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The week before last I had the opportunity to deliver a "flash talk" at a work meetup. I opted to present a summary of what I've learned while adding support for Finger and Gopher protocols to the WordPress installation that powers (I also hinted at the fact that I already added Gemini and Spring '83 support, and I'm looking at other protocols).

The presentation is a shortened, Automattic-centric version of a talk I'll be delivering at Oxford Geek Nights tomorrow. If you're in or around Jericho, Oxford tomorrow, come say hi!

Read more or watch at:

#finger #Gopher #Gemini #Spring83 #WordPress #Automattic #Oxford

Para utilizar #finger en el celu, FingerList en #fdroid. Cumple decentemente para poder seguir a la muchachada de

[from 2021 but farily new] lets use USENET along gemini, fediverse etc forget bloated corporate http/web crap - New funding for the Net’s oldest discussion network I been using it for 3 weeks now and i got it to auto update my fav groups. # # # # # #

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