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cuando usas #GPL en tus proyectos de #SoftwareLibre:

🎶Till the end
We'll be the ones who hold the key to a lock that's open🎶

Al programar siguen apareciendo más y más tuiter-trendy frameworks cada día, y menos entiende uno lo que hace? .

Parecería que licenciar #GPL (or #MIT si prefieres ... ) no es suficiente para que el código fuente y las herramientas que construyen sean accesibles ... 'del común' ?

e.g. léase Docker y Kubernetes ?




cc @fanta

honestly @avalos ... i do some programming, and when the more new trendy frameworks, the less i understand what am i really doing.
I've learned that #GPL (or #MIT or alike ... if you want) is not enough.

#BigTech comes in and put layer over layer, over layer...of abstraction.... in what i call ' source code obfuscation '.

At this point, it doesn't matter that it is #FLOSS anymore, as it got so complex no one knows how to deal with..

e.g. what Docker made to #LXC and Google made to #Docker ?

That's why WSL exists and the only reason many people still run Windows, even if they spend most of their work day doing Linuxy things. From a business perspective, it's a smart move. And from a pragmatic perspective, supporting only your custom flavour is silly and a waste of resources. It makes more sense to regain some market by supporting Linux and the tooling well-enough, and having competitive things on top.
But none of that is virtue of #GPL

@robby @WallyHackenslacker @retroedgetech

this is a slight misrepresentation of what I said. You mentioned #GPL being preferable for "individual or small enterprises to avoid a situation where BigThing could take code and run away with it", that does not apply to #Linux at all today, it's huge. So huge that it wouldn't matter if it were more liberally licensed. #Microsoft wants to support #Linux, they have to.

@robby @WallyHackenslacker @retroedgetech

> So if I understand correctly, #bsd license gives you more freedom

It's a double edged sword.

#BSD gives the users the most freedom. Including that of not contributing their improvements back, thus ironically making the code less free.

As an individual or small enterprise, you would usually prefer to release under #GPL to avoid a situation where say Google or a bigger competitor take your code and run away with it.


Si buscas una aplicación para elaborar, manipular, organizar y estructurar ideas a través de mapas conceptuales debes probar #FreeMind

La herramienta gratuita, de alta productividad, que posee una interfaz sencilla y está licenciada bajo #GPL

¿Qué esperas para probarla?

This toot is sent from Midori browser,

Fastest an lighter than any web browser i've tried ?


#GPL 3 , BTW ...
#gpl #kiss

Trolling Community Developers of GNU/Linux Via Patent Trolls - Part II: Monopolies, Patents, and Their #GPL Violations • 𝕿𝖊𝖈𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖘 ⇨

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