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So what does the lately shown "Invalid storage backend setting." mean?

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I tried installing # from #. But the # authenticate don't work any more. Is there some changes done to the addon?
Secondly the latest release has made the app very sluggish. Is there some settings that needs to be changed in # while installation?
Can friendica be installed with # ?
Does the endless scrolling in /network work for you? Here it got the extra feature of infinite loading time since 2 days or so.

Anyone got an idea if anything changed at that time?

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I see two colliding sides here:

1) # is the initial protocol, # has started with. So in terms of the Friendica code base, it is legacy and the foundation.

2) But DRFN is stone-age-technology and has been superseded by # . And it also bloats the code with that is hard to maintain.

Both is based on what I have observed, seen in the code and read here in comments. So this is the thing you have to figure out. Loose some users (who seem to see no reason to update) or urge them that their communication with other nodes will soon go to a complete halt.

So what can you do best here? Have we (developers) really waited enough that every node administrator had a fair chance to move on? Or do we need some deprecation/obsolete-phase before it is finally dumped?
Wenn man auf einem # 4 8GB # installieren würde, bräuchte man doch eine schnelle und stabile Micro SSD Karte?
Kann mir jemand in der # so eine empfehlen?
I think since the last git pull a few minutes ago most of the pictures in my stream are gone, as well as embedded stuff (maybe). Anyone else on develop missing the pictures of other peoples posts?

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Stupid question...

Did anyone work on the # theme of # and changed the red color for the number of unread messages/events and such?
It looks different since 2 days or so and I wonder if that was due to a change or is due to something strange my Firefox is doing? It is still red, but different.

!Friendica Support now got a WYSIWYG editor (link to plugin). Please let me know if there is any problems with the editor.

It can be deactivated by the user, but seems to be default. So please don't hit me if you love wiki syntax so much, just switch the WYSIWYG editor off.

When you now start editing a page it will look like this:

When you click the marked button you will get back to the page view, i.e. this:

If you then edit the page again you'll have back the much loved wiki syntax editor, i.e. this:

If you want to switch again you can click the red marked button again, see above.

I hope that this will help the average Joe to edit/create a page, so it hopefully lowers the entry threshold.

Please share this information/post along so it reaches the users who like the code editor more. 😉

I am not sure if this works for very complex wiki pages, it sounds pretty well and should support all the syntax, but please keep an eye on the formatting and such when you use the editor.
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@Nova of Darkness Bastard Operator para alternativa libre estilo fb, generalmente recomiendo # (activitypub, ostatus, diaspora) # (activitypub, ostatus, diaspora, zot) o # (zot, activitypub)
Juhuuu.... ich bin wieder Einsatzfähig in der #. Aus irgendwelchen Gründen war meine # Instanz seit ein paar Tagen nicht mehr zu brauchen.
Aber jetz funzt sie wieder und somit habt ihr mich wieder an der Backe. ÄÄÄÄÄLLLLLAAAALLLLÄÄÄÄTSSSCCCHHHHH.....


Instancia Friendica

Instancia Friendica de Argentina

Ubicacion del servidor: Junin, Buenos Aires.
OS Server: Debian
Registro para nuevos usuarios: Abierto

# # # #

Foros en Friendica estan muertos

Algo paso con la nueva version de Friendica, que los foros no furulan.

hay que ver si corrigen el #

# #
Sooo... pixelfed will let you follow literally anyone in the fediverse, but it will only show their photo posts. Holy crap is it all getting more connected faster than I expected. Just followed myself on friendica via pixelfed. Its pretty cool and will fill a lot of the instagram niche. Only if the explore option was more powerful but that is probably coming in the future. # # # #
Joined twitter in 2012, until last week I had 60ish followers because I did nothing with it other than promote videos. After shifting to twitter/friendica this past weekend I just passed 100 followers, lol # #
@Miljöpartiet De Gröna I Ulricehamn you can mirror to/from # if you want to keep the Diaspora account alive. Welcome to #

Ny närvaro på #Fediverse

# # finns nu även på # med adress
Följ oss där! Du kan vara på # eller nån annan stans i Fediverse och ändå ha kontakt med oss på Friendica. hat diverse Probleme mit Friendica.

Seine Instanz hat der mit # aufgesetzt und diese ist hier zu finden: kannst du bitte hier erklären was genau das Problem ist? Schick uns auch Screenshots, damit es leichter zu verstehen ist.

!Friendica Support # wie @Steffen K9 🐰 schrieb, schreib mal an @Friendica Support und schreib uns auch mal die Domain von deinem Friendica Server und/oder bitte die # Version die auf /friendica zu finden ist.
estamos en la version friendica-2020-09-1
Friendica 2020.09-1 hotfix release
I am using # with # on my mobile a lot. I like the interface more than any Friendica, Mastodon or other app I tested. I got a couple or them installed and almost never use them.

Now I found a problem, when I am in the network stream or on the profile of a contact (like a just added one), there is a menu on the left which can be opened by tapping on the three dots. The menu then in many cases is longer than what can be shown on the screen. The problem is I can not scroll down in #, so I can only see the upper part of the menu. It just won't scroll when I push the page up or down with one finger. (normal way to scroll)

Can someone check if the problem is present on their device, if so let me know what system and which browser you use.
Mine is # 10 with # and I am in the current develop version of Friendica, but the problem seems to be there in stable too.

!Friendica Support
@codl (GANT mode) FWIW here on the fedi, # allows to either boost/repeat the post (like mastodon) or to add a comment similar to a quote-post to discuss with your intended audience instead of the originating thread. Hell, # doesn't even have "boosts" but does allow to "share" as a quote-post to one's desired audience.

Friendica Hackathon 2020

The # Remote Hackathon 2020 has wrapped up, and I would like to extend my warmest thanks to @Tobias , @hoergen on Friendica and @Admin Istrator for organizing and animating this event, they made it super convenient for people like me to join and participate.

See you next year!
Oh no! Infinite scrolling on the community pages. 😱 Now I will never get away from # again.

image: pixabay

Why not write with emojis again

There is a nice and easy way to enter emojis in a post or comment. All you have to do is enter a colon and type in the English name for the emoji.

For example : :laugh :face :hand :heart :moo :flower :moon usw

# #
!Friendica Support

Schreib doch mal wieder mit Emojis

Es gibt eine schöne und einfache Methode Emojis in einem Beitrag oder Kommentar einzugeben. Dazu muss man einfach nur einen Doppelpunkt eingeben und die englische Bezeichnung für das Emoji eingeben.
Zum Beispiel : :laugh :face :hand :heart :moo :flower :moon usw

# #
!Friendica Support
Hallo liebe !Friendica Admins ,

ich werde u.U. meine Instanz (1 User) neu installieren. Dazu wollte ich euch als erfahrene Admins mal fragen, welche Tipps und Tricks ihr geben könnt um # auf einem nicht all zu schnellen # (Proxmox-VM, 4GB RAM, 2 Core, Ubuntu 20.04) zu beschleunigen.
Mir geht es nicht darum wie man #, # und # generell installiert. Sondern um so Sachen wie man wo was und wie in den jeweiligen Einstellungen tunen kann um Friendica schneller zu machen. Aber auch die Einstellungen im Backend von euch würden mich interessieren.
Die Hinweise auf der Hilfeseite kenne ich schon. 😉
Vielleicht kann man diesen Beitrag ja so als Sammelbeitrag nutzen um solche Tipps und Tricks zu sammeln?

# # # #
Für den # # habe ich mal ein wenig Ambient Musik erstellt, die man leise im Hintergrund vor sich hinspielen lassen kann.

# #

Funkwhale: Friendica (Odo Sendaidokai)


Searching in # now has some new functionality. You can use it to:
1. Search for words.
2. Enter hashtags and then follow them.
3. Enter account URLs to connect to these accounts.

Also, since the release of 2020.09 the search has been refined a bit more. You can now specify so-called operators when searching for words and terms. You may be familiar with such operators from popular search engines.

Here are some examples:
1. Search for articles in which the words "Hamburg" OR "Berlin" occur. Simply enter the two words separated by a space into the search field: Hamburg Berlin.
2. Search for articles in which both words "Hamburg" AND "Berlin" occur. The search is: +Hamburg +Berlin.
3. Search for articles to be searched for in which "Hamburg" occurs, but not "Berlin". The search is: +Hamburg -Berlin.
4. Search for articles in which "Hamburg" AND "New York" appear, but not "Berlin". The search is: +Hamburg + "New York" -Berlin.
5. You can also bundle terms: +(Hamburg Paris "New York") -(Berlin Budapest).

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Suche in Friendica

Neues von Hashtags und den Relays

Unter Friendica kann man schon seit langem Hashtags folgen. Das funktioniert ganz einfach, indem man im Suchfeld ganz oben den Hashtag z.B. # eingibt und dann auf das Plus-Zeichen rechts daneben klickt.

Dann passieren zwei Dinge

  • Die gespeicherte Suche erscheint auf der linken Seite in dem Widget "Gespeicherte Suchen" / "Saved Searches"
  • Es wird einem sogenannten Relayserver mitgeteilt, dass man an Beiträgen mit diesem Hashtag interessiert ist. Daraufhin werden von diesem Relay Server Beiträge mit diesem Hashtag ausgeliefert.

Ein Relay Server macht einfach gesagt nichts anderes, als jede Menge Beiträge von vielen Servern zu sammeln, die sie ihm freiwillig schicken und entsprechend den Anfragen und gespeicherten Suchen Artikel an die jeweiligen Server zu schicken. Das kann man sich so ein bisschen vorstellen, wie ein Postsortierzentrum.

Nachdem man so eine Suche gespeichert hat, kommen schon nach kurzer Zeit Beiträgen auch von fremden Accounts mit diesen Hashtags in der eigenen Timeline an.

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Im Rahmen des # # wird gerade das neue # von @Admin Istrator eingerichtet. Es ist noch in Arbeit, aber wenn es fertig ist, dann wird es schön sein und ihr werdet es hier finden:

The new Wiki for # is currently setup in the cause of the ongoing #. @Admin Istrator is still on it and there is more work to do, but when it is finished you can find it here:

!Friendica Support
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