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Today I want to
take a minute to say how much I love and appreciate how @wikipedia has joined us on the Fediverse and is doing everything right.

Creating their own instance? 🏡

Check! ✔️

Listening to the community? :blobcouple:

Check! ✔️

Using Alt-Text on the media they post? 💬​

Check! ✔️

Boosting others? :boost_ok:

Check! ✔️

Verifying themselves? :blobcatfakeverified:

Check! ✔️

Having a lively and lovely presence and being part of the community? :ablobsmile:

Check! ✔️

Thank you Wikipedia.
You are the best and This Is The Way 💚

#Fediverse #Mastodon #FollowFriday

Señores, ha llegado el día, mi amigo Pato (Lagon) por fin se ha hecho Mastodon en serio. Creador de contenido chikito, técnico informático, y señor de los patos. Podéis seguirle en @Lagon #ff #followfriday no os vais a arrepentir para nada. ¿Cuándo os he recomendado a gente chunga? <img class=oCat:" title=":bongoCat:"/>

Mi #FF #FollowFriday para

🎬 @laparadadelcine una cuenta muy chula que recuerda cumpleaños de actrices, actores, directores/as, guionistas... de #películas y da pie a recordar y conversar sobre #cine y todo lo que lo rodea.

Qué necesarios son los #followfriday para ir dando forma a la linea principal!

#FF #followfriday

@ratwave sabe mucho de gameboy y gambas

@ondiz emacs lover que hace pan y muchas cosas

@estrellascompartidas sabe mucho de software libre y observar estrellas

@DefaultWabisabi sabe mucho de emborrachar polillas

@tunubesecamirio activismo contra las big techs desde una perspectiva ecologista

@fcastep es vegano

@rober un máquinarias que controla de anime y de sistemas y de muchas cosas.

@blissy maquinarias de los videojuegos

@louzao maquinarias de seguridad informática
Follow fridays

Since a few people have mentioned it, we're working on getting the official verified ✔️ .

Wikipedia runs on all open source software, you can even see the review process for adding the rel="me" link: <>. We try to avoid deploying on Fridays and the weekend, so it should be live early next week.

So in the spirit of #FollowFriday, check out:

@wikimedia_sal - feed of Wikipedia deployments

@mediawiki - underlying wiki software used by Wikipedia and thousands of other sites

Resultados de las votaciones de Marzo:

1. Axel Kicillof 18,9%
2. Javier Milei 17%
3. Horacio R. Larreta 12,3%
4. Juan Grabois 8,5%
5. Patricia Bullrich 7,5%
6. Sergio Massa 5,7%
7. Alberto Fernández 4.7%
8. Vidal, Fierro y Bregman 3.8%
Otros < 3%

#elecciones2023 #argentina #viernes #followfriday

Allow ourselves to reintroduce ourselves -- we are UC Santa Cruz a one of a kind university located where the redwood forest meets the ocean. Follow us for:

💙 Research news coming out of UCSC including science, astronomy, biology, social justice, art and more.
💛 Student and professor profiles -- meet our amazing community.
💙 Photos of our beautiful campus -- it truly never gets old.
💛 University accolades

Excited to connect with y'all!

#Friday #FollowFriday #academadon #science #astronomy
Giant redwood trees tower over a path with smaller trees leading to a green, grassy meadow with students laying and standing. The sunlight peaks through the trees.

Hello EVERYONE! I am really loving Mastadon and meeting awesome people! I have A LOT of fun creating! This massive abstract was commissioned by a client at HP. Say "hi" back and enjoy my ART! See my portfolio here: #art #artist #creativity #creative #abstract #abstractart #colorfulart #color #BuyIntoArt #followfriday #followbackfriday #follow #followers #mastoart #mastadonart #fediart #ArtMatters #artwork #colorful #arte #AYearForArt #mastoart #mastoartist #fediart
Just saying "Hi" and getting into the swing of Mastadon. I have A LOT of fun creating! This massive abstract was commissioned by Antonio Neri CEO, of Hewlett Packard. He was an amazing client to work for! See my portfolio here: #art #artist #fun #creativity #creative #abstract #abstractart #colorfulart #color

Ah! Que hoy es Jueves? Pues entonces #FollowFriday a nuestras hermanas de @cameresiaccio CàmeresiAcció (ÀÓ) es una cooperativa de #Barcelona que utiliza las herramientas audiovisuales para promover la intervención y transformación social ✊


Ah qué es Jueves? Pues entonces #FollowFriday a nuestras hermanas de @cameresiaccio CàmeresiAcció (ÀÓ) es una cooperativa de #Barcelona que utiliza las herramientas audiovisuales para promover la intervención y transformación social ✊


I love that #asstodon is a tag all about DONKEYS! What a fun #FollowFriday find!

Here are my parents' donkeys, Lil Darlin' with her daughters, Clementine and Daisy, and her baby boy, Blaze. #donkeys
A brown and cream-colored donkey pushes her nose into the camera. Two young brown and cream-colored donkeys with a smaller solid brown donkey stand behind her in an open field of tall grasses, yucca plants, and prickly pear cactus.

#FollowFriday #FF Picks of the Day:

➡️ @notjustbikes - Videos about good urban planning, using the Netherlands as an example

➡️ @loadingartist - Creator of web comics Loading Artist & Plucked Up

➡️ @forgejo - Self-hostable code forge committed to FOSS, Codeberg's fork of Gitea

➡️ @amsc - The American Miniature Schnauzer Club, member club of the AKC

➡️ @kdenlive - Free open source video editing software, libre alternative to Adobe Premiere

More follows at

Go join if you are into #watches #casio #seiko #watchcollecting #timex and stuff like that

Its not only just about watches though, so if you want a smaller instance to join, hosted by a trustworthy person, check it out too!

And because of #followfriday go follow @cg



Because why not :blobcatderpy:

Happy #FF #followfriday everybody.

I was one click away to start a #twitter revolution lol jk

Today I’m going to explain why System misconfiguration is still the number one vulnerability and how I could have replaced everyone’s profile picture (or any other user’s uploaded content) with a meme at the Mastodon instance.

Happy #hacking

No es norma pero se va convirtiendo en convención: nuestros fediversantes ciegos no suelen personalizar su avatar, les queda el predeterminado (imagen adjunta).

Tiene lógica y está chido porque nos permite identificar de un vistazo cuando conversamos con quien tiene esa discapacidad.

Les invito a que, si no son ciegos, personalicen su avatar tan pronto como puedan.

#EsViernesDeSeguirA @blindscribe@jaguarunileiro
#FF #FollowFriday

#FediTips #Accesibilidad #Accessibility #Blind #Ceguera
Cara de Mastodonte caricaturizada, avatar predeterminado en Mastodon.

It's # and here are some # related accounts maybe worth following:

@Le_bottin_des_jeux_linux shares libre games and gamedev tools every day.

@game_programming shares gamedev related articles/tutorials.

@blender_channel Blender's official PeerTube account, sharing videos.

@unfa Linux sound/music artist, now making a nice game in #

@gamingonlinux Linux gaming news!

Also, is a Mastodon instance focused on gaming, run by @gamemakingtools

# / # recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @gancio - Libre online community calendar with Fediverse support

🌟 @veloren - FOSS open world RPG with online multiplayer support, sort of Breath Of The Wild / Minecraft hybrid.

🌟 @sergeaus - Skilful Australian photographer

🌟 - German Government's official Mastodon instance

🌟 @wikihow - Randomly combined WikiHow images and titles

🌟 @gxabbo - Videos about languages, especially Esperanto

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