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What are open source best practices for "taking over" a PR? Often I've encountered PRs that are like 90% complete but have stalled/etc, and I wanna help get it merged.

1. -- project has extensive review process, but PR only needs rebase and a minor change
2. -- I'm making much more extensive changes

#git #github #opensource

Here's something I just came up with, so not very polished:
#!/bin/bash<br>project="${PWD##*/}"<br>commit=$(git rev-parse --short HEAD || echo null)<br>temp_dir=$(mktemp -d --tmpdir "tmp.git.$project.$commit.XXXXXXXX") || exit 1<br>trap 'rm -r -- "$temp_dir"' EXIT<br><br>git checkout-index -a --prefix="$temp_dir/" || exit 1<br><br>cd -- "$temp_dir" || exit 1<br><br>perl Makefile.PL && make test<br>

Replace the last line by prove -l or whatever as desired.

It checks out the index to a new directory because blindly running tests in $PWD would use whatever state your working directory is in, not what you are actually about to commit.
#git #perl
#git #Perl

"[...] Share via
Using email for #git scales extremely well. The canonical project, of course, is the #Linux kernel. A change is made to the Linux kernel an average of 7 times per hour, constantly.[...]"

I want to give it try ! Why not ?

Anyone else willing to share his experience...Do you dev s out there use this e-mail-based git workflow ?

Ramificaci贸n y etiquetado de procesos con Git en Linux Center de Val猫ncia #eventos #kde #git #slimbook

Never to late to learn how to keep your #git repositories clean, tidy and lean ? 馃槢

by Sangeeth Kumar S G 鈥 Medium

I'm really looking forward to seeing federated #Git Hosting (

People are working on a protocol as extension to existing #ActivityPub ( protocol.
This will allow tools like @Forgejo to federate with other installations.

That would allow every open source software project to #selfHost the source code. No need for a #centralized instance like

Using lots of #git topic branches?

Define an alias named "delete-merged-branches", containing this:

!git branch --merged | grep -Ev '(main|master)' | xargs -prn1 git branch -d

Since this is a bit tricky to do right with "git config" with the bang and the quotes, I'd recommend you just edit the [alias] section in your .git/config or ~/.gitconfig file. 馃檪

Un buen #proyecto donde meterte #forgejo

Goodbye Gitea, hello @forgejo!

Really happy with how smooth the migration was. My personal branding could probably use some work. There's a reason I'm not a marketing major!
#gitea #forgejo #git
Home page of my Forgejo instance

馃摙 NUEVO art铆culo en mi blog 馃摑

馃敤 Forgejo un reeplazo comunitario para Gitea 馃嵉

鉁 El proyecto @forgejo es un reemplazo creado por la comunidad a Gitea a la hora de poner en marcha un servicio #git para hospedar c贸digo.

Su repositorio est谩 hospedado en @Codeberg

You like #decentralized communication with #xmpp? You can do development and scripting in #bash or #python? You're not too afraid of #xml and #git?

The XMPP Standards Foundation is looking for volunteers to support #automation of their tooling to manage the standard documents; it's not quite up to today's modern standards, and if you like to bring in fresh air and help XMPP out, you're welcome to check out the open issues around tooling:

DM me or comment for more info!

Patiently waiting for the German side of the #Friendica #Development team to wake up to this #Git nonsense.
Screenshot of a Git versioning software graphic interface showing ten branches all fanning out from the current project head each with a different color of the rainbow, all authored by Hypolite Petovan, most in a single 90 minutes span.

#git #ControlDeVersiones

Recordad que ya hay algunos art铆culos de git de cero a maestra
De momento paro m谩quinas hasta el pr贸ximo a帽o :black_sparkling_heart: :blackcat_2323234:

Hey Fediverse! We're not completely #newHere, but we thought it was time for an #introduction. #Forgejo is a new, fully community-controlled soft fork of the popular #Gitea self-hosted #Git forge.

Come and get involved at !

You can find the background to the decision to fork at

We'll have our first release out soon, which will be a drop-in replacement for Gitea. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

Sunday volunteer work: a mascot WIP research for @forgejo, a community-run fork of Gitea.

#krita #MastoArt #ccby
#gitea #git #forgejo
Digital painting of a cute squirel cartoony character as a blacksmith with thick gloves, pliers and hammer. She forges an acorn. She wear steam-punk glasses.

#esr dixit ?

Isn'it centralizing software creation workflows a problem ?

#git #dev
#git #dev #esr


馃摙 Truquitos de git status para ser cool #9

git status es un comando que nos ense帽a un listado de rutas de archivos que se han modificado o borrado y aquellos que est谩n en el workspace o en el staging area.

#git #ControlDeVersiones

Truquitos de git status para ser :blobDance: :dance_cool_doge:

#howto configure personal access #tokens for #git repositories using HTTPS
How to configure personal access tokens for Git repositories using HTTPS

Learn Git: 3 commands to level up your skill #git

#git #ControlDeVersiones

Truquitos de git add para ser cool :_gaysparkle:

#git #ControlDeVersiones

Truquitos de `git add ` para ser cool :blobDance: :doggi_dance:

Today, Let's talk about ... ?
#git based software forges & #gitea project (3/3) ?

"A message from Lunny on Gitea Ltd. and the Gitea project " - Blog

Today, Let's talk about ... ?
#git based software forges & #gitea project (2/3)

"Open source sustainment and the future of Gitea" - Blog

Today, Let's talk about ... ?
#git based software forges & #gitea project (1/3)

The Gitea Ltd sustainability smokescreen 鈥 Lo茂c Dachary

Venga unos tutos de #git de viernes:

Primer contacto con git:

Flujo en local de git:

Estimada.comunidad. aprendizaje de #git detalles.que suele enfrentarse alguien que inicia en usar #git.

驴qu茅 opinan?

Buenos d铆as querida comunidad. Estos d铆as.tuve la necesidad de.crear.un server #git y me tope con estos pasos que funcionaron

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