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Time for another #ClimateJustice in the #Fediverse overview.

Here is a list of accounts (haven't had time to add the latest newcomers yet):

Here is a list of instances:

:masto: (for :fff: #fff activists & groups)
:masto: (for any cj groups)
:masto: (for individuals, parties and other actors in the cj movement)
:masto: (dedicated to sustainability and climate)
:masto: (sustainable EU server)
:funk: (for cj podcasts)
😛ix: (instagram-like cj photo sharing site)
:lemmy: (reddit-like cj forum)

Have I missed anything?

"Wären Sie auch Professor geworden, wenn Sie freitags immer die Schule geschwänzt hätten, Herr Harald #Lesch?"

Lesch: „Ja!“
#MicDrop #anneWill #fff #Klimakrise

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

#FFF #Fridaysforfuture

¡Let there be #Stau, breaking the traffic!

"Be slow and fix things!"
#Xtinctionrebellion #XR

#climate #climatechange #fff

Immer daran denken: am 18.06. ist #fff Demo in #hamburg
Kreidemalerei auf dem Boden mit dem Datum 18.06. und dem Text "Fridays for Future"

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