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EU Watchdog Radio: Episode 43: #Hunger is a political failure


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Les presento estos señores Chilaquiles 🤤

#food #foodporn

Child labor is not uncommon in the food industry and the agricultural sector — some estimates indicate that there are as many as half a million kids aged 8 to 17 working in farm jobs.

Eater took a look at the history of children working in America, why some lawmakers want to relax the laws now, and what child labor means for the food industry and society.

#History #Food #FoodHistory #ChildLabor #Agriculture

The wife and I decided to order Five Guys Burger and Fries for lunch today.

As always, food was exceptionally good. The amount of fries you see here is only about 1/5th of the full amount you get with a large fry order. It's seriously insane how many fries they give you.

#Burgers #FiveGuysBurgers #Food #FoodPorn #Fries

Photo I took of the two burgers and some of the fries I had from Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch today.

Feliz día de la hamburguesa - (está es casera)

@bacteriano me antojó

#food #hamburguer #mty #zelda

⚪ Ein vorsichtiges...
🟤 A careful... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #FredericoNaef in Loc.: #Zurich Switzerland 🇨🇭- Title: "Virus" (Eat me -Serie) #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Photography #Fotografie #Zürich #Virus #Food #Surreal #Meatballs #EatMe 🥫
➡️ #APhotoLove
Photography and Art. A color photograph of a kitchen in which a person in a hazmat suit is examining a can of meatballs. The kitchen is decorated in the style of the 50s. The floor is black and white checkered, the walls white with brown dots. On it a red-brown table with drawer and two brown chairs with metal frame. In the background is a beige kitchen cabinet with glass doors. It is filled exclusively with Meatballs cans. An old lamp stands on the sideboard. The main figure in this room is a person in a silver full body - radiation protective suit. In front of him is an open can of these Spaghetti Meatballs and he seems to be about to touch it with his rubber gloves.
Info: In his multifaceted works, photographer Frederico Naef always tells stories that take a sometimes bizarre turn in a seemingly random setting. The can as an object of pop culture appears here as something dangerous, which seems not to be from this world. The photographer saw a mountain with these cans as a child in Namibia and the image never let him go. The result is a series of images with the title "Eat me".

Sometimes it's good to take your mind off bigger challenges, personal, national, global, w/ever and just be grateful for small things you can easily affect.

Chives from the garden. Chopping them up for lunch. A very simple good thing. That's all.

A hand holding a bunch of cut chives. In the background several herb plants.

La Mexicana, originalmente era una carnicería que se hizo popular por sus sabrosos tacos de canasta.

Poco a poco comienzan a volverse populares y emblemáticos en Monterrey.

Yo les recomiendo visitar la sucursal principal en la calle Guerrero.

Prueben los tacos de chicharrón y de carnitas.

🦷🦷🦷🦷 4 dientes

#foodporn #food #taco #travel #mexico #comida

Mala xiang guo (spicy stir-fry hot pot), a dish from the Tujia minority in China that has become popular among Chinese communities worldwide. Since customers can choose what ingredients go into the pot, Malaysian chains often have “localized” ingredients such as yong tau foo that are not typically found in the original version. The chain I usually go to also have a halal chain for Muslim customers (Mala Mala).

#MakanApaToday #Food

A large dish where various ingredients (pork, leafy vegetables, broccoli, mushrooms, black fungus, enoki, etc. are stir-fried in a very spicy Sichuan-style sauce.

≪ Kohlrabischnitzel an Tomatenreis ≫

Kohlrabi, Paniermehl, Ei-Ersatz (1 EL Kichererbsenmehl + 2 EL Wasser = 1 Ei), Reis, Tomaten, rote und grüne Paprika.

Knoblauch, etwas Zitronensaft, ein wenig Xylit, Pfeffer, Salz, großblättrige Petersilie

#photography #fotografie #foto #photo #mywork #ownwork #kochen #food #essen #vegan

Ein aufgeschnittenes Kohlrabischnitzel mit Tomatenreis auf einem Teller.

Tamales para todos todas todes :tamal: :tamal: :tamal: :tamal: :tamal::tamal: :tamal:

vía su creadora @eco_amandine

#tamal #food #emoji #emojo

Keo jiap mee, or Kuching tomato noodles. It’s basically a variant of Cantonese fried crispy noodles #MakanApaToday #MalaysianFood #Food
A very large of deep-fried-until-crispy noodles soaked in a tomato gravy. It’s exactly the same as Cantonese fried crispy noodles except that the soup is tomato soup.

Hoy les traigo una receta: pescado capeado estilo Baja. Sirve para taquitos o quesadillas.
Pescado fresco en tiras (de carne firme)
Harina de trigo
Orégano seco
Ajo picado fino
Sal y pimienta
Cerveza (o agua mineral)

En un tazón combinar la harina con el orégano, el ajo, sal y pimienta y el huevo. Ir revolviendo la cerveza hasta que quede textura como harina de hotcakes.
Sumergir el pescado en esa mezcla y freír en bastante aceite.

#receta #comedodon #food

Pescado capeado

Por fin en algo que lideramos a nivel mundial 🇲🇽🐷 😂
#carnitas #food

Ranking Best Pork Dishes in the World May 2023 #TasteAtlas

Ranking Best Pork Dishes in the World May 2023

I made simosas for a farewell do at work tomorrow (our Ass. Director is retiring).

I want to eat them now if course.


A plate of 14 simosas.


Jun Yoshizuki, the #Japan-based culinary enthusiast behind Jun’s Kitchen, is probably most famous for the endearing presence of his feline companions. He writes: "This time, I made a Japanese recipe called #nikogori (jellied broth) for my #cats. Nikogori is often made with the natural jellies from #fish bones (sea bream, flounder, eel, etc) or chicken wings."

#video #cat #cute #food #kitchen #cooking #catfood

Taquitos Tlaquepaque en Taquerías Las Delicias #Monterrey #Food

Soon we can harvest wild garlic again and we also spotted the first asparagus head in our garden.

Pasta with Wild Garlic Pesto and Asparagus

#vegan #govegan #recipe #pasta #food #veganfood
Pasta with Wild Garlic Pesto and Asparagus

Can anyone help me get food & some supplies for our kitties? 🐱

They have been out of wet food for a few days and are not doing well just having dry food. 😰$octopuslaws8

#Ask #Request #MutualAid #Crowdfund #MutualAidRequest #Crowdfunding #Cat #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Needs #Food
Photo of a box of canned cat food and a jingle ball toy. A photo showing the order for all the cat supplies totaling $48.
Photo of a jingle ball cat toy, a container of catnip, and a laser pointer.

“I’m going to present to you this recipe,” Doña Ángela, or Mrs. Ángela, says in her first #YouTube video, from August 2019, speaking #Spanish in a dulcet tone that creaks slightly like a sturdy barn door. “I hope you like it.” @nytimes #Mexico #MexicanFood #food #recipes #socialmedia

It’s now more commonly known that alcohol and tobacco use make us ill. Less known is that just four industries account for at least one-third of global preventable deaths. These industries are: unhealthy processed food and drinks, fossil fuels, alcohol and tobacco.


Meat industry blocked the IPCC’s attempt to recommend a plant-based diet

“A leak of a draft of the Intergovernmental Panel on #ClimateChange (#IPCC) report..has been particularly enlightening when it comes to just how much how delegations negotiate, watered down & delete scientists’ findings.” #science #food
A chart from Quartz via Our World In Data showing beef's emissions far exceed all other food products

కేవలం 15 నిమిషాల్లో దోసెల్లోకి అద్దిరిపోయే కుర్మా | Super Tasty Veg Kurma Recipe For Idli and Dosa

#recipe #recipes #food #cooking

You may have heard that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - the #IPCC - released a new #climate report.

Here’s the most important take home:

There are *still* so many feasible & effective opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions & adapt to #climatechange available right now.

Climate solutions will improve #food, energy & water security, benefit global health, promote equity, conserve biodiversity & boost the economy.
Read more:
Feasibility of climate responses and adaptation, and potential of mitigation options in the near-term. From the 6th IPCC report.

🔪 Artist: #HelgaStentzel in City: #London UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "My Kitchen..." - (Meine Küche beobachtet mich, wie ich zum Kühlschrank renne, um nachzusehen, ob auf magische Weise neue Lebensmittel aufgetaucht sind)
- #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Photography #Fotografie #IseeFaces #Artwork #Kitchen #Food #Küche #FunArt
Photography. A color photo shot of a kitchen with a view of the orange stove. The kitchen is designed to show a face. A shelf with two large white plates and two black small plates are the eyes. Between them is a long hood as the nose.  The brown tile backsplash underneath frames the "mouth". An orange stove, from which two white cloths hang, then make an astonished face with hare's teeth. In front of it is a red oriental carpet and above it is the text:
"My kitchen watching me run to the fridge to check if any new food has magically appeared."

"Maca may be trending in local health food stores, but this powerful root has been used in #Peru for over 2000 years. Maca can help people optimize their health, energy level, and mood."

#health #southAmerica #nutrition #food

Se llama Loreto's Pizza. Es una combinación rara entre burrito, pirata y sincronizada gigante de carne asada.

Lo acompaño con frijoles a la charra

#foodporn #food

Hello hello, I'm opening comms again since I got my laptop repaired recently. Opening 5 slots for folks who are interested! 😁

#Commissions #Commission #CommissionsOpen #FurryArt #MastoArt #Art #Chibi #Food
First page of my commission sheet featuring food items (tofu sisig, iced coffee, Penang Hokkien Mee). Prices start at $70 or PHP 2,500). The third page of my commission sheet featuring detailed backgrounds. Prices start at $250 or Php7,300.
Second page of my commissions sheet, featuring a chibi fanart of Beastars character Haru plus two people. This sheet features a painterly style and simple style. The last page of my commissions sheets featuring the terms of service and other important information.

Content warning: CW: Food

@ :fediverse:">Angel :mastodon: :fediverse:

Cereal azucarado y pan blanco. Nunca fueron saludables.

A mí me da lo mismo ¡qué ricos saben!
#Health #food #bread #cereal

El cereal 🥣 y el pan 🍞 ya no serán considerados como “saludables”
#health #food #cereal #bread

FDA says sugary cereal and white bread no longer "healthy," per BI

Content warning: Nourriture (reco resto à Nantes)

Hello Mastodon :artpeek:

Today's Thai seasoning is Thai chicken sauce!

It's sweet&spicy - we use it to dip all kinds of chicken in: roast chicken, fried chicken, even fried wontons

No chicken photos on hand, so pls enjoy other thai food photos down below :artsits:

Pro tip: we don't really cook with chicken sauce (I haven't!)

Tshirts here:

#MastodonArt #MastoArt #mastodon #art #artistsonmastodon #artist #fediart #prints #JoinIn #thailand #asia #food #cooking
Drawing of Thai chicken sauce Deep fried soft shell crabs seasoned with garlic and pepper
Thai chicken sauce on blue tshirt Grilled river prawns with seafood sauce - beats lobsters any day!

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