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Gopass. Tus contraseñas seguras en Linux
Existen una gran cantidad de herramientas para guardar tus #contraseñas en #linux . Te muestro #gopass , una fantástica ...

Added support for #gopass #pass #bw etc to have the api token on a password manager so is not on clear text as people should NEVER have secrets on config files on their home directory and developers not giving this option are putting their users on danger #rust #otx #OpenThreadExchange

I am fully 100% now migrated to #nyxt The #Hacker Power #Browser I migrated all my bitwarden creds to #gopass and did personal customizations and this is were #nyxt is amazing it checks all my boxes and yes it does #vim or #emacs keys originally not plugins other browsers have. It does have a bit of a learning curve nothing bad for any real hacker, also using their beta 3.x I love using beta help with code and bug reports. I recomend using 3.x #HappyHacking

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