. Habrá un máx de 10 artículos por especialidad. Una vez llegados a ese n° se cerrará la recepción para dicha especialidad. Enviar al correo: Asunto: Especialidad en la que vais a participar 
(por ejemplo: Antigua). Adjuntado: El artículo. Archivo word con título + nombre. Un documento diferente con vuestra biografía (carrera cursada, especialidades, algunos trabajos, lo que queráis contarnos de vosotras y vuestras redes sociales). Otro documento contestando a (máximo una cara de Word): ¿Qué experiencias y dificultades habéis tenido como mujeres al estudiar Historia? ¿Os habéis sentido excluidas por serlo? Una vez maquetado, se subirá totalmente gratis a internet en pdf. Antes, se os enviará la prueba final. Se publicará en mayo de 2023. Muchas gracias. Fdo: Irene y Paula.

All paperbacks. Links in bio!

Don't read these books if...
* You love history books that only focus on men.
* You don't enjoy learning new things.
* You don't like strong female characters.

#QOTD: What book gifts have you bought for someone else this year?

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All paperbacks. Links in bio!

Don't read these books if...
* You love history books that only focus on men.
* You don't enjoy learning new things.
* You don't like strong female characters.

#QOTD: What book gifts have you bought for someone else this year?

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To mark #LostSpeciesDay today, a special post — “A Bestiary of Loss” — images of 39 recently extinct animals and their stories, from the aurochs to the ivory-billed woodpecker: #biodiversity #extinction #art #illustration #history #histodon #histsci #zoology
Composite image of lots of extinct animals, mostly illustrations from historical zoological volumes.

Old millennials, remember school and the summation of #Thanksgiving in U.S. history was “maize means corn?” Problematic. Just enjoy this lovely ceramic vase depicting a priest with joined hands, Moche culture. Pre-Inca civilization, Peru, 4th-9th century C.E.

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Hace unos años me llevé una tiza rosa al punto aproximado donde Durruti recibió el disparo, en la Avenida del Valle. Otro año escribí esos párrafos sobre su frase más conocida. No soy mitómano, pero a veces las trayectorias sirven para reflexionar sobre lo colectivo tambén #histodon #historia #anarquismo #20N
"Durruti late! escrito con tiza rosa sobre la acera
Texto breve sobre la famosa frase "Llevamos un mundo nuevo en nuestros corazones", recuperable en texto aquí

Do not fear mistakes.
There are none.
- Miles Davis
Beautiful shot. Birdland
New York, 1958 #DennisStock
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Great news and advice for people who inherit artefacts that should be repatriated!

And by chance, today we watched a film where a kid found archaeological pieces and decided to repatriate them to the Amazon region!

#history #archeology #amazon #amazonregion
#archaeology #antiques #goodnews #Guardian #histodon

Los exvotos ibéricos y sus esculturas han sido descubiertos durante siglos. Me pregunto cuántas de esas vírgenes encontradas por pastores en el medievo no serían en realidad esculturas ibéricas. Tenemos por ejemplo las figuras del llamado "Cerro de los Santos", en Albacete, conocido al menos desde época de los Reyes Católicos. ¡Es algo muy sugerente! #iberos #histodon

Hello #histodon and other folks!
A brief self-intro: I'm a historian of 19th-century American political economy, in the world.

My first book, Trading Freedom, is about the politics of the first century of #USA trade w/ #China. Now I'm investigating the rise of the #businessman as a potent political & cultural identity. I also co-lead a collaborative project looking at the history of slavery and dispossession in Delaware.

I mainly post blind quotes from sources, though. #commonplacing
Subway ad for the new Quantum Leap tv show, which reads "Time to Remake History"

Thanks to the ~30 historians who've already joined the #histodons list!

Thanks to great suggestion from @benmschmidt I added question to #histodon survey asking for any Twitter handle you might have, which may eventually make it easier for people to quickly cross-check w/ exported Twitter follow list. If you already filled the form out, feel free to just send me a reply toot with Twitter handle and I'll add that info to your response.

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