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User of #FreeBSD, you鈥檇 like to test 14-CURRENT ahead of the release with #OpenSSL 3 in base? Give the Pull-Request at a shot and let us know if anything fails or isn鈥檛 as expected!

Okay...un truquillo que por desgracia (RTFM!!), poca gente conoce... 驴Has querido levantar una aplicaci贸n al iniciar tu m谩quina y no se te ocurre c贸mo porque no es un servicio??? F谩cil...en tu crontab usa el "@reboot"

Ac谩 dos ejemplos:

***Levanto un vncserver:
@reboot /usr/local/bin/vncserver -x509key $HOME/.vnc/ares_x509_ca.key -x509cert $HOME/.vnc/ares_x509_ca.pem -SecurityTypes X509Vnc :1

***Levanto syncthing
@reboot /usr/local/bin/syncthing



Hardening the #FreeBSD shared memory (SHM) subsystem in #HardenedBSD, part one: prevent abuse of shm_open(2)/memfd_create(2) for capsicum-enabled processes.

A post-exploitation technique becoming more commonplace is to abuse memfd_create(2) to create memory-backed file descriptors. These file descriptors can be used with fdlopen(3) to load and execute a shared object file using anonymous memory mappings, making forensics more difficult.



Proof-of-Concept test case, abuse of memfd_create(2) to fdlopen(3) a shared object:

#infosec #malware

The Computer Chronicles - #UNIX (1985)

Special thanks to for hosting these episodes. Downloads of all these episodes and more can be found at:

via #FreeBSD in Telegram

Welp, #FreeBSD ports flavors are under documented. I want to install git-lite from the ports tree, but devel/git-lite was merged to devel/git. I can't just make install there as it'll install the full version, and searching the handbook only turns up how to make a port flavor, but not install a flavor.

#OpenBSD: The developers do everything in their power to make it safe and secure :openbsd:

#FreeBSD: The same applies :freebsd:

#Debian: The social contract, the committers and the work that is put into it :debian:

.....just to name three close favorites
I also trust #Arch :arch:

Celebrating 30 years of #FreeBSD with a cake at the #BSDCan 2023 FreeBSD Devsummit. Happy birthday! 馃巶
Via @bsdbcr

Past, present and future of MyGNUHealth the #GNUHealth Personal Health Record 鉂わ笍 . the application on the left is v 1.0 (Qt) on . The instance running on the right is the upcoming 2.0 (Kivy). MyGNUHealth will run on #GNU Linux and #FreeBSD, as well as Android (vollaos privacy oriented smartphones) and Linux phones. #eHealth #openscience
Screenshot from MyGNUHealth personal health record running on FreeBSD with XFCE.
Side by side, the current v1.0 (Qt) and the welcome screen using Kivy Python.

Introducci贸n f谩cil al universo de FreeBSD #distribuciones #freebsd

The March/April 2023 issue of the #FreeBSD Journal is here! This issue is all about Embedded! Covering GPU Passthrough, Ports and Packages on CheriBSD, GPT, and more! Best of all? It's Free!

#FreeBSD has a great start in 2023

Do you need to clear bash history under #Linux, #macOS, #FreeBSD or #Unix? Try
`history -c && history -w`

See all other options

#FreeBSD Status Report First Quarter 2023

Install FreeBSD 13.2 #freebsd #opensource #unix #unix_linux_beginners #bsd #freebsd_13.2 #freebsd_installation #install_freebsd #operating_systems

How To Upgrade To FreeBSD 13.2 From FreeBSD 13.1 #freebsd #unix #unix_linux_beginners #freebsd_13.2 #freebsd_upgrade

#FreeBSD :freebsd: has reached 0.01% global desktop market share according to StatCounter.
Screenshot of the header of the link in the post with FreeBSD highlighted

FreeBSD 13.2. released

The FreeBSD team has released the latest point release for FreeBSD 13.x, version 13.2. It comes with updated versions of OpenSSH and OpenSSL, improvements to bhyve to allow more than 16 virtual processors, an updated version of OpenZFS, the inclusion of the WireGuard kernel driver, and much more.


#FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE Now Available
The FreeBSD Release engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE. This is the third release of the stable/13 branch.


#FreeBSD #BSD #GhostBSD

my first update/upgrade and full #XFCE config - everythig works fine! I need to install #i3...
screenshot of GhostBSD desktop with XFCE...

So to try things out in a more #FreeBSD way, I'll be trying my hand at #jails in a way to sandbox processes similarly to chroot

Wonder if I can ultimately sandbox something real complex like Firefox and other internet-facing applications

MidnightBSD 3.0.0 Released. This is What's New

#bsd #opensource #freebsd #midnightbsd

#FreeBSD 14-CURRENT quite happily works on #Pine64 SOpine aka A64-LTS on Baseboard.

The only thing that doesn't work is the VGA console as the HDMI output is not detected (likely some FDT fixes needed), but I don't care because it will end up in a Clusterboard.

The moment of truth will be when I insert it into the Clusterboard though as the 13.2 image suffered from the old issue with Ethernet not working...
Pine64 SOpine installed in Baseboard

#FreeBSD 13.0 and up ships with a built-in lua interpreter, in the base system, and a jail interface for it.

On my 7 year old laptop, I can create & tear down 1_000_000 #jails in ... 12 seconds. On my similar aged desktop, under 4 seconds.


jail = require("jail")
all = jail.allparams()

for i=1,1000000
local name = "demo_" .. string.format("%04d", i)
jid, err = jail.setparams(name, {persist = "true"}, jail.CREATE)
if not jid then

-- skip slow i/o
-- print(name .. ": " .. jid)

jid, err = jail.setparams(name, {persist = "false"}, jail.UPDATE)
if not jid then

** no filesystems nor packet filters were harmed in this experiment

FreeBSD Home Audio Studio | #audio #freebsd

What should the ideal, super simple, no-excuses-anymore desktop backup tool do for you? #zfs #OpenZFS #FreeBSD

La esperanza comunitaria siempre recae en #BSD

#FreeBSD #NetBSD #OpenBSD #DragonFly #DragonFlyBSD #GhostBSD #Unixlike #Unix_like

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