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馃摎 馃寛 Wow, @princetonupress is having an incredibly deep sale--75% off many titles!! My book HACKING DIVERSITY: The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures is among them.

It's $7 for the paperback & ships to many countries. And check out all the other sale stuff, runs thru Feb 14! 馃挏

#Books #Hacking #FLOSS #HackingDiversity #Commodon #STS

In fact you know what? Let's make this thread about cool projects not hosted on Microsoft GitHub.

Any self-hostable repo system instance counts (yes, that includes GitLab in my book) counts.

Respond with a link to a repo and a paragraph-two of a description of the project, and I will boost it (unless for whatever reason I consider the project meh; it's my thread, sorry :flan_tongue: ).


Very cool how adding an editable text label with the <img class=" title=":mastodon:"/> logo gets the biggest centralized code hosting site 鈥 an abusive one at that, feeding all your code to train a Microsoft-owned AI 鈥 loads of free publicity around here. 馃

Instead, I'm gonna send some love to @Codeberg and @forgejo, since they might actually *implement federation* for code hosting systems. :blobcatthinksmart:

As in: joining fedi, instead of just paying lip service like that other code hosting site.


#help #wie weiss ich unter #android 13 was meinen speicherplatz frisst?

das grossartige #diskusage funktioniert nicht mehr..

und android system kram ist m眉ss.
simple datai explorer half ein wenig weiter..

#floss #kompatibilit盲t

Inkscape's Multipage Feature - Martin Owens - Creative Freedom Summit 2023

NOTE: The current closed captions are machine-generated - we are still editing them and will provide better captions as soon as we can!

An exploration of hosting multiple pages within a single Inkscape document, some of the functionality this enables and some of the uses that it has.

**If you enjoy this video, please consider a contribution to Martin's Patreon, available at:**

Link to slides: (CC-BY-SA)

About the speaker:

Martin Owens is an Inkscape Programmer and Software Freedom Contractor. Graphics, art, computers, politics, ideas, science.

Social media:
YouTube Channel:

Special thanks to Creative Freedom Summit community member Ian Phillips for editing this video!

I made a book for a friend on their birthday. Images show the cover, interior pages, and the colophon. To summarize the colophon, I typeset a fairy tale from Poland in Scribus on a Raspberry Pi. The typeface, Lato, is designed by a Warsaw based designer. #FLOSS #typography FTW


...means not using a cocky american misogynist mascot to gin up support for some rube goldberg technological solution. But it does involve thinking carefully about the needs and capabilities of the whole community so we can achieve freedom together.

#foss #fsf #oss #floss #software

Acabo e ver esto en el canal de Telegram de Gr谩fica Libre. Una colecci贸n de fuentes libres realizadas por mujeres.

饾棔饾棶饾棻饾棶饾榾饾榾 饾棢饾椂饾棷饾椏饾棽 饾棛饾椉饾椈饾榿饾榾 饾棔饾槅 饾棯饾椉饾椇饾槄饾椈 es un proyecto de Loraine Furter que recopila diferentes fuentes tipogr谩ficas creadas por mujeres.
Son de libre descarga y c贸digo abierto馃檶

#fuentes #tipograf铆a #dise帽o #typography #fonts #FOSS #FLOSS #fuentes

#Upscaly, an Open Source app for scaling images based on AI models.

Upscaly, una aplicaci贸n de C贸digo Abierto para escalar im谩genes basandose en modelos AI.

#FLOSS #FOSS #GIMP #GMIC #photoediting

In my classes, firefox and libreeoffice are always my go to examples for amazingness in terms of "look at what #FLOSS" can do.

They might be like "oh Chrome is faster" and I'm like "yeah, maybe this week; also did you consider that one is a *zillion dollar company* and the other essentially a tiny nonprofit AND THEYRE STILL COMPETITIVE?"

And then I try to say "stop whining" only under my breath

One thing I've learned from using #FLOSS for two and a half year exclusively is: Use the small tools. People are able to maintain small tools in their spare time sustainably.
But even more I'm impressed by the institutions and communities that are able to maintain the good "monsters" like @thunderbird, @mozilla and @libreoffice! Without them I could not use the (GNU) Linux desktop for work! #sustainability #flossLove #smallTech #goodMonsters

Me acabo de enterar que G ha publicado de "emergencia" actualizaciones para las versiones de #android desde la 10 hasta la 13, pues supuestamente se corre el peligro de que se podria usar una puerta trasera en el sistema que podrian aprovechar "inescrupulosos" para adquirir derechos de administracion, sin consentimiento de los usuarios (y de ellos seguramente).

Lamentablemente en la actualidad no creo que se haga ninguna auditoria regular al codigo que va publicando #BigBrother, y menos aun creo que existan las herramientas para hacer un escaneo del codigo modificado por los coders de G.

Conociendo ya la historia de espionaje que tiene G... mucho me interesaria que los fabricantes de telefonos cada vez se fueran desprendiendo de la version con #GASP y se fueran cambiando a una con alternativas 100% #FLOSS, tipo #eOS o similar...

So帽ar cada vez cuesta mas caro.

The Annual New Years Show is ancient tradition (11 years is a lot in Internet Years).

It's where all the #FLOSS, #FreeCulture and #CreativeCommons #Podcasters and #podcast listeners get together to celebrate each and every timezone entering the new year.

Due to the weirdness that is international time zones, that's 26 hours.

Listen or chat recordings will be released next year


Karrot is a free open source platform for sharing real life resources (for example excess food, to prevent it going to waste).

You can follow the project at:

鉃★笍 @karrot

The main instance is at

You can find the source code at

(The emphasis is on food, but the platform can be used to share anything.)

#Karrot #Activism #CoOp #CoOperative #FoodSharing #FoodAndDrink #FoodWaste #Food #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #NGOs #Environment

Karrot is a free open source platform for sharing resources in real life (for example by sharing excess food before it goes to waste).

You can follow the project here:


There's a flagship instance of the project at

It's currently used mainly for food sharing, but it can be used for sharing any resource.

#Community #Activism #CoOperative #CoOp #Sharing #FoodSharing #FoodBanks #FoodWaste #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre
Screenshot of a Karrot instance showing a map of the world with various food sharing groups marked on it

Lista de #proyectos #FLOSS que han obtenido #financiaci贸n de #NLNet dentro de su programa NGI0 Entrust.

Vale la pena le茅rselo detenidamente, ya que contiene ideas muy interesantes y poco conocidas, abarcando desde el dise帽o de hardware, hasta nuevas propuestas para el Fediverso, pasando por control de identitidad e identificaci贸n, y utilidades para la productividad colaborativa.

Si usan #Linux, #Lollypop es un reproductor y gestor de m煤sica bastante bonito y lleno de funcionalidad. Es lo que uso para mantener mi tableta android llena de m煤sica. #GTK #Gnome #FOSS #FLOSS
Imagen del reproductor de m煤sica Lollypop, y un vistazo a mi nostalgia noventera.

Las compa帽eras de @calafou han juntado en una lista de reproducci贸n el fant谩stico curso de @kdenlive creado por @podcastlinux publicado en #Peertube


Junto al portal de herramientas disponemos de una plataforma de trabajo para facilitar las investigaciones vecinales.

Todo el software empleado en la plataforma es libre y de c贸digo abierto.


Yo #FLOSS #hivemind!

We need some technical advice on how to sign the FreeCAD executable in macOS so we can get it on the macOS App Store.

Thank you in advance!

40k users, 50k projects. We're providing service to so many, this was unbelievable four years ago when #Codeberg was founded.

Thank you for supporting our mission. Together we fight the monopoly of proprietary platforms, and work towards a future where websites are hosted by non-profit associations and federate with each other.

Learn how to help:

Big thanks to: #Gitea + #Forgejo, #Debian #GNU/#Linux and all these nice people in the #FLOSS community. You rock! 馃挋

Una de las cuestiones que mas me gusta de #NeoStore es que ademas de reunir a casi todos los repositorios de apps para #Android puede distinguir entre #FLOSS y los #Shareware

Content warning: 驴Por que no darle una segunda vida a tu telefono movil?

馃暩锔 馃摌 Hi, I'm a scholar* who wrote a book about #FLOSS & #hacking cultures holding "diversity" conversations 馃枼锔 馃寛

One take-home from that work is that EuroAm #FOSS communities' frameworks for thinking abt #gender inclusion were far more sophisticated than their analysis of positioning wrt #race & Global North-South relations. Sharing bc some may need reading on hegemonic #whiteness in #fediverse :

*white settler cis woman #HackingDiversity #Mastodon #racism #commodon #STS

aqui le tengo el ojo puesto a uno que tengo desde hace unos mil a帽os y que me gustaria poder conseguir instalar apps diferentes a las que actualmente tiene
Hace un a帽os mas o menos, la #FSF habia levantado una campa帽a para revivir a los telefonos moviles, usando solo #FLOSS, cuestion que me parece imperioso, pero que no veo mucho que haya avanzado
De los 5 moviles que tengo guardado en casa, no he conseguido rescatar a ninguno, ya que no he encontrado ninguna version android libre compatible con equipos muy viejos, y aun menos con equipos diferentes a los de las marcas populares de siempre.

And its happening in Germany too after France banned it last week! #Microsoft355 has finally been banned from schools!

#FLOSS #Privacy is a non-profit hosting site for FOSS projects. You can follow at:

鉃★笍 @Codeberg

Their website is at

Codeberg is a very large instance of Gitea, the self-hostable code hosting platform. You can also follow them at:

鉃★笍 @gitea

Gitea's website is at

Gitea is testing federation through ActivityPub, which will make it part of the Fediverse! 馃

#Codeberg #Gitea #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Forges #SelfHosting

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