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As we approach year-end, the spirit of giving continues to live. Learn how you can support GNOME today:

#SupportFreeSoftware #opensource #Fundraiser

Want to be a part of the future? Learn more about our Friends of GNOME subscription Donations from Friends of GNOME help support projects and initiatives like GTK4, hackfests, and internships.

#supportfreesoftware #opensource #fundraiser

“GNOME has been my favorite desktop environment since I started using Linux,” says Clarissa Borges, GNOME internship alum.
Read more from Clarissa and what a GNOME internship can do:

#supportfreesoftware #opensource #linux #fundraiser
building the future of GNOME

4: Use the upcoming holidays to ask for contributions in lieu of presents. This is a great thing to do for birthdays!

#Fundraiser #supportfreesoftware

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