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El software libre no es un modelo de desarrollo, el software libres es aquel que respeta la libertad de los usuarios ¿Cuál libertad?

La libertad de tomar el control sobre tu informática y esto a través de las 4 libertades esenciales.

#software #softwarelibre #gnu con #linux #libre #freesoftware #userfreedom #libreplanet

It's time to repeat this: Are you, or do you know, someone aged 14 to 18 who would like to write free software?

The Free Software Foundation Europe's Youth Hacking 4 Freedom contest might be just the thing - sign up to enter before 2022-12-31, code your thing for the chance to win up to EUR 4k (4096) and a free trip to Brussels for the awards ceremony!

#yh4f #freesoftware #hacking

Need to know whether a piece of hardware is supported by free software? #hNode has you covered! Its search engine will help you verify #freesoftware compatibility.

=== Introduction Post ===
I am Arya, a Libre Software Enthusiast and Student from Chennai, India.

My interests are #freesoftware and related tech, #history , #geography and #biology

I am also the system administrator of ~vern, a tilde ( which is focused on free software and offers over 75 services.

I don't post here frequently but you can find me active on the ~vern matrix room (

All other contact details can be found at

As long as the code behind "smart" home devices is proprietary, these companies are free to spy on us as much as they like. Help us fight back: tell your friends about free software and urge then to join the FSF! Support #FreeSoftware.

Support the GNU Project by purchasing a GNU Compiler Collection -- "collection!" Manual, t-shirt, & stickers included. Get it at #GNUProject #FreeSoftware #GNUPress #GNUMerch

How much #opensource software do you use in your everyday life?

Boost for more range📶

#foss #freesoftware #poll #poll #survey

  • I only use open source software. (16%, 12 votes)
  • I use as much open source software as possible. (66%, 50 votes)
  • I (still) use some proprietary software. (16%, 12 votes)
  • I hardly use open source software. (1%, 1 vote)
75 voters. Poll end: in 1 day

You want to help #OpenSource #FreeSoftware but you are not a developer? And English isn't your first language? Well - that's just perfect! Join us at #codeberg and donate some of your time and knowledge of your language by helping with translations for many open source projects at!
Dashboard of the weblate instance at #codeberg

Save the date: Next year's LibrePlanet will be held March 18-19, 2023. The theme is "Charting the Course." More details, including how to register: #FreeSoftware #LibrePlanet #LibrePlanet2023

#OpenSource #VirtualWord who needs commercial, closed source anything? Nobody at #hispagatos we have been using Mozilla hubs for years for our events, videos, shows, movie watching and hanging out, also has been used by the #HOPE hackers on planet earth conference I build a #cyberpunk barrio that we still use, so apparently now #mozilla has launched a new service based on it and has open invites I do not know the details yet. #Cyberpunk #VirtualReality #freesoftware

What's that I see? A new RawTherapee 5.9 release! After two years the team has just released a brand-spanking new version of my personal raw image editor!

If you haven't tried it - why not?! It's literally free, powerful, and you can be cool like me! 😁

#photography #FreeSoftware #raw
Screenshot of the RawTherapee 5.9 interface

The hardware database has many new distros and vendors added, including Trisquel 10, Parabola, Replicant and LibreCMC (distros), which you can check against various notebook vendors for #freesoftware compatibility. #hNode

Do you have a #freesoftware project that you would like to share with the world? If so, now is the **final call** to submit a session for #LibrePlanet2023. Details on how to submit are now published at

#qBittorrent 4.5 Open-Source #BitTorrent Is Here with Better Startup Times When Using Many Torrents, New Themes, New Color Palettes, and Much More

#OpenSource #Linux #FreeSoftware
qBittorrent 4.5 running on Fedora Linux 37

Trisquel is a beautiful, fully free distribution of GNU/Linux. We also have Parabola and many other free GNU/Linux distributions -- all which respect your rights. Check out our list at: #GNU #Linux #freesoftware

Lol it turns out Google recently changed the maps[.]google[.]com to google[.]com/maps

Which means if you gave a geolocation permission in your browser to Google Maps, it means now all Google services will have access to your geolocation

Here are excellent open source GMaps alternatives:
- PC: OpenStreetMap
- Android/iOS: Organic Maps

#BigTech #Google #Privacy #Surveillance #FreeSoftware #FOSS #OpenSource

@Suiseiseki #Debian has a Social Contract with the #FreeSoftware community. Debian promises to be 100% free as defined in the #DFSG, to give back to the community, to not hide problems, etc. It also says there are "contrib" and "non-free" areas for software that doesn't meet the #DFSG but is distributable. 22 years ago, I proposed removing non-free. Spirited discussion ensued, but non-free remained. People on both sides of that debate CARED! 2/

@Suiseiseki "#Debian doesn't care about the #DFSG" is absolutely false, and it is important we discuss why. I have been a Debian developer for over 25 years and I, along with thousands of my peers, care deeply about #FreeSoftware and the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

To say "I disagree with you about a corner case" is far different than "you don't care". Please refrain from attacking people in that way again. People may care deeply, yet disagree slightly. 1/

I am on board with the movement to #GiveUpGithub! I have already transitioned many (though not all of my older, semi-abandoned) repos to #Debian's #salsa service, which is based on #FLOSS #Gitlab and not limited to Debian projects. @Codeberg is another common choice and I would heartily recommend both.

My most recent #FreeSoftware project, #filespooler, has never had a Github presence of any kind.

@Suiseiseki So anyway, as a person that is a #Debian developer and has been for more than 25 years, and a person that cares deeply about #FLOSS and #FreeSoftware in Debian, and a person that has advocated for the removal of non-free, please don't try to tell me that I don't care.

I do care, and my peers -- those that agree with me and those that don't -- also care. That is why we are here and doing what we do.


💡 Today would be a perfect day to #GiveUpGitHub.

☣️ #GitHub is the #Twitter of software development, creators of the most enticing proprietary walled garden ever made for #FOSS developers.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource
GitHub Octocat mascot with a sack of money and crushing the words "USER RIGHTS"

Next year's LibrePlanet, which will be held March 18-19, 2023, is themed "Charting the Course" and the final deadline for session submissions has been extended to November 28. Want to know more? Read: #FreeSoftware #LibrePlanet

Are you, or do you know, someone age 14-18 who wants to develop free software? Free Software Foundation Europe's "Youth Hacking 4 Freedom" competition could be just the thing - sign up between now and 2022-12-31 #FSFE #freesoftware #hacking #programming

More than 100 European organisations and companies have already signed our #OpenLetter about the universal right to install any software on any device. Now, in the European Week for Waste Reduction, we open up the letter to be signed by individuals. Join us now and sign the letter yourself today:

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair #FreeSoftware #EWWR
Four illustrations. 1 three gears in different colors and sizes    integrate with each other, while one has the coding abbreviation on    it. 2 a phone-like device out of which come three arrows, one to the    left, one to the right and one straight ahead. 3 four different    geometrical figures are connected via bridges 4 a phone like device    looks like a lock that has been opened

Imagine you could install any software on any device. The devices you own that don't receive updates anymore, or where you found out that the software is full of ads/tracking. You could replace it, maybe with a Linux distro like postmarketOS running mainline. These devices wouldn't need to be electronic waste. We signed @fsfe's #openletter to the EU to make this happen.

You can sign it, too!

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair #EWWR #FreeSoftware #LinuxMobile #UpcyclingAndroid

I'll try to make a "My wife reacts to Richard Stallman" video soon, so, please hit me with your most interesting (strictly free software and online privacy related) Stallman clips from your favorite video sites!

Boosts are appreciated.

#AskFedi #FSF #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Video

Oh no, #Wickr is discontinuing their free tier service??

Frankly, who cares. So many other solid alternatives for #e2ee messaging out there. Really free ones, too, as in #freesoftware. Like:

#deltachat with encryption

And at the very, very bottom: #Signal.

Heck, even manually using #PGP works. Carry on with your #privacy!

Chromebooks foisted on students? Teachers monitoring what children do outside of the classroom via nonfree software? Surveillance of children is common, and it's at your child's school, too. Support #FreeSoftware

What is your desktop email client?

Please share yours.

#Email #FreeSoftware

  • Thunderbird (72%, 8 votes)
  • Evolution (0%, 0 votes)
  • Claws Mail (0%, 0 votes)
  • Other (Sylpheed, Emacs, etc.), please comment (27%, 3 votes)
11 voters. Poll end: 2 weeks ago

Proprietary software intentionally limits the way a program can be used or accessed as well as the rights over the code. This leaves society with little or no say over its technical infrastructure.

Control over technology has to be in the hands of the whole society, not just a small group! (3/4)

#FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom #OpenSource #DigitalRights
contrast between a transparent technical infrastructure titles 'Software Freedom' and a dark, locked one, titled 'Proprietary Software'

Maybe it's time I did an #introduction.

I'm a staff engineer & ex-manager at Canonical (the Ubuntu company), but I'm not here for Canonical, my opinions are my own.

I love principled discussions and heterodox ideas.

I'm well into #FreeSoftware (not quite the same as #OpenSource), #freedomofinformation

#freedomofassembly, #civildisobediance, #acab, #BLM, #workersrights

#economicjustice, #MMT, #politics, #leftism, #socialism, #OpenBorders, #pacifism, #feminism, #humanrights, #refugeeswelcome

After the dotcom bust 20 years ago, there was a shift away from attempts to turn the Internet into a portal owned by a single company (AOL, Yahoo, etc) using incompatible and proprietary tech, in favor of open standards.

This spawned a heydey for things like self-hosted blogs, RSS and XMPP powered by Linux. People rejected lock-in and embraced the benefits and freedom open standards brought. Even Big Tech embraced these standards.

#federation #decentralization #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

Next year's LibrePlanet, which will be held March 18-19, 2023, is themed "Charting the Course" and the deadline for Call for Sessions has been extended to November 23. Got an idea you want to run by the FSF campaigns team? Read about our CFS office hours: #FreeSoftware #LibrePlanet

Don't let proprietary software marketing dollars give you a false sense of security -- your devices are vulnerable. Understand the risks, and promote free software. Start the conversation in your community today! #FreeSoftware

For #FollowFriday I recommend the following folks:

@gregeganSF is a hard science fiction writer, the hardest of them all, with real mathematics and real physics in his fictional books.

@technomancy makes cool keyboards and other hardhacks, loves lisp.

@morphcat@rainwarrior@NicolasBetoux@miau6502@FrankenGraphics are part of the #NESdev scene and make new games with very old tech.

@davidrevoy makes a beautiful free webcomic with completely #FreeSoftware.