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Freedom in the Cloud (eleven years later) |

« Eleven years after Eben Moglen’s speech Freedom in the Cloud I’m looking back at was has been achieved in ethical social networking.[..]»
.- @ericbuijs ...

Yes indeed, Eben Moglen’s speech is not to be deprecated, unfortunately...



*Fight to Repair* is an animated video from the Free Software Foundation (FSF), telling the story of two dedicated free software engineers rushing to fix a life-threatening problem in a vehicle's autopilot code. Coming up with a fix for the bug is only the first step in their journey, which has them facing off against the malicious proprietary software corporation DeceptiCor, and culminates in a high-speed motorcycle chase. *Fight to Repair* was created for the Free Software Foundation Length: 03:11 Producer & Director: Brad Burkhart Story: Brad Burkhart & the Free Software Foundation Animator: Zygis Luksas * Help with [translation]( of subtitles. * Download or embed [the video]( * [Read more]( about the #FightToRepair and get active

La Fundación del Software Libre (FSF) invita a todos los interesados a registrarse en la conferencia virtual #LibrePlanet2021

Ya puedes realizar tu registro para este extraordinario evento, no lo piensen más e ingresa a:

¡No te lo pierdas!


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