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Another blog post going around about SSH and trust-on-first-use, with no mention whatsoever about the certificate authority system in SSH. It's only been there for like a decade. It's also not something you have to pay for, and isn't hard to set up.

With SSH CA your users don't need to worry if you have to rotate your SSH host key. The fact that, say, GitHub doesn't use it is just stupid.

(I'm available if your company needs help with this.)

#ssh #sshca #tofu #github

El lado del mal - Tutoriales para poner un Segundo Factor de Autenticación en tus identidades digitales #latch #2fa #TOTP #identidad #Amazon #Google #Facebook #GitHub #Instagram

Vous connaissez #Nitter ? (pour consulter #Twitter sans compte)
Vous connaissez #Invidious ? (pour consulter #Youtube sans compte et sans pub)

Le petit dernier : #gothub, pour consulter #GitHub sans outil de pistage, ni javascript.

I decided I will host my "projects" via my Gemini Capsule on, they are small & only utils I created over the decades. I may eventually look into gitlab, honestly I am not a huge fan of git. I am more of an SCCS or RCS person.

Too bad GitHub is forcing 2FA on us in a way I cannot use. I sponsor 2 projects, next I need to figure out if there are other methods of doing this. I know for 1 there is another method, the other I am not sure yet.


Thanks, I will look into to it, but I usual develop on Net/OpenBSD and Slackware to make sure my items work there. That PW manager will need to be on all 3. Not sure if one exists yet or how easy that would be to setup.


>Configuring two-factor authentication using a TOTP mobile app

Thanks, but:
TOTP seems to require a Mobile App, which will not run on my very old Cell Phone, aegis seems only available for Cell Phones. And if I could use it, I do not want Microsoft to have my Cell # 😀


What are people doing for 2FA on github for 2FA ? I have until Oct 12 to decide what to do.

The only options I have are to use a Cell Phone, 1password, TOTP or Microsoft Auth. None of which I can use.

I will probably delete my github ID unless some easy workaround become available, like email.


Just a reminder that the official mirrored repository of #Fedilab on #Github is here.

Plegar todos los bloques de código en Github o GitLab

#Github #GitLab #JavaScript #git

Several years in the making, GitLab is now very actively implementing #ActivityPub! 🙌

The end-goal is to support AP for merge requests (aka pull requests), meaning can send a merge request to

First bite-sized todo on the implementation path there is ‘subscribe to project releases’.

Smart move by #GitLab; through ActivityPub they’re getting a distributed version of GitHub’s social layer.

@fediversenews #fediverse #GitHub #git

#Porsiacaso a alguien también la da por meter #Linux a su #MacBook y tiene problema con la webcam #FactimeHD.

Pues hay un tipo que creó un script y lo publicó en #GitHub en el que se hace todo automático para instalar lo necesario para que funcione.

Se queda pegado en Cheese pero en videoconferencias va bien.

Vas al terminal y pones "sudo sh" y ya estás del otro lado.

>Importante poner sudo, como algunos ya sabrán.

Screenshot of the KDE Partition Manager app with my secondary NVME drive highlighted. Also shown is its partition table containing a single 1TB btrfs partition. Screenshot of the Archives section of the Vorta app. It shows a number of backups successfully made of varying dates and time, as well as sizes. There are also a variety of options to choose from including but not limited to Check, Prune, Compact, Mount, and Diff.
Screenshot of the Repository section of the Vorta app. It shows the selected profile (configuration) and repository for backups, as well as the compression algorithm selected (LZ4).

Cada mes en el blog de github hacen una recopilación sobre la actualidad de proyectos libres del mundo del video juego:

Motores⚙️ , juegos🎮 , herramientas🔧 o Jams🏆 de lo mas interesantes.

#linux #linuxgaming #github #opensource #softwarelibre

two #github repositories heavily used, improved by numerous PR, but never updated: and rvtests #software #PR

Mica en mica el futur va arribant. Va començar Gmail i ara també #Github que ja suporta inicis de sessió amb #Passkeys

Adéu a les contrasenyes, als gestors de contrasenyes i a haver de recordar-les!
Ah, i adéu als robatoris de contrasenyes!

Inici de sessió a github amb Passkeys Inici de sessió a Github amb Passkeys.
Inici de sessió a Github amb Passkeys

Very exciting!

Yesterday the @forgejo project was launched. This soft fork of #Gitea will be the code forge on which @Codeberg will base their services instead of Gitea.

#Forgejo is *the* #FOSS alternative for #Github and provides an easy migration path that allow you to #GiveUpGithub. Its aim is to liberate #FreeSoftware and the project uses 100% free software tools for its own development.

Read about the launch here:

Forgejo on #HackerNews:

💡 Today is a perfect day to exercise your independence from #BigTech, and #GiveUpGitHub.

☣️ #GitHub is the equivalent of #Twitter and #Facebook for software development -- creators of the most enticing proprietary walled garden ever made for #FOSS developers.

Don't be stuck when Microsoft decides to change the rules on you.

Start today.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

GitHub "Octocat" mascot holding a bag with a "$" sign, and the other hand crushing blue words "USER RIGHTS".

"We don't feel comfortable accepting patches from or relating
to hardware produced by your organization".

Mmhhh, is that stance based on any past dubious behavior by #Baikal Electronics, in previous patches or commits, or is it politics polluting the #FOSS code development?

When States and nationalities influence who may or may not contribute to an open source community, is it still "open source"? Reminds me #GitHub (Microsoft) banning devs from Iran, for being... Iranians.


Please don’t upload my code on #GitHub

This is a call to open source #developers to not upload the work of others on GitHub.

What’s the problem with GitHub?

Well, there are a lot of problems with GitHub. Here, we will mainly focus on a feature called Copilot, but if you’re interested to learn more about the others, please visit this page.

Has anyone else noticed on GitHub that we can't even browse source code now without running their JavaScript? Well, I can't in a FireFox-based browser with privacy plugins anyway? This is just another step down the path to the further enshittification of GH by its small, soft overlords.

If you are still developing Free Code on GH, it's long past time to consider an exodus. There are plenty of community-hosted replacements:

#GH #GitHub #MakeJavaScriptOptional

Should I mirror Revontuli colorschemes to github? (this thing )

I don't like #github but maybe more people would spot it there. I dunno.

  • yes (28%, 4 votes)
  • no (71%, 10 votes)
14 voters. Poll end: 3 months ago

I've not tried this but for those who wish to try #Hyprland on #VoidLinux go take look at this #GitHub repo.

Github down? I hadn’t noticed.

Might be a good time to check out Codeberg.

Bonus: You can follow them on the fediverse at @Codeberg

#github #githubDown #codeberg #git #dev

I'm back from the dead with a new Arcticons release! Thanks to everyone who worked on this.

Out now on GitHub:

Soon available on F-Droid, Google Play & Accrescent


#arcticons #iconpack #icons #icon #design #fdroid #opensource #release #new #github #accrescent #googleplay

GitHub is down, let's go shopping!

Screenshot of an Error 500 page on GitHub

「 Using GitHub does not align with that goal. The code that was regurgitated by the model is marketed as "AI generated" and available for use for any project you want. Including proprietary ones. It's laundering open-source code. All of the decades of knowledge and uncountable hours of work is being, well, stolen. There is nothing being given back 」

#Opensource #Github #Copilot #ChatGPT

One more little script I made. A replacement for the `CTRL+r` command.

It uses `fzf` to select an entry in `.bash_history` and copy the command to clipboard, allowing the user to paste it into the terminal, or anywhere.

Why? I know that there are similar alternatives, but I like to create small programs with as few footprints as possible.

#github #opensource

#Twitter Recommendation Algorithm has been released on #Github

¿Estás buscando perfiles para seguir en #Mastodon? Aquí te dejo un repositorio (en el que estoy colaborando con mi colega José @jmrplens) con más de 340 cuentas de diversos países relacionados con:

✔️ Instituciones científicas
✔️ Grupos de investigación
✔️ Revistas científicas
✔️ Comunidades Políticas
✔️ Universidades
✔️ Medios de comunicación
✔️ Y mucho más...

🔗 Enlace:

#Prensa #MediosComunicación #GitHub #ScienceMastodon #AcademicMastodon

Si crees que estás teniendo un mal día en el trabajo siempre te queda el consuelo de que en #GitHub seguramente lo hayan tenido bastante peor

PSA: #github has replaced the RSA SSH host key. This will be a lot of „fun“ for many Code generating pipelines that cannot clone/push/pull. So check yer ~/.ssh/known_hosts file and update the key.

FYI: #GitHub’s RSA SSH key was replaced. This won’t impact most users but if you do access GitHub via SSH using RSA, you’ll need to remove the old key from your keychain and add the new one. Details are here

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