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Der heutige #Fensterfreitag wird Ihnen aus der Dresdner Neustadt präsentiert.
Hope you‘ve had a great week.
Ein türkisfarbenes Haus mit vielen Fenstern in verschiedenen Größen.

One for #WindowFriday / #fensterfreitag - this photo is a happy memory from a trip out to a hostel in Connemara. This is Ross Errilly Friary - or what remains of this medieval #monastery - The birds flying overhead were actually there. I heard them rustling in the walls and waited.
#CountyGalway #Galway #Ireland #Medieval #architecture #photography #MedievalArchitecture #Europe #IrishArt #ArtMatters #MastoArt #FediArt #MarkOnArt
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Digital Photograph of one of the windows  in Ross Errilly Friary in rural County Galway. There's no glass in the windows and the roof is gone so that overhead you can see a handful of birds flying through the blue sky. The window gazes out over fields where sheep graze.

Something for #FensterFreitag and also for my #TravelPhotography of course. This is Tambo Colorado in #Peru and it was an administrative centre for the #Inca people dating from the late fifteenth century. There's an interesting feature of the #architecture here in that all niches, windows, and doors are trapezoidal shapes. Experts think it offers protection against earthquakes, but nobody really knows why for certain.

#SouthAmerica #Travel #Photography
Tambo Colorado, Peru. In a sandy courtyard with sand-coloured, adobe walls around, and blue sky overhead. The walls are mostly on one level but a couple of areas have a second level above. Set in the walls are alcoves, niches, or windows, all of which are trapezoidal shapes.

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