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Me acaba de volver a pasar aquello que solía pasarnos al ver un videojuego de "Es que no se pueden hacer mejores gráficos, lo siguiente es ya LA REALIDAD".

Esta es la presentación de #UnRecord. La posición de la cámara, su movimiento, la iluminación, las texturas, animaciones... ¡Es que el realismo es acojonante!

¡Ojo! Es un tráiler muy temprano, a saber cómo llegará a su publicación.

#Videojuegos #FPS #Trailer #UnRecord #Youtube #Gaming

Here's the first Liblast teaser video!



- unfa

#Liblast #unfa #Godot4 #Godot #GodotEngine #Game #IndieGame #FPS #Multiplayer #Online #Shooter

An FPS view showing an exterior view, under the snow, the protagonist using the dreaded lucifer gun approaches the entrance of a bunker. On the top right of the interface, a dynamic map displays his position, while on the bottom left scrolls help messages followed by the protagonist's status. 

Unvanquished is a libre, multi-platform FPS and RTS, with fast and tactical gameplay, oriented towards team-based multiplayer (single player with bots is nevertheless available), opposing humans and alien arachnids. Players choose one of the 2 camps, with each one having a different experience and field of action. The humans have the advantage of long range shooting, the aliens the advantage of speed and stealth. The objective is to destroy the enemy base, to prevent the opposing team from reappearing (on their pods; these can be moved) before the end of the game time. It uses the NetRadiant map editor. A very high quality libre game.

Ashes 2063 ☢ - Doom 2 (GZDoom engine) stand alone post-apocalyptic mod MUST PLAY

#FPS #Doom #gzdoom #mod

Retro fuelled FPS 'Selaco' has easily one of the best demos I've ever played #FPS #IndieGame #GZDoom #SteamDeck

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