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So ... I expected it would a lot calmer on #friendica than other places online that I know - even in the #fediverse. But maybe just not that calm. Hm.

fijate con el tema de #friendica que viene un docker con todo completo facil de instalar y usar
y creo que tambien hay de otras redes !!!

@Marley Van Esbroeck So, then enjoy your stay here and spread the word about #Fediverse and #Friendica! 😀 (and maybe #XMPP)

Trying to move my storage from "filesystem" to "Database".

@Michael Vogel which direction of storage move are you doing? I am now wondering why the folder is not completely empty after it finished.
When I do
bin/console storage move -n 50
I get [2021-02-24 14:25:46] Moved 0 files total but du -sh /path gives me 1,5G /path and there is really still folders and files in there. Is this files that are not used anymore?

!Friendica Support #Friendica

Hello fellow admins,
I was just wondering what your mysqldump command looks like to backup the #Friendica DB. I use this:
mysqldump -Aq --single-transaction --skip-lock-tables > file.sql

I use this in addition to #mariabackup (don't mind what that is, just another backup I do). I never tried to restore from the dump, but did so from the mariabackup files. I do not want to try it, but would like to have a working dump.

So what do you run in your backup routine?

!Friendica Admins


Hi and welcome to #Friendica !

If you're interested by the reasons, I can give you a few:
  • Mastodon started in 2016. By that time, Friendica was already 6 years old and the original creator had already left the project 4 years before to work on RedMatrix/Hubzilla.
  • Mastodon does one thing (micro-blogging) and does it well, Friendica does many things but often very confusingly. The real shining point is the wide protocol support, but this is a niche feature not many users really need.
  • Mastodon benefitted from wide mainstream media coverage from at least 2017, although the tone has been mixed. Initially praised as the "new hot thing" by The Verge, it's also been criticized, often unfairly, but even bad publicity is publicity. In comparison, Friendica is virtually unknown and we are currently making no efforts to change this.

Own Post not in own stream

Hello !Friendica Support,

this post did not appear in my owns stream /profile/montag. I can see the post on test accounts on Diaspora and on Libranet. If i click on the Link to original post i can see the post but with a weird address line: Montag via Montag

#Friendica #bug

Esta mas usable FriendicArg

Disculpas por las demoras perdidas. Supongo que ahora en mas se podra usar. A tener paciencia. Este servidor es autogestionado... esta en línea solamente por mi esfuerzo. Lleva tiempo afinar todo para que funcione.

#friendica #reisub #argentina

All of Germany is Mastoficated. All of Germany? No, the resistance in Hamburg is running two #Friendica servers 😁

I want to move all attachments and phots ot the database, but it doesn't work.

I do:
bin/console storage move

And then I just get a fault:
Database storage failed to insert data

What is wrong, how can I find out?

!Friendica Support #Friendica

On I got 4000 items in the queue, some of them date back to 16th Feb.

How can I check why these items are still in the queue and not processed? I had briefly upgraded to PHP8, maybe this is the reason, but how can I check what is going on?

!Friendica Support @utzer #Friendica

Hello admins,
if you use the git setup approach for your #Friendica server, do not upgrade to PHP8, some parts of composer are not yet ready for PHP8 and rely on PHP7.

So if the update shows up you should exclude it, otherwise you should not switch the branch of Friendica anymore until the git (not prepackaged version of composer) is compatible to PHP8.

PHP8 is not brand new, so it'll show up at some point soon.

Besides this the update to PHP8 will also break the general function of Friendica, posts are not delivered to external accounts anymore and will also not be able to be fetched. Friendica will somehow island itself. I am not sure why this happens, but please take care and maybe for now avoid the update of php from version 7 to 8.

!Friendica Admins

As @Hypolite Petovan explained to you, your node can only search what it is aware of (means in local database only). Otherwise any search query needs to be replicated to all nodes causing a huge load on the network. There is an other way. You can subscribe to hashtags like e.g. #Friendica or #Fediverse or whatever you want. When your node has the relay enabled, it will include posts in your timeline with that hashtags you subscribed on.

You can "subscribe" to those tags by clicking on them (at least under Friendica) and click "follow" then. That's a healthier way (for the node network) instead of actively searching all nodes and causing a lot load on them. Don't see only yourself searching all alone, other users search, too!

Part 2:
Thanks for your feedback. It is very appreciated ❤️

Lets assume a different UI: What would you expect that icon to stand for and how would it behave (as per Part 1 icon would differ for networks - diaspora, mastodon, etc)?

#uxstudies #friendica

how to render eg twitter urls in friendica?

@Friendica Support

Hi there,
my friendica node does not render the content of eg. twitter urls.
this is how it looks like:


this is how I want it to look like:


I tried to flip the "oembed"-setting in admin panel, but nothing changes:


Does anyone know what to do about it?


#help #friendica #oEmbed

!Friendica Support

Dear all, not a support request but rather a question to all friendica users. It would be great if you could send your feedback. The question is:

What do you think the network icon along with the icon to the right side located in the top right corner of every post do?

#uxstudies #friendica

Example screenshot (can also show friendica, twitter or other icons)

True social networking and communicating platforms and other tools

Info bzgl. Kontaktanfragen

Liebe Leute in der #Fediverse .

herzlich Willkommen auf meinem neuen Account/Profil hier auf dem Friendica-Knoten von

Ich freue mich wirklich über jede Kontaktanfrage von euch und nehme diese in der Regel auch an. Die Anfragen die ich nicht annehme sind die, bei denen nichts im Profil steht. Wieso? Ganz einfach, weil ich gerne wüsste wer mich da kontaktiert.
Bin ja schließlich neugierig. 😉

Also entweder etwas bei euch im Profil hinterlassen oder nicht böse sein, wenn ich diese Anfragen dann ablehne.

#Friendica #Diaspora #Mastodon #Pleroma #Hubzilla #miteinander

!Libranet Support #Friendica

Two new bugs I notice since what I suppose was a recent update:
- my likes are not taken into account on my smartphone sometimes, maybe a problem of connection but it seems quite serious ;
- no preview anymore when I post something with a picture.

The thing is that your browser has a bug that prevents it from noticing changes in JavaScript/CSS files. I found it half-hearted what is done here in #Friendica as only the version number is included in the URL of such files. Cache-busting is a technique that gives buggy browsers a new URL each time the CSS/JS file has been changed, e.g. by adding the commit id to the URL and not just only the URL. If that is done to Friendica, you won't have to flush your browser cache every time you update your instances.

Test of the fediverse

I did a #test of the #fediverse. I created a #Diaspora, #Friendica and #Mastodon account. In all 3 accounts I did a post with the tag #annievallotton. Friendica uses the Diaspora protocol and ActivityPub and Mastodon uses Activity pub. The Friendica account was showing posts from the Mastodon and Diaspora instance I joined, so I assume them to be federated to some degree. I expected that when searching for the tag #annievallotton. On Friendica I would see posts from all 3 instances. On Diaspora I would see posts from Diaspora and Friendica and on Mastodon I would see Friendica and Mastodon. However what I found was...
Diaspora = saw #annievallotton posts from Friendica and Diaspora.
Friendica = saw #annievallotton posts from Friendica only.
Mastodon = saw #annievallotton posts from Mastodon only.

Therefore if I want to:
- see posts from Diaspora and Friendica I should use diaspora.
- post to Diaspora and Friendica I should use Friendica.
- post to Mastondon, I should use Mastodon.
Instances were:

Sintaxis del reisub_bot de telegram

/publish #! aqui va titulo o dejar vacio !# & probando incrustado de imagen con el #reisub_bot

las imagen la url va contenida con &url&

y ahora el hashtag se puede usar

#reisub bot #telegram #friendica

Hasta ahora no le encuentro la vuelta para publicar en #friendica con #symbian. Puedo ver pero no publicar

Until now I can't find the way how to publish in #friendica with #symbian. I can see the instance, but can't publish

Reboot of and

There will be a server reboot due to some kernel update paired with ip address config change that will be tested.

Reboot takes place in in 30 minutes.

#Friendica !Friendica Support

!Friendica Support
#Question, is down on #Friendica, any idea where I can find out what's up with that? E.g., a twitter account, a blog, a forum, an email address...
Thanks! #fediverse

I tried to move some stuff from filesystem to database with:
bin/console storage move -n 50

I get this error:
[Error] Der Datenbankspeicher konnte keine Daten einfügen

and in the log I see only this:
2021-02-01T13:15:28Z console [ERROR]: DB Error  - {"file":"Database.php","line":765,"function":"e","uid":"cc501c","process_id":3308496}

Anyone got any idea what this means? #Friendica current stable version.
!Friendica Support

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