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Mushroom skull lamp "Bog" sends out its spooky light to guide you safe trough the swamp. But it could also brighten up your home!

CHF 150- (about 167 USD or 155 Euro)

I ship worldwide!

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From today's trail ride.

Ramaria caulifloriformis, coral fungi

Cortinarius distans or Laccaria, not sure.

#Cycling #FatBike #BikeTooter #Fungi #Mushtodon

A pale yellow fungi that looks like a coral or califlower growing in the woods A orange-brown mushroom grows out of decomposing leaves in the forest
A fat back leaning against a very large tree near a creek in the woods

This Turkey Tail mushroom, or False Turkey Tail Stereum, not sure which this is, grows on dead hardwood trees throughout the world.This particular dead tree was just loaded with these fungi that seem to grow in layers vertically up the tree and make a lovely nature abstract.
Check it out here
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Close up of Turkey Tail mushrooms, fungi, in abstract

A few recent photos taken around the cabin and trail.

- Camonotus castaneus, chestnut carpenter ant
- Arilus cristatus, Wheel Bug Nymph. This one was tiny and moving quickly hard to capture up close.
- Ramaria caulifloriformis, coral fungi

Also, re-sharing an earlier post of slow motion audio recording of birds, a few frogs, crickets and other natural woodland sounds. Otherworldly, relaxing, eerie. Best with headphones!

#Mushtodon #Fungi #Insect #MacroPhotography

A semi translucent orange ant, perched on a green bulb flower bud a cream colored coral fungi, which resembles coral found in the ocean, some think it resembles cauliflower hence the name
a very tiny assassin bug with an orange abdomen, black legs, and black head

These tiny, orange brown umbrella shaped mushrooms were sprouting all over this dead, damp, decayed log on the Speed River Trail in Guelph Ontario Canada. The fall season is a great time for discovering mushrooms of all kinds hiding in the forest.
Check it out here
#mushrooms #fungus #fungi #Mushtodon #nature #NatureMastodon #wild #MastoPhoto #macro #BuyIntoArt #NaturePhotography #photography
Close up of tiny orange/brown mushrooms growing on log in the forest with cedar leaf and moss

Lycogala epidendrum, commonly known as wolf's milk or groening's slime, is a cosmopolitan species of myxogastrid amoeba which is often mistaken for a fungus.

Not #Fungi or part of the #Fungiverse or #Mushtodon
Not really #Mycology or #Sporerespondence either
#Photo #Photography #Macro #Yorkshire

a macro shot of two tiny fruiting bodies of Wolf's Milk on rotting wood. These orange spheres have a rough surface slightly resembling a satsuma, except they're only a few millimetres in diameter

Cute little mushroom growing in the school field on a cloudy, cool day today.
#Fungi #mushtodon #Scotland
A beige mushroom with darker vertical stripes on the lower three quarters of the cap and a darker brown spot on the apex of the cap growing in grass.

Fungi season is upon us & I'm enjoying replacing last years' photos with new ones of both the tops and undersides.

I'll never identify them all (150+ species so far) but at least this makes it easier to work out which are the same species and which are different.

#Mushtodon #Sporespondence #Fungi #Mushrooms #Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Biodiversity #Nature

Two photos of a tiny mushroom with a thin stalk growing on a piece of wood. One photo shows the top of the cap, and the other shows the underside. Most of it is white, but the top of the cap is dark blue in the centre fading to very pale blue around the edges. At the base are small blue balls which are young instances of the same species. Photos of some small brown fan-shaped fungi, taken from above and below, growing from the side of a log. The tops are smooth and toffee-coloured with a tiny patch of white fluff where they join the log. From the underside you can see a tiny stem that connects to the wood. Its gills are a paler colour than the tops.
Two photos of a cluster of mushrooms with thin stems growing out of a mossy log. The caps and stems are brown, with the center of the caps being darker, and the gills are white. Two photos of tiny bright orange fan-shaped fungi with short stems growing from a piece of wood. The first shows the tops of the fungi which look slightly velvety. The second shows the underside which, instead of gills, has a series of teardrop-shapes holes arranged from the stem out to the edges and looking like they were 3D printed.

Rained Off

The white warts of these Fly Agarics (Amanita muscaria) have been washed off by the rain

#Friday #FungiFriday #Fungi #Fungiverse #Mushtodon #Mycology #Sporerespondence #Photo #Photography

A pair of bright red Fly Agaric mushrooms in grassland after rain, mostly lacking their characteristic white warts

These very tiny, orange brown bell shaped mushrooms were sprouting all over this dead, damp, decayed log.They looked so dainty and fragile that you didn't want to touch them for fear of knocking them over and this mushroom had an extremely tiny bug resting on it's cap.
Check it out here
#Mushtodon #MacroMonday #PhotoMonday #mushroom #fungus #fungi #macro #BuyIntoArt #nature #NaturePhotography #photography
Close up of a tiny mushroom with a tiny bug on a log with moss and a leaf

I built a mini JohnsonSu bioreactor this morning to have biologically rich compost ready for this time next year. It has an outer skin of wire mesh covered in mypex. This is placed on a pallet and downpipes with air holes drilled in them are placed over the gaps in the pallet.

Then add each layer of compostable material and regularly water it as you go. I alternated wood chip layers with grass cuttings and garden weeds.

Tomorrow I’ll remove the downpipes to leave air holes where they were in the pile to allow air flow throughout.

I’ll monitor the temperature over the coming days. It should build to above 55°C and above for at least a few days then start to fall.

When the temperature drops below 27°C I’ll add two or three hundred worms from my worm bin. Then it’s a question of keeping it watered.

#Compost #JohnsonSu #Allotment #GrowYourOwn #GYO #Gardening #Gardens #Compostodon #Allotments #SoilHealth #Soil #SoilLife #Biodiversity #Fungi
Layer of garden weedings and glass clippings inside the bioreactor. Downpipes in place have air holes drilled in them for air flow Circle of wire mesh wrapped in mypex is placed on top of a pallet to form the shape of the bioreactor
Mini JohnsonSu bioreactor full with downpipes in place for the first 24 hours Layer of wood chip over the previous layer of grass and weeds.

Gloeocystidiellum lojanense vista desde el microscopio. / UTPL

Any excuse to wear shades indoors 😎 Seems a long time since the sun was shining around here but now it’s streaming into our kitchen, so, shades on and selfie time 🤣 #saturday #blackstarbar #bar

If any of the hashtags appeal, maybe give us a follow? #bowie #punk #industrialmusic 
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Welcome to the Blackstar Bar. You don’t have to be an old school Bowie boy or punk but it helps, maybe, just a bit, not really 🤣 what’s your tipple?. Mines currently a budvar dark lager & Tennessee Fire. Cheers Prost❗️#saturday #beer #alcohol #starter #bar #blackstar

If any of the hashtags appeal, maybe give us a follow? #bowie #punk #industrialmusic 
#funkandsoul #poetry #musicbooks #ToriesOut #counterculture #fungi #brutalism #occulture #magick #art #attitude #collage

Lucky enough to see a pair of native Tasmanian millipedes feasting on this beautiful fungi.

I don't know the species of millipede, but they're definitely from the Amastigogonus family. Likewise, I don't know the fungi as I'm not a mushy specialist, but I'd guess some sort of bolete?

This was on a walk at Hollybank Forest near Launceston, Tasmania.

#tasmania #lutruwita #mushrooms #fungi #insect #millipedes #forest #photography
Red and yellow fungus overturned with two banded millipedes digging into the yellow spongy base.

Hydnellum peckii also known as strawberries & cream, devil's tooth, etc. is a fungus, produces spores on the surface of vertical spines or tooth-like projections hanging from the undersurface of fruit bodies. Droplets can exude from fertile undersurface, found in North America, Europe, also in Iran & Korea. It is a mycorrhizal fungi, forms mutualistic relationships with roots of trees, exchanging minerals & amino acids for fixed carbon from the host.
Picture: First-nature
#weird #fungi #nature

Hey #PortfolioDay! I offer you these magic mushrooms! 🤲🏽🍄✨

#PixelArt #MastoArt #Fungi
pixel art woman wearing a mushroom hat surrounded by orange bushes, framed by an orange sun pixel art girl in mushroom hat surrounded by similar red mushrooms with white spots
pixel art woman in a mushroom hat looking down at her mushroom friends. surrounded by glowing dither spores pixel art girl in mushroom hat

"Fairy inkcaps" - yeah, I think the name fits pretty well...

(No fairies were harmed in the making of this photograph)

#MushroomMonday #Fungi #Mushrooms #Mushtodon #Nature #NaturePhotography #FairyInkcap
A tight cluster of small grey mushrooms on stalks that bend to try to find a bit of space. They're growing out of the side of a tree maybe 40cm (16") off the ground. The background is out of focus, but consists of fairly open pine forest.

The smallest children in the forest today-- Stalked Hairy Fairy Cups... They were growing out of the decaying alder cones at the edge of the wetlands by the forest. So very #smol, at first I thought they were slime mould. How small can a mushroom be?! #WSANECterritory #Mushtodon #fungi
A macro photo of a decaying alder cone held between finger and thumb. Out of the dark decaying woody material of the cone spring forth the tiniest white mushrooms. They are shaped like hairy cups on a stalk thus their common name  Stalked hairy fairy cup.

got another combo deal for ya from a few years ago. i wish i'd had a nice camera at this point since this was one of the most beautiful places i've been to. i was in the mountains of north georgia, usa and this little patch of forest contained more mushrooms than i've ever seen anywhere else. there were chanterelles absolutely everywhere along with so many different types of moss and lichen. i was overwhelmed by all the amazing small things to look at

#Mushtodon #LichenSubscribe #moss #moos #mushrooms #lichen #fungi
a brilliant green scene with various types of moss and lichen all over a fallen log spilling over onto the ground where there are little fluffy mosses and lichen with a bunch of bright yellow chanterelle mushrooms sprouting out from the green

Mycology is a fascinating subject.
For example, did you know that the largest living organism on Earth is considered to be a fungus, Armillaria ostoyae or honey fungus, which lives in the forests of America's north west?
It travels underground between trees - the visible mushrooms are simply its fruit - and in 1988, scientists in Oregon found a single specimen that had spread 5.5 square miles and was estimated to be around 2,400 years old.
#photography #BlackAndWhite #fungi #mycology #nature
Black and white landscape format image revealing the honeycomb-like pore structure on the underside of a bolete mushroom. It is through these pores that the mushroom releases its spores into the atmosphere. Black and white landscape format image shows the beautifully delicate porcelain fungus which grows in clusters in tree trunks. It is a pale ivory colour with a plate-like slimy top which curves down at the edges and underneath it has a gill structure which radiates outward from a short curving stem.
Black and white landscape format image showing the texture of overlapping shaggy scalycap mushrooms which are lying in a thick carpet on the forest floor Black and white landscape format image revealing a mushroom's delicate gill structure, with frills of differing lengths radiating outward from the stem

Ein lachsroter Schleimpilz zum #dingstag 😅

Möglicherweise Tubifera ferruginosa. Aber da leg ich mich mal nicht fest.

#kazispilze #kazisfotos #pilze #fungi #fotografie #macro
Auf einem kleinen Stück Holz wächst ein kugelförmiger, lachsroter Schleimpilz. Die Struktur des Pilzes ist stachelig. Hintergrund braun verschwommen. Am Holz ist noch ein wenig Moos zu sehen.

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