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One does not simply INSTALL Gentoo.

It must be earned.

Forget about whether or not YOU like Gentoo.
The question, my friend, is whether or not #Gentoo likes YOU.

In Soviet #Linux, Distro chooses YOU!

@sergiotarxz #Gentoo?
We see that the page shown is not the official one. That page is abandoned and no longer has anything to do with us. (We are at We also recommend you to try our latest beta which has many new features and is in #AppImage format:


@Suiseiseki So now, let's wrap this up: #Debian has been a leader and a model in the #FLOSS community for two decades now. What other mainstream distro has such a bold promise to the community and such a clear statement of what acceptable licenses are? I don't know of any. highlights this. #ArchLinux, #CentOS, #Gentoo, etc. have no policy against non-free software in their main distro. 9/

I'm making my wife's Apple computer usable by installing Gentoo on it.

I should probably buy my own laptop computer some day. 😀

#Gentoo #Linux #Apple

Why I choose Gentoo
#Gentoo #Linux #FLOSS