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The Big Clock (1948)

I'm intrigued by that time-date display there, it looks like an LCD which would update, but that's impossible of course, is it the time a train departs or something?

Pretty intense, almost expressionist art, but it bugs me that his arm is perfectly in line with the thing. It makes a really strong line which I want to break up.

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A man is hiding behind a column with a map, the words "New York" and a time-date display, looking out at a doorway through which a man is coming with a smoking gun. Text: "The CRIME of your life!".

Poster for the 1948 film “The Big Clock”.

For all my #cinematic peeps out there, let's get a thread going with stills from your Letterboxd top 4 movies. (Or if you don't have a #Letterboxd account, just throw out a still from each of your four favorite movies.)

Me? I went with:

Night of the Living Dead
Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

And while we're at it, if you're down with sharing it, throw out your Letterboxd handle while you're at it. I'm there as optiMSTie!

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A look at the waters of Amity Island through the jaws of a shark in the movie Jaws Jacques Tati as Monsieur Hulot and Nathalie Pascaud as Martine share a dance as pirates at the seaside hotel's costume ball in Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
Judith O'Dea as Barbra has a brush with death as she holds onto a headstone in Night of the Living Dead Eli Wallach as Tuco pulls a pistol on Clint Eastwood as Blondie in a scene from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Mystery Street (1950)

On the one hand, Ricardo Montalban! Looking good. On the other hand, this one is fugly. What's going on with those hanging … streamer … flower … things around him? Very distracting.

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Multiple images: a man seen though some hanging material; a man and a woman coming through a door in outdoor clothes; a man and a woman standing close to each other and smiling; a woman lying on her back on a street.

Poster for the 1950 film “Mystery Street”.

Now playing: MST3K vs. Manhunt in Space

It's so cheesy and silly and ridiculous and my heart can't stand it.


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The title screen from Manhunt in Space, as featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Tom Servo, Joel Robinson, and Crow T. Robot watch in silhouette.

He Ran All The Way (1951)

I don't know what "their kind of love" is, but maybe a firearms kink considering they've taken a revolver into bed with them. That or painting themselves green.

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A man and a woman lying down, the man's arm reaching around the woman and holding a gun. Text: "Dynamite hits the screen with their kind of love!".

Poster for the 1951 film “He Ran All The Way”.

The Killer Is Loose (1956)

The guy in the brown coat doesn't know he's allowed to put his belongings down before he puts his hands up. Unless the robber is a sunglasses aficionado and has said "Those are nice, can I have a look? Where did you get them?".

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir
Four people in a bank with their hands up, looking out of frame. Two are men in hats on the public side of the counter the other two apparently bank staff. 

Poster for the 1956 film “The Killer Is Loose”.

Deadline – U.S.A. (1952)–_U.S.A.

The German is literally "the mask down" so something like "behind the mask" or "when the mask slips" kind of deal? Not even Bogart's mum would recognise him in this … liberal interpretation.

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Multiple images: a man in suit, bow-tie and fedora points out at the viewer; a woman in revealing clothing; a man being manhandled by a law enforcement officer, a newspaper front page.

Poster for the 1952 film “Deadline – U.S.A.”.

The Unsuspected (1947)

Calling your movie "The Unsuspected" is like calling it "there is a twist", right? It's the person you don't suspect!

I don't love the design but that typography is pretty out there for 1947. It looks like something from a golden-age Marvel comic.

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir
Various images, close-ups of actors' faces, dramatically lit; a woman with a man standing behind her. Text: "you can't foresee it! You can't forget it!".

Poster for the 1947 film “The Unsuspected”.

Sirocco (1951)
poster language: Spanish
There's something strangely feminine about Bogart in this one—is he wearing eyeliner and lipstick? This better not awaken anything in me.

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir
A close-up of a man smoking a cigarette. Superimposed, a woman in evening dress leaning against a wall; a city skyline with a minaret.

Poster for the 1951 film “Sirocco”.

Woman in Hiding (1950)

Flights of stairs seem to be a big thing in this batch of images. Stairs and doorways. Why did they have to abbreviate "Saturday Evening Post"? There's plenty of room.

#film #cinema #movies #MoviePosters #cinemastodon #filmastodon #FilmNoir
Main image: a man and woman with sombre expressions, the man's hand on the woman's shoulder. Other image, a woman on a balcony/catwalk and a man approaching her up a flight of stairs. Text: "Based on the Sat. Eve. Post serial story … Fugitive from Terror."

Poster for the 1950 film “Woman in Hiding”.

Over nine decades ago was the release of this American horror film based on Edgar Allan Poe's 1841 short story, "Murders in the Rue Morgue".

#Classic #Horror #Mystery #BelaLugosi #EdgarAllanPoe #CineMastodon #FilMastodon

1957: Night of the Demon

We have two towering examples of American filmmaking here in 12 Angry Men and A Face in the Crowd.

Top honors go to this British horror film that would inspire another pick of mine, 2009's Drag Me to Hell. Jacques Tourneur's film is not only distinctly different from Sam Raimi's update, but it's also far superior.

Niall MacGinnis is magnetic as Julian Karswell, a Satanic cult leader who uses Celtic runes to curse his adversaries. Dana Andrews is a professor who's determined to investigate Karswell, only to end up bringing a curse upon himself.

An aura of dread and tension practically DRIPS off this film, and with MacGinnis as the charismatic predator and Andrews as the initially skeptical prey, we have a top-notch conflict that drives the plot. Love the writing and direction, love love love the ominous feel of the whole work. But it's the performances that give Demon its teeth.

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A demon looms front and center on the poster of Night of the Demon, with Dana Andrews and Peggy Cummins cowering in the corner.

The tagline: "Chosen... singled out to die... victim of his imagination or victim of a demon?"

Drive My Car
Drama by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi, Japan, 2021

Not for the impatient: The three hours should be taken, even if they didn't seem that long to me due to the exceptionally good pacing. The opening credits alone start after 45 minutes.
The story unfolds in all its breadth and revelation over the course of the film.


#DriveMyCar #Drama #RyūsukeHamaguchi #Japanuary #Film #Filmfan #FilmReview #Filmastodon #Movies #Cinema
Move poster: A red saab on the side of the road. A young woman is sitting in the car, a man is leaning on the hood of the car. In the background the sea and mountains can be seen.

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